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Chapter 22

After three more days of being in the hospital, I was finally released. I had no home anymore, so I felt empty in a way. Aaron said I'm staying with him. I love Aaron, I truly do. But I feel like an outcast in his pack. Most people stare at me or give me looks of disgust. It never used to bother me before, but for some reason everything does now.
My coven mark has been irritating me ever since I woke up. It feels like there's an itch under the skin that I can't scratch. I know it's my father keeping tabs on me. No matter where I ever go, he will always know where I'm at. I'll always be putting Aaron's pack, his people, in danger. I just don't know how I can leave without breaking Aaron's heart. Or my own.
My birthday is in four days. Aaron is planning a little Halloween slash birthday get together for me. After that I will tell him that I can't stay anymore. I dont know where I will go, but I'll make sure its away from any packs or other covens.
Alone is how I can protect the ones I care about. That way when my father does find me, no one else will get hurt. At least, that's what I'm hoping.
The walk over to the packhouse was quiet. It was during school hours, so there weren't any kids running around the yard.
The layout was completely different then how our coven houses are. The packhouse was huge compared to the other houses and had the biggest yard space. The other houses were randomly all around the pack property. There was a training ground that was set apart from the massive yard. Warriors were training in human and wolf form. It intrigued me that they made sure to also be able to fight without their wolves. I needed to train somehow, but I would never ask to train with them. I didn't want to be treated worse then I already figured I would be. My training growing up was far worse then the training they are going through.
Reaching the front porch, I looked around in awe. It was beautiful. The porch was a wrap-around porch with white picket fence around it. White rocking chairs were placed around. An older man was sitting on one, watching as a lady with black hair was watering the flower beds. She had her back towards us, but I could tell from the energy radiating off of her that she was the Luna. Aaron's mother.
She stopped watering the flowers and stood stiff as she sniffed the air. Catching my scent. She turned around and gave me the most disgusted look. I could tell by her eyes that her wolf was lurking under the surface. I remember Aaron telling me that her wolf was nicer then she was. She looked over at Aaron and her eyes changed to disappointment and sadness.
"Why are you bringing her here Aaron?" She crossed her arms over her chest and glared down at him. Aaron kept his fingers interlaced with mine and looked her straight in the eyes.
"This is my home too. If you can't respect my mate, then I will leave and you will never see me again." His mother looked sad. Tears starting falling down her face. She looked over towards the door, where a man stood with his arms crossed. I could easily tell he was Aaron's father. Aaron looked identical to him in his features.
"She may stay. But if she causes any problems, she will be banished. Do I make myself clear?" His father looked at him with his stern alpha stare. Not the loving, fatherly way. We both nodded.
"I can't hear heads shake. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes sir." I said, while looking up at him.
"Yes father." Aaron stated. I could feel his wolf bowing down to his dad. As a sign of respect towards an alpha. I stayed up straight. Probably not the best thing to do.
"Both of you may go. You too Fred." The old man, Fred, got up slowly and walked shakily with his cane into the house. Aaron pulled me along and we walked past his parents into the house. I looked back at his mother. She had her head down. I could see her trembling, like she was falling apart from her emotions. Part of me felt bad for her. Whoever killed her human boyfriend really scarred her for life. I can only hope that one day she can find peace again.
Aaron led me up the stairs and to the top floor. He told me that Jared lived on the second floor. It made me feel a little better knowing my good friend was close by.
He opened the door to his room and I stepped in first. It was a nice sized room. Bigger then the one I grew up in. There was a queen sized bed, tv, game systems, dresser and a desk. The other door led to a spacious bathroom.
I could easily smell Aaron's scent all over the room. It soothed me in a way no other scent could.
I traced my fingers over the papers on his desk. I smiled when I saw a particular drawing.
"You drew me?" He blushed and came behind me. Wrapping his arms around me.
"You are always on my mind. It's not even close though to the real thing." I smiled and layed my head back against his shoulder. My hands over his around my waist.
"You're more talented then you think. It's more beautiful then the real me. I'm a broken mess Aaron." I looked over at the window. I could feel Aaron's breath fan across my cheek.
"You are so strong, Aisha. More then anyone I know. You are meant for great things. I can only hope to be by your side for it all." I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Maybe." Is all I could whisper back. My heart felt like it was torn in two.

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