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Chapter 29

Laying in bed, I felt restless. My whole body felt like it was boiling as my powers reached there highest. My body felt charged. It was after midnight, officially my birthday.
I slowly detangled myself from Aaron's hold around me. He continued to sleep soundly as I slipped out of bed. I pulled my robe on. The floor felt cold under my bare feet, eventhough there was carpet.
I walked over to the window and opened it. The moon was bright and almost full. I could hear an owl hooting nearby in the tree's. I stepped up onto the ledge of the window. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
My powers charged like an electric current running through my body. I opened my eyes and was floating up. I smiled. I wasn't afraid. I always wanted to fly. In my heart of hearts though, I wished I could just fly away and be completely free.
Since I couldn't, I flew up to the roof. I ran along the top ledge, my feel barely touching the shingles. I spun around and danced along, as if I was a ballerina. I had always wanted to be one when I was little. But my father had other plans for me instead.
I giggled and laughed as I flew across the shingles faster and faster. My hair blew across my face as the wind sent it in all different directions. I twirled around as I listened to one of my favorite MGK songs go through my head. I was happy. I was as free as I could get.
"Feeling different now?" I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around.
"How?" He smirked at me.
"How did I know you feel different? Come on, my dear daughter. I was there when they told us of your powers. How strong you were going to be. You killed your own mother Aisha. Of course I would know." He walked around me as he spoke. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I never meant to drain my mothers life when I was born. I was only a baby.
"I never asked to be born." He stopped infront of me and lifted my chin with his hand.
"And I never asked for you. Your mother did. But, here we are. You are going to help me today." I shook my head no. His grip on my chin tightened.
"You will."
"Aisha? Are you up here?" My father smirked and disappeared. I fell to my knee's trembling.
"I'm here Aaron." Taking a deep breath to stop my trembling, I floated up and went over to him. He looked at me in shock.
"Aisha?" I smiled and landed infront of him. I took his hands in mine.
"Hold onto me." He looked at me with hesitation.
"Trust me. Please?" He wrapped his arms around me. I felt the tingles even more strongly. Everything was heightened for me today.
"Don't let go." His face scrunched up in uncertainty. We floated up and away from the roof. I could feel Aaron's nerves running through him.
"How are you doing this?" I smiled and held him closer.
"It's magic my love. Dance with me?"
"In the air?" I started to sing our song as I swayed our bodies slightly in the air. We floated over the tree's. The moon shining brightly over our heads. I wanted to stay like this forever. To be able to say fuck what's expected of me. To fly away with Aaron and never return. But how to do that when my father would find me wherever I go? I will never be free of him. He would always make sure of that.
We sat on the roof as we watched the sun come up over the mountain surrounding the pack lands. Aaron held me close as I sat infront of him, between his legs. His fingers lightly brushed up and down my arms, leaving goosebumps. I shivered and he pulled me even closer. Being a werewolf, they ran warmer than other species like humans and witches. Aaron started to lightly place kisses down the side of my exposed neck. I shivered and tried to turn my face to look at his.
"Mark me tonight." I felt him stiffen behind me.
"Are you sure you want to be completely connected to me? I just don't wanna pressure you into anything." I moved so that I could turn my head better to look him in his eyes. I put my hand on his cheek and smiled.
"You never pressured me into doing anything that I didnt want to do. I want this more than anything. I love you Aaron. With my whole heart and soul. Nothing can ever change that. You are my forever. My life." Aaron had tears falling down his cheeks.
"I love you so much, Aisha. I couldn't ever imagine my life without you by my side. My wolf and I would love nothing more than to finally mark you as ours." I put my other hand on his other cheek and pulled him towards me to kiss him. Our kiss deepened and I could feel all his love pouring from his heart into mine. I made a vow to myself. I will not let my father destroy everything. I will think of something and hopefully fast. Time was not on my side as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky.
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