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Chapter 3

We were running laps around the football field for warm ups. Mr. Harrison had the track equipment set out for today. For being a witch, Aisha ran pretty fast, like it didn't bother her. She was wearing the usual gym attire as everyone else was, white t-shirt, black shorts, but she looked hot in them. She even had her hair up in a ponytail, exposing her neck. I imagined kissing her down her neck. Wait, what am I thinking? I blocked my wolf because he started purring as I looked at her. She is a witch. I couldn't be attracted to her. I shook my head and ran beside her.
"So..." I began, momentarily destracted.
"So... what Aaron? You were running behind me for awhile. Cat got your tongue now?" When she said my name, my wolf layed on his back in my mind with his tongue out. What was his problem around her? I coughed and looked forward. Rebecca ran around us, to go ahead. She looked at me as she ran past, clearly checking me out. Before Rebecca got too far, she was face down on the ground. Clearly tripping over nothing. Aisha just shrugged her shoulders and stepped over her. I ran after Aisha, since Ben was helping Rebecca up.
"What the hell was that, Aisha? Do you get some sick joke out of tripping people?" She kept looking forward as she ran, clearly not bothered by my questioning.
"So what if miss barbie doll fell? She has plenty of boys who stopped to help her. You could have helped her too, if you were so worried. Barbie doll will live. It didn't kill her." We got to the end and went to our water bottles. After chugging a bottle down, I pulled Aisha under the bleachers.
"You can't keep using your powers on other students, just because you feel like it. That's not how it works here." She pulled away from me and crossed her arms.
"So what? You are not my boss, or my alpha. Maybe, if you would stop watching me so closely, you wouldn't notice." I stepped closer to her, looking down at her.
"Maybe someone has to keep an eye on you. There's more to you then meets the eye." She looked me directly in the eyes. Her emerald eyes swirling.
"Really? And you think it's your job to do that, do you?" She got impossibly closer. "You don't scare me, mr big bad alpha. Watch me all you want. I don't care. I'm used to people watching me all my life. Doesn't bother me. I'll still do what I want. You're not my boss." Aisha bumped my shoulder as she pushed past me. Clearly, I was going to have my hands full with her. But why did it bother me so much?
"Hey, earth to Aaron." Mason was waving his hands in front of me at the lunch table. I blinked and shook my head. I couldn't get what Aisha said out of my head. She played the shy new girl to everyone else, but I knew better.
"Sorry, I was just out there."
"I'll say. You even missed Veronica spilling her chocolate milk all over herself, as she was walking out of line with her tray. Dude, it was hilarious." I looked around to find Aisha in line with Liz and Ava. Aisha was looking Veronica's way with a neutral expression on her face. What is she up to? Veronica was running to the bathroom with her friends following her.
"Dude, did you hear about Rebecca?" Logan asked everyone. I tunned them out as they talked about Rebecca. I could care less about her. I watched as the girls made their way to the table, with Aisha following. Aisha was looking at Ava as she was talking about some for dance coming up. Ava was on the dance committee. Aisha briefly looked my way, sensing I was watching her. Her emerald eyes shinned for a second, before turning normal. She looked back away from me as they came to the table. Liz sat next to me, Aisha to her right, Ava across with Jared and Logan.
"The dance is supposed to be for the end of September. A week after Liz's birthday. The other girls are thinking fall decor. What do you all think?" Ava looked around at us all, clearly looking for our opinion.
"That sounds cool. You could also make big leaves and hang them from the ceiling. It would make it feel more like fall. If it's decorated like the woods, it could be like a dance in the woods." Ava was so happy with Aisha's idea.
"That is a great idea! You should be on the committee. You have great idea's." Ava got out her notebook and wrote all of Aisha's ideas down. I watched Aisha from around Liz. Aisha looked down at her food, a blush creaping on her cheeks. I was chewing on a beef jerky, as I watched her. Liz bumped my shoulder with hers. I looked down at her.
"Stop starring at Aisha like a creap. She's shy enough as it is." Liz whispered to me. I laughed. I knew Aisha was far from shy. She just didn't want the other's to know her true self yet. I scooted closer to Liz and put my arm on the back of her chair.
"So, do you want me to give you a ride home? Ava has a meeting and Jared has practice." I smiled and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.
"I guess that would be fine. I have training to do when I get home." Liz blushed and scooted closer to me. I placed a light kiss on her head and looked over Liz's head to Aisha. She had her head down like she was looking at her food, but I saw the way she secretly looked over to me. Did it bother her that I flirted with Liz? If so, then why?
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