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Chapter 28

I planned to take Aisha out for dinner and a movie. Boarder patrol took longer then I had wanted it to. Jared wouldn't stop talking about his newly founded mate. Landon wanted to plug his mouth shut. Brandon laughed at us when he came to tell us we could go.
"Learned your lesson girls?" Landon and I looked at Jared. We had our hands in fists, ready to attack him if he goaded Brandon on again.
"Yes sir." Landon and I nodded and looked back at Brandon.
"Good. Now get out of here. I went easy on you girls today. In two days, the real fun begins." He laughed and walked away. Jared looked like he was going to say something to Brandon, so I hit him over the head.
"What the hell? What was that for?" He was rubbing his head.
"So you wouldn't say something stupid. He's letting us go. You say something stupid, we'll be stuck out here all night." Landon nodded. We walked away from the boarders.
'Are you and Amelia done with my mate? I would like to take her out on a date.'
'She's not here. She left about a half hour ago. Did you tell her you were taking her out?'
'No. I was going to surprise her.'
Where the hell did she go? My wolf whimpered and paced in my head.
'Did she say where she was going?'
'Nope. Just said she had to go and teleported out.'
'Ok. Thanks.'
'No problem.'
I started running back to the packhouse. My hope was that she was at the house, but I had a bad feeling.
I ran straight to my room. She wasn't there. I asked around and nobody has seen her. My wolf kept pacing and whimpering.
'Something is wrong!'
'You don't think I realize this?!'
'Go find mate!'
'How do you suppose we do that? We have no leads as to where she went.'
Just as I was about to phase into my wolf and look for her outside the boarders, Aisha teleported in front of me. I jumped back in surprise. Aisha didn't look surprised at all to see me.
I grabbed her shoulders and looked all over her, making sure she wasn't hurt. I looked into her eyes. They were swirling. With a faint hint of red?
"Are you done examining me now?" My wolf howled that she was ok. I pulled her into me and hugged her tight. I buried my nose in her neck, taking in her scent to calm my wolf and I down. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck.
"Jeez, I was only gone an hour. What's the big deal?" I pulled back looking at her.
"The big deal is you didn't tell anyone where you went! We were worried sick!" She just gave me a blank look.
"I went to see a friend. I didn't think it would be a big deal. I'm sorry." I took her hands in mine and stepped back.
"Next time, could you please just let me know? I don't want to stop you from seeing your friends, but please just tell me?" She nodded and looked in my eyes.
"Promise me Aisha."
"Just promise me."
"Fine, I promise. Witches honor."

Later on we sat at a table at OIP. Jared and his mate sat across from us. She was a little shorter than Jared. She had brown eyes and hair. Slightly darker skin like Jared. She went to school in the next town over. They met at one of the football games.
"I was in line getting cheese fries. I didn't have long before I had to be back for the third quarter. I turned around fast with my fries and..." She giggled and looked at Jared.
"And ended up running right into me."
"Cheese ended up going all over the front of his uniform. I was mortified." They looked into each others eyes. You can definitely see the bond forming strong. I looked over to Aisha at my right. She was in awe at their story.
"I was too much into a daze to even react. My wolf was howling because we had finally met our mate. What brought me out of my daze was when she smacked me across the face."
"You didn't?" Aisha was in shock.
"Oh, I definitely did. I didn't know what else to do to get his attention. My wolf was happy too. I had to momentarily block her so I could focus on what happened."
"And it was love at first crack. Literally." We all laughed. Aisha excused herself and went to the bathroom. Rachel went to the bathroom too. Jared followed her with his eyes. He was like a sad puppy when she walked away from him.
"I'm happy for you bro." He took one more look towards the bathrooms and then looked at me.
"Thanks. It's nice to finally be with someone and not just one night stands. Those girl's just wanted to be with me because I was on the football team. They didnt want to be with me other than sex." I nodded and looked back towards the bathrooms, then back to Jared.
"Did Aisha ever talk to you about other friends from her coven or other school?" Jared frowned and scrunched his face up while he thought.
"Not that I can recall, no. And when we were at her coven there weren't any kids or a bunch of teens around. I think there was just that one teenager that was like a servant or something in her dads house. Why, what's up?"
"Something is off with her. I can feel it. My wolf is restless too. He can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with our mate. Then earlier today Aisha just left for an hour to go see a friend. Didn't tell no one where she was going, just that she had to go."
"That's weird. With how things ended up back at her coven, I highly doubt she went back there. And at the games she only said how much she hated everyone at her old school. That she had no friends and she didn't care. She said they were all fake and complete assholes there." I nodded my head and tried to process everything. Something wasn't right. I just wish I could put my finger on it.

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