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Chapter 23

Supper was a little awkward. Mom didn't say anything and just kept looking down at her plate. My father kept one eye on Aisha and the other on everyone else. As if she was going to do something spontaneous at any second. Jared sat on Aisha's other side. He was telling her the latest stuff going on with school and football. Uncle Ben and aunt Emma were at Ben's parents house.
"So...Jared, I hear your parents will be back for Thanksgiving break." My father said. Jared looked up and smiled at my dad.
"Yes sir. It will be nice to see them again. My brother says he would like the break from them." We all laughed at that. Scott and Julie went to Michigan when Jared's brother did for college. Julie's family lives up there, so they have been staying with them. Jared didn't want to change schools on his last year, so stayed here with us.
"It will definitely be nice to see them again. I've missed them." Mom said, finally looking up, but at my dad. He took her hand in his and smiled at her.
"We all have. I also hear Sally will be coming for Christmas. Ben told me she put in to have off at her job for months now. He said she misses everyone and can't wait to see everyone again."
"It will definitely be nice. It's been way too long." Mom said. I nodded my head, agreeing. With Sally's job, we haven't seen her in about two years. Dad tried to keep the conversations going. It was still awkward. Aisha kept swirling her food around on her plate and didn't eat much.
After supper was over, we went out on the back porch. We sat on the swing. There were kids running around the yard. Aisha took her shoes off, leaned back and closed her eyes. I took her hand in mine, hoping the bond would help relax her. I could feel the tension in her.
"Are you ok?" I asked her. She opened her eyes and gave me a slight smile.
"I don't know." My wolf whimpered because he could feel her sadness. Something was really bothering her and it hurt that she wouldn't talk to us about it.
"Do you remember anything from when you were a baby?" I was confused as to where she was going with this. She didn't look at me, instead she looked out at the kids.
"Not really. Why?"
"I do." She looked over ag me with her swirling emerald eyes.
"I remember seeing my mom. She told me that it was going to be ok. That when the time is right, my powers would be the most powerful they can be. I watched her as she placed her hand on my forehead, a light shining around us. Then I watched as she slowly withered away. As if i was sucking everything right out of her. So maybe I am evil. I ended up killing my own mother."
"I thought you told us all long ago that you never got to meet your mother?" She looked at me and then back out at the kids.
"And have everyone look at me weird? Well, weirder. I'm not like all of you. I'm different. My father saw that in me. I remember when he first held me. He smiled. I didn't see him genuinely smile like that growing up. He said, 'finally, a means to an end.'"
"What does that even mean?" She looked down at our connected hands.
"I think it has to do with his sister. All growing up he spoke of getting back at those who killed her. Throughout the house is her pictures on the walls. Not one of my mother or me."
"That's just odd, don't you think?" She shrugged her shoulders and looked back up at the kids. The sun was starting to set.
"Do you like kids?" She smiled and looked at me.
"I do. But I never really got to be around them. We don't have any kids at the coven. Just teenagers." I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Why don't you go out there with them?"
"Me?" I nodded my head and smiled at her. "I don't know what to say."
"Just be yourself. Show them a magic trick." She laughed and rolled her eyes.
"It wouldn't really be a trick."
"They don't know that. Kids like the things they can't explain. Magic is one of them." She looked out at them and smiled.
"Ok, I guess." I gave her a kiss on her lips.
"Mmm lipgloss. Cherry. My favorite." She smacked my arm and I laughed.
"You're bad!"
"Only for you, love" I smacked her butt as she walked away. She turned around and flipped me the middle finger.
"Is that a promise?" I laughed as she shook her head. She walked barefooted through the grass. The turtleneck that I got off of Ava, covered the bruises on her neck. Her back still looked sore but she made it seem as if it didn't bother her anymore.
The kids were all excited when she sat on her knees with them. She talked to them for a little. I could see their eyes grow with excitement at her telling them about a magic trick. Aisha moved her hands around and little unicorns made out of stars danced around the kids. The kids were excited and happy. They ran around with the unicorns, as if they were truly real. Aisha had the biggest smile on her face. The unicorns still danced around, even when she put her hands down on her lap.
After awhile, she clapped her hands together and they all dispersed. Leaving it rain stars all amongst them. A little girl ran up and hugged her. Aisha was surprised at the gesture. She gradually put her arms around the little girl and hugged her back. I smiled watching them. She would make a wonderful mother one day.
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