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Chapter 31

After everything was set up and Ava approved, we were finally ready to start the party. Everyone left to get changed. I stayed back since my costume was easy to throw on. I was going to be a warlock since Ava told me Aisha was going as a witch.
'Ironic is it not?' My wolf thought the idea kinda stupid and would have rather been done up as a scary monster. I ignored him and went back outside.
Ava came back dressed as the queen of hell. Liz and Matt were Danny and Sandy from Grease. Amelia a skeleton with rhinestones. Logan was dressed as Mr Bone Jangles. Logan and Amelia have been hanging out alot lately. Just as friends according to Ava.
'Yea, ok.' My wolf rolled his eyes at my apparent blindness.
'To each their own. Who are we to judge?'
'Hey, I tried to tell you. You wouldn't listen to me.'
I rolled my eyes. My wolf pranced around because he knew he was right. I didn't listen to all the signs about Liz not being my mate. But we are over that and are all still very good friends. My wolf just likes to throw it back at me whenever he gets a chance.
I heard Logan and Amelia laughing. I turned around as Jared and Rachel came out walking over. Or should I say Rachel was walking. Jared was walking weird into Rachel.
"What is this?" Ava asked as she came beside me.
"Isn't it obvious? I'm a deer caught in headlights." I ran a hand down my face and smirked. My wolf was dying of laughter in my head. It was enough to give me a headache with how loud he was.
Rachel was wearing a black dress that looked like a road with two lights at her boobs. When she pushed them on, Jared would saunter over like he was attracted to the cars headlights.
"Well, what do you all think? Hilarious right?" Jared came over with his big goofy smile on his face. No one was able to answer as kids started screaming and running from the haunted house.
"What did you guys put in there that is scaring them? I looked it over before I went to get dressed." Ava had her hands on her hips, looking at me with a glare like I did something to screw it up. I looked behind her towards the haunted house to see Pennywise the clown staring right at us with a hand full of red balloons.
The kids ran up the deck and into the packhouse. Mom was coming out with a tray full of food and almost lost her balance. Dad steadied her in time as the last of the kids ran around them.
"What is the meaning of this?" Dad demanded in his alpha tone. We all pointed towards Pennywise. Mom was startled when she put the tray down on the table and looked out towards the haunted house. Pennywise tied the balloons to a railing and walked towards us. When he was standing in front of us he bowed his head in submission towards my dad.
"My apologies Alpha. I did not mean to frighten everyone. I just thought it would be a good costume to go with the haunted house." My wolf hid his eyes with his paws in my head. I, myself was not afraid. Aisha and I actually loved watching both of the IT movies. The Pennywise infront of us looked very much like the real deal.
"Apology accepted Brandon. Just dont stand like that when the younger ones are near. The older ones go ahead and scare them. It is Halloween after all."
"Yes Alpha."
"Damn, who the hell left Pennywise out?" Brandon rolled his eyes. Landon and Carrie came over towards us, having just arrived.
"Landon, you're an idiot."
"Bro, is that you? Damn you look good. I didn't even recognize you."
"I could almost say the same for you two as well." Carrie wacked Brandon with her cane.
"Mind yourself boy."
"Crazy grandma." Brandon mumbled while rubbing the back of his head.
"I heard that." Carrie decided to hit him again.
"Alright, enough!" Brandon yelled, holding up his hands.
"Aw, come on bro. Is there no love for Sid the sloth?" Brandon rolled his eyes. 'Granny' decided to hit Brandon again.
"You show your brother some love!"
"Damn you, you insufferable woman!" We were all just silent spectators. Having seen all the Ice Age movies, Carrie was definitely playing Granny's part extremely well. Maybe even too much so.
Brandon walked back towards the haunted house, while Landon and Carrie followed him.
"Well, now that that's over with, for now, let's go gather the kids to come back out." My dad followed my mom inside the back sliding doors to gather the kids. Ava looked around at everyone.
"Where's Everly, Ethan and Mason? I wanted everyone here before Aisha comes out." Someone dressed as Deadpool snuck up behind Ava and covered her eyes.
"Mason." Ava said with annoyance. He dropped his hands and looked disappointed.
"How'd you know?"
"Your scent dummy." Mason smelled himself and rubbed himself against Ava.
"Like what you smell baby?" Ava crossed her arms and looked disgusted.
"In your dreams." He grabbed her hips from behind and put his face into her neck. Peppering her neck with kisses.
"Oh, baby. The things I do to you in my dreams."
"Pervert." She pushed him away and began to walk away.
"You don't have to keep denying me baby! You know you feel the pull towards me already!" Ava flicked him off and went to make sure the pinata's were all set to go, eventhough she already checked them earlier.
"She totally wants me." I looked at him and laughed.
"I think someone keeps wishing his childhood crush becomes his mate." Mason kept watching wherever Ava went.
"I dont just think. I know so. I can feel the pull already. She does too, but keeps denying herself. I feel her tremble everytime I touch her or plant kisses on her. One day she's gonna jump in my arms and start kissing me. Clothes being ripped off each other. Hands touching each other in places I've dreamed so much about. My fingers carrasseing..."
"Dude! That's my cousin! I don't need to hear details of what you two are going to do one day. Gross!" I shook my head, trying to shake away what he said. My wolf made gagging sounds in my head.
'Our future third in command might not make it until the ceremony if he keeps it up.'
I laughed and looked about at everyone who was here so far. The whole pack was invited.
The elderlies from the home couldn't make it. They got hit with a very bad case of the flu. Luckily, no one else in the pack got sick. Those who are taking care of them opted to stay quarantined with them. That way no one else got exposed. Hopefully keeping the virus contained.
Everly and Ethan finally showed up. Ethan walked away from his twin and went to hang out with Logan and Amelia. Everly usually hung out with them too, but was helping the younger ones with the games set up for them. They were dressed as Things One and Two from Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat.
I texted Aisha. 'Come on out my love. Everyone is here now.'
I just hoped she likes everything. I just want tonight to be special for her in every way. I could only guess that she never had a party before for her birthday. I just wanted to give her the world.

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