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Chapter 25

"What are you doing here?" He laughed.
"Did you really think I wouldn't know where you were?" He gave me that knowing look.
"I figured you did. I just wasn't expecting you to come here on your enemies territory."
"You think I'm afraid of big ol' alpha Chris? Think again, dear daughter." I tried to stay calm.
"What do you want, father?" He laughed again and looked out at the kids.
"Wouldn't it just be tragic if something happened to all those kids in there?" I tried to school my features, but I was afraid to know what he was getting at.
"Like I said, what do you want?" He looked right at me.
"You, your birthday, this pack. It's time to finish what I started years ago."
"Why me? More importantly, why this pack?"
"Alpha Chris killed your aunt. MY sister. Making the Luna go crazy all these years was just the start. It's time this whole pack was brought down."
"How? And, why me?"
"On your eighteenth birthday your powers will be at there highest. You will even have the powers from heaven and hell backing you up. You will be the perfect tool to destroy all the werewolf packs." I looked at him in shock. I couldn't hide it.
"You're fuckin insane! I will never help you." He smiled with that evil grin.
"Oh, I think you will, my dear daughter. Or..." He looked out at the kids and instantly had a little girl by her neck in front of me. His claws were extended, digging into her neck. The little girl was terrified, trying to scratch at his arms to let her go. Her eyes pleading with me to help her.
"Let her go! Please?!" His eyes turned red, indicating the evil powers within him.
"Are you going to help me in two days? Or should I drain her blood for a sacrifice now?" He licked the little girls neck where blood trickled down from his claws.
"Her blood is so tasty. Fear is always delicious." I had tears falling down my cheeks.
"Fine, you win dad! I'll be your minion! Just, please let her go!"
"Your word in blood, Aisha. Or I'll take her now." I ran up to him.
"Fine, do it! Just leave her go!" He smiled, licked her neck one more time, then threw her to the floor. The little girl crawled away as fast as she could, then ran screaming. I did a calming, healing and forgetful spell quickly. The girl instantly stood up and ran back to play with the other kids. My father licked his lips as he watched her run away.
"Now, give me your hands." I extended my hands to him, palms up. He pulled out the witches blade and sliced across each of my palms. He did the same to himself and connected our cuts. The blood mixing together. Binding me to him forever. I could feel his blood mixing with mine throughout my body. His red eyes looked into my red eyes.
"Forever bound, your loyalty to me." He smiled. "Your blood feels so good coursing through my veins." He let go of my hands and I fell to my knees. I tried to shake the red out of my eyes. He took my chin and forced me to look up at him.
"In two days I will return. And you will not tell anyone that I'm coming. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, father." He left me go and disappeared. I took deep breaths and tried to suppress the red in my eyes. I chanted the healing spell and the cuts on my hands disappeared. I pulled out the phone Aaron had gotten me, out of my pants pocket. I turned on the camera to face myself. My emerald eyes now swirled with a hint of red through them.
"What have I done?"

"Do you think Aisha is going to like this?" Ava held up a beautiful glass rose in a jar.
"Isn't that like the beauty and the beast?" She shrugged her shoulders.
"Yea, so? It's beautiful like her. I'm gonna get it for her. What are you getting her, Romeo?" She poked her finger into my chest.
"It's a surprise. You'll just have to wait to find out." I stuck my tongue out at her. I know it was childish but, oh well. Ava laughed and stuck her manicured middle finger out and walked down the isle.
"Are you sure you two aren't related by blood?" I punched him on the arm and continued down the isle.
"Dude, what the hell?"
We got all the party supplies and more. Ava likes to go overboard when shopping. No wonder aunt Ariel had to put a limit on her credit card. Ava sure could shop. Amelia was no better. I was glad she wasn't with us too. She had to help her mom with her art gallery today. Aunt Ariel painted and drew beautiful pictures of places all over the world. She loved going different places and capturing them in her paintings.
'Mate! Want to be with mate!' My wolf was tired of being away from our mate. Ever since we saved her, he hasn't wanted to be away from her.
'Soon. I want to get back to her too.' My wolf pranced around in my head. He was impatient.
"How about we order some pizza's and take them home for everyone?" Ava already had her phone out and the pizza app already up.
"Sounds good to me. I'm starving." Jared said.
"You're always hungry." She rolled her eyes at Jared.
"So? My calorie intake is way higher then yours." She shook her head and walked away from us to make the call.
"I love getting on her nerves."
"I can tell." My wolf was starting to give me a headache with all his pacing and whining. I put my fingers to my forehead and pressed them against my temple.
"Dude, are you ok?" I nodded my head, causing more pain.
"I will be once I get back to Aisha."
"I'm glad I didn't find my mate yet. I love being able to go anywhere I want without having to bring her along." I glared at him through my fingers.
"Hardy har har." Ava made her way back to us and we left with our bags of stuff. One more stop to pick up the pizza's and I'll have my mate back in my arms again. My wolf jumped in excitement.
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