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Chapter 32

I was a nervous wreck. I have to put on a straight face around everyone I know and love. I don't know when my father will show up. My magic flowed strongly throughout my body. It felt like my body was charged. I had to blink a few times while looking in the mirror because my eyes would change to solid red. I shook my head and blinked a couple times. I couldn't let anyone take notice of the red in them. I put colored contacts in. Hoping beyond all hope that they will help. Now my eyes were a very dark, almost black color. I was going for brown but I guess this would have to do.
I finished getting ready and headed down the stairs. It was quiet all throughout the house. It was odd not running into anyone coming up or down. The packhouse was always open to anyone who wanted to come. The Whitehall's all believed in the open door policy. My father on the other hand liked his privacy. More then likely because he also enjoyed bedding his 'friends' wives right behind their backs.
I shook my head to rid myself of thinking about my father and his doings. I wanted to enjoy this party as much as possible.
I took a deep breath and opened the back patio doors. They sure went all out. Everywhere in the yard was decorated. A haunted house was even set up near the woods. I laughed as I spied Pennywise chasing down Sid the sloth. I could only guess that that was the warrior twins. I wasn't around long but I already knew of their antics and pranks.
Ava was being 'harrassed' by a persistent Deadpool. It was hilarious when Ava eventually got sick of it and pinned him down. But of course that didn't stop Deadpool's persistence. He rolled her around until she was the one pinned under him. A crowd had gathered around them. Deadpool was whispering something to her and was about to kiss her when Ava knee'd him right in the balls. Everyone winced as he held onto himself and she kicked him off of her.
"Mate bond be damned! This body is mine!" Ava dusted herself off and walked away. The one dressed as Deadpool layed there watching her walk away with a smile on his face.
"At least you finally acknowledge it baby!"
"Insufferable prick! Why did the Moon Goddess have to pair me with him?" I smiled as she came beside me. I shrugged.
"Perhaps she has a reason?" Ava gave me a look.
"That's not helping." But she smiled anyway and put her arm around my shoulders.
"So... are you going to make him grovel and beg at your feet for awhile before you give into the mate bond?" Ava shrugged and looked over at her mate.
"Maybe. I do enjoy making him work for my affection. It's actually quit fun." We laughed and walked over to the food tables. I was starving.
Aaron and a few other warriors were stacking wood to make a bonfire. He glanced over when he noticed I was watching him. I blew him a kiss and he pretended to jump and catch it, placing it in his pocket. I laughed and looked down at the array of food. My cheeks probably red from blushing.
"Aunt Izzy made your favorite. Her homemade mac and cheese." Ava pointed to a big white crock in the back. Sure enough there was the most delicious, cheesy goodness that I have ever tasted. I piled a heaping spoonful on my plate.
We sat at a table up on the deck. I watched as Aaron interacted with his pack. How can I be the downfall to all this? No one knows what's about to come today. Maybe it's better that way?
"Yo! Earth to Aisha!" I jolted out of my thoughts. Ava was waving her hands in my face.
"You were totally out there. I've been talking to you for five minutes straight and you weren't there. What's wrong? Why the serious face? It's your special day. It's meant to be fun all around." I smiled at her and shook my head. I didn't realize I was that far into my thoughts.
"I think someone might've exaggerated on how long I was out there." Ava just shrugged and gave me a pointed look, all while eating her hotdogs.
"God baby, why do you tease me so? Fuck Ava." Her Deadpool mate came crawling up the deck steps like he was in agony. I couldn't help but giggle at his antics. Ava just rolled her eyes and didn't look amused one bit.
"Wow baby, you just gonna make a man like me suffer?" Ava finished her hotdog in one big bite. I could swear I saw him adjust himself before coming to her feet.
"Damn." He moaned, inching closer and closer to her.
"Keep dreaming." She pushed his face away as he inched up her side. He fell onto his back as if she just shot him in the heart. I laughed even harder, I couldn't help it. Ava glared at me.
"Mason, get the hell up!" Ava got up and went to yank him up. He quickly caught her hand and pulled her down on the deck beside her. He pulled off his mask and quickly captured her lips with his. Ava finally wrapped her arms around him and gave in.
"Finally." Aaron wrapped his arms around me from behind and pressed his nose in my neck. I shivered as he placed kisses along my neck.
"Eighteen kisses for the beautiful birthday girl." I giggled.
"Aaron, can we talk to you a minute please?" His mom and dad called him into the kitchen. Amelia came over and sat beside me, covering my eyes with her hands. After what felt like forever, which in reality it was only seconds, she lifted her hands off of my eyes. I blinked. Everyone was gathered around and Aaron had placed a beautiful big cake in front of me. There were exactly eighteen candles lit. A huge picture of Mgk on top. He was still by far my favorite band. Tears formed, blurring my sight. I have never had my birthday celebrated like this before. I was overwhelmed with emotions. Everyone started to sing happy birthday.
"Well, isn't this just nice. We made it just in time fella's for cake." My blood ran cold at the sound of his voice.
"What is the meaning of this Roland?" I blinked the tears away and saw Aaron's dad approach him. Aaron's mom was breaking down and sobbing on the deck. Ava's mother was trying to comfort her.
"Why wasn't I invited to the party? Aisha is after all my daughter." There were loud gasps all around. My father looked right at me with his signature smirk. I could feel everyone's eyes on me in shock and dismay. The tears fell freely down my cheeks. Instead of happy tears as they were just moments ago, they were tears of anguish and regret.
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