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Chapter 27

I remember as a kid, my dad would put on cartoons. He would have Jared and I eat breakfast in the living room. Mom didn't like the idea, but dad would take her out on the porch to eat their breakfast. He said you couldn't beat those Saturday morning cartoons. Nowadays, it's not the same. Cartoons are changed because they are 'too violent'. Nothing bad happened from watching cartoons. It's from the lives we live. You can't tell society this though. People have to always blame it on something.
I sat on the front porch with my cup of coffee. Aisha just went over to Ava's house. Something just didn't seem right. I couldn't put my finger on it. It was like a bad feeling that wouldn't go away. My wolf was also very restless.
"You soon ready?" Landon asked as he came up the steps. Brandon was coming up behind him.
"Just about." Landon sat down in the rocking chair beside mine.
"Where's your boy at?" Brandon asked. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the rail. I shrugged my shoulders.
"I don't know. Haven't seen him yet." Just as I was about to drink the last swig of my coffee, Jared came merrily out the door.
"Morning boys!" We all stared at Jared.
"What the hell are you so jolly for? You get layed or something?" Brandon was the first to ask. I was still in a state of shock. Jared was never this jolly in the morning for training.
"Nope. Even better. I found my mate!"
"Congratulations. When do we get to meet the lad?" Jared's face momentarily fell at Brandon's words. Brandon can make jokes, but he always looked serious. Sometimes you can't tell if he's being serious or is truly joking with you.
"Hardey, har har. Fuck you Brandon. My mate happens to be a woman. I'm not gay like you." Landon laughed so hard, he almost fell off his chair.
"That was fuckin great!" He high-fived Jared. Brandon looked pissed. We all knew he wasn't gay. He was just now the only mateless guy in our four man posse.
"Let's go girl's. Just for that, border patrol for the afternoon. I'm sure Matt, Leon and Jack would like the afternoon off." Brandon jumped off the railing and walked down the yard to the training grounds. Landon jumped up after him.
"Hey, why do I have afternoon patrol? I have it tomorrow morning!"
"Don't care! Tell Becky that you won't be picking her up from work." Brandon called over his shoulder. Landon stopped in his tracks and smacked his face with his hand.
"Shit. I'll for sure be in the doghouse tonight. Thanks for being a cock blocker, asshole!"
"Your welcome!" Brandon never slowed down. When he got to the training grounds he took his shirt off and stood waiting for me. Before I could take mine off, Landon had his off and was running for his brother. Brandon dodged him easily and knocked him down on his ass.
"Now, enough messing around. Let's get serious. Aaron, Jared, six laps around the perimeter."
"Are you fuckin serious, dude?" Jared couldn't believe it. Brandon just crossed his arms and gave us that impenetrable look.
"I'm dead serious. And I'm timing you girls, so you better get your asses moving. Now go!" I pulled Jared away and we began to run towards the perimeter.
"This fuckin blows. I was hoping to have some time with my mate today."
"You and your big mouth gets us in trouble." Jared just nodded and we continued on our run.
We were in Ava and Amelia's living room. Their mom was out with Aaron's mom for the day. Their dad with Aaron's dad. So we had the whole house to ourselves for the day. There were makeup and spa kits all over the floor.
"How exactly does this go on?" I held up a black slimy thing. Amelia laughed. Ava smacked her across the back of her head.
"It's a mask for your face." Ava took it from my hands and held it out. It had holes for the eyes and mouth. She placed it on my face and smoothed it out. It felt really weird and started to tingle. I scrunched my nose up. It smelled like charcoal and seaweed.
"Don't scrunch. Just relax." I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Amelia took my hand and started filing my nails.
"Did you decide what you're wearing tomorrow?" I just looked blankly at Amelia. I had no idea what I was going to wear.
"No worries." Ava got up and walked out of the room. A couple minutes later she came back carrying a big chest. Amelia's face lit up.
"Great idea!" Amelia put down the nail stuff and opened the chest. I inched closer to them. They were rummaging through it.
"This would look great on you." Ava held up a green witches dress and hat.
"Really? Don't you think that's a little mocking?"
"Come on. It would look great on you. Please just try it on?" I took the costume from Ava. Since it was just us girls, I changed in the living room.
"I knew it would." Amelia brought in a full length mirror. It really did look nice on me. The skirt came down to my mid thighs.
"I think I'll wear black leggings with it though."
"Why?" Both Ava and Amelia asked at the same time.
"Bitch, you owe me a soda." Ava had her hand on her hip, giving her sister a glare.
"You wish. I said it first." Amelia flicked her sister off and Ava stuck her tongue out at her. Amelia rolled her eyes and kept looking through the chest.
"Honestly though, why? You have great legs. No need to cover them up." I just shrugged.
"I just do." I looked away from her questioning eyes. I couldn't tell them why. I couldn't tell anyone. I didn't even want the truth to be real. I wanted it to be all a dream. A very bad dream. But, as it was, it was all real.
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