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Chapter 30

After resting for a few hours, I left Aisha in our room. I went outback to help Ava set up for Aisha's party. Ava was already a quarter of the way setup. She was directing some of the guys as to where to put the tables and stuff for a bonfire. She had also mentioned about making a haunted house. Looking out towards the woods, I saw Jared and a few other guys hanging up fake ghouls and ghosts. I walked up to Ava.
"About damn time you show up! There is still so much to do yet!" I smiled at her and gave her a side hug.
"I'm here now. What do you want me to do?" I looked down at the clipboard in her hands. There was so much drawn on there.
"You can help with the haunted house. Brandon and Landon are over there starting on it now." I nodded and walked over to the haunted house section. As I got closer, you could hear them already arguing. I shook my head and waited for the perfect time to jump in. They would be arguing all day and the haunted house would never get put together if they weren't stopped.

I was trying to rest since I couldn't sleep last night. My magic was still coursing through me at a high level. My dreams were more like past events.
''Your baby is growing at a fast level. By the way she is growing, the prophesy will come true." I rubbed my baby bump. Roland paced around the small cottage.
"Why do you think that?" The midwife mixed some herbs together.
"Born on all Hallows eve, a powerful witch will be born. A witch more powerful than all around. One who will hold powers from Earth, heaven and hell. Who will either end the feud between witches and werewolves, or bring an end to the werewolf world. On her eighteenth birthday, the prophecy will come true." Roland stopped his pacing as she spoke. I could see the darkness swirling in his eyes. After his sister's murder, I never saw the softer side of him again.
"The perfect tool." I looked at him in shock.
"Our daughter will not be used in your vindictive ways to end the werewolves!" He looked at me with disgust. Quicker then lightening, he had his hand around my throat.
"I will do whatever I want. You may be my mate but you hold nothing over me. Do you understand?" The tears fell down my face. I looked in his eyes. There was no love in them. He never loved me, despite the bond. I nodded as his hand tightened around my throat. He left me go and stepped back. He looked over at the midwife.
"Do what you must to ensure she gives birth on all Hallows eve."
"Yes master." She bowed down to Roland. He looked at me with disgust and hate. After he left, the midwife came over to me with the bowl in her hands.
"Drink this." I looked at the bowl and wanted to throw up. The smell was horrible.
"What is it?"
"Herbs and blood of a demon. It will help to hopefully set back your delivery. Hopefully by a day." I looked at her skeptically.
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"You don't. But know this. If you give birth on all Hallows eve, you will die. Your daughter will suck the life out of you and drain all your powers." I rubbed my belly. I could feel her moving. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing.
"To fulfill her prophecy. On her eighteenth birthday, her strength will be at its fullest."
"Roland can't raise her. He'll use her for his revenge." The midwife looked at me with regret.
"There will be no way to stop him. Only your daughter can, depending on which path she chooses." I took her hand in mine.
"Please, promise me. Promise you will look after my baby when I die. Protect her. Teach her the right way. Please?" The midwife looked at me hesitantly.
"I don't know."
"Please?! You must teach her before Roland gets ahold of her. Give her the chance to know she has a choice." The midwife closed her eyes, then looked at me.
"Fine. I'll teach her. What about the potion?"
"Give me the one Roland wants you to. I can only hope my daughter chooses what's right."
I woke up and sat straight up. My heart felt like it was racing a mile a minute. My whole body was left shaking. I felt drenched in sweat. I looked around, hoping Aaron wasn't near. I took a deep breath to try and calm my shaking nerves.
My own mother left this prophecy come true. How am I to choose when my father already decided my fate for me? Why was this even put on me? I never asked for this life. Why me of all people?
Nothing made sense anymore. Was being mated to the next alpha also part of this prophecy? Was this fate's own sick joke?
How can I kill my own mate and his pack?I've come to care about everyone here.
I held my head in mg hands. My head hurt from everything. I just want to disappear. But I know I could never hide from my father. Especially now that I am bound to him. What have I done?
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