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Chapter 33

My jaw hung open as it dawned on me who Aisha's father truly was. I can't believe I didn't realize it before. Aunt Ariel was trying to consol mom. You could hear her hyperventilating. My dad was stunned as he stood two feet away from Roland.
Aisha stood up and approached her father. My wolf was screaming in my head to keep her away from him. To protect our mate. But I couldn't move. It was like we were all just frozen in place.
"Dear daughter. I told you I would come today. Did I not?" His smile was one of evil triumph. Aisha stopped just infront of him.
"It seem's cat got her tongue, sir." The warlock beside him stated. He was big and looked full of muscle. Deformed in the face and ugly as sin. He smiled crookedly at us all.
"Is that true daughter? Has the cat finally got your tongue?" With a swipe of his hand we were all thrown to one spot. We landed in a heap. Screams rang out as everyone tried to get up and untangle from the mess of bodies. I was left standing where I was. But I still felt frozen.
Roland put his hands on Aisha's shoulders and turned her around to face us. Her eyes were pure red. I never saw them like that before.
"Now, why don't we have some fun?" My heart broke as Aisha nodded her head.
"Who shall we torture first?" Aisha looked around with a blank expression on her face. I couldn't believe she was seriously going to help him.
"The warrior on the far right." Roland looked out to where she said. I looked over and my jaw dropped. It was Greg. He was fairly new to the pack, in his mid fifties.
"Why him, dear daughter? He has been such a good help to us." I couldn't believe my ears.
"A traitor to one will be a traitor to anyone. His loyalties will never stay true." Roland looked proud as he looked Greg in the eyes. Greg looked terrified and started urinating himself.
"I trained you well, my daughter. Take care of him then." Her eyes swirled dark red as she stared at Greg.
"A traitor you've become, a traitor you'll always be. The heart you hold in your chest, shall never beat no more. And hell is where you shall burn." Aisha twisted her hand and Greg's heart shot right out of his chest. Greg face was of pure shock and terror. There were alot of screams that filled the air, as the smell of burning flesh wafted through the air. Aisha stood there emotionless. Her father stood proud behind her.
"Why? Wasn't it enough you took my Lee? Why can't you just leave us alone?!" My mother screamed. Roland smiled and appeared in front of the group of them.
"Why would you think I could easily forgive my sisters death? Would you be able to forgive me for killing Lee?" Mom's chin wobbled as she tried to stop the breakdown that she was already in.
"I thought not. Then to watch as my dear sisters mate moved on without a care. Couldn't even acknowledge a funeral for his own destined half! And of course the coward isn't even here. Has stayed away because he couldn't handle my taunts any longer. Thinking he was safe in Michigan. So, Chris. Have you heard from your dear old pal recently?" Realization dawned on us all. Scott was Roland's sisters mate. Jared's own father.
"And do you want to know the real betrayal?" Roland stood in front of my father, with his hands behind his back.
"Your very own third in command already knew she was his mate. They had already met before and was keeping their mating a secret. But I knew! Because she came to me before our battle started to let me know she was pregnant with her mates child!" My father's jaw dropped.
"No...it can't be true."
"Oh, but it was."
"Then why did you let her fight if you knew!?" Dad looked in pain. Knowing he killed uncle Scott's first child.
"How could I have stopped her? I'm the one in charge of my coven! I'm the one who makes the calls! I told her to go home but she wouldn't listen! So as I was busy chasing down your beta, she was determined to end you herself." Everyone was silent and couldn't believe what we were hearing. Jared fell to his knee's and broke down.
"Did Scott know?" Roland laughed right in dad's face.
"Of course he did! But do you think he even cared enough to give them both a proper burial? No. I was there to bury my sister and her child. Three months along. A little girl she said." Roland backed away as dad's eyes fell down in shame. Roland stood infront of moms crumpled form.
"So, no. Lee's life was not enough to serve my dear sister justice for your mates murderous ways." He walked away from her after he kicked dirt into her face.
"What did you mean when you said Scott wasn't safe even in Michigan?" Dad asked as he looked up at Roland.
"Did you not feel the pack bond break?" Roland didn't even turn around as he said it.
Jared screamed and tried to run after him. Aisha flicked her wrist, throwing Jared into Amelia and the others. Aisha showed no remorse for anything that was going on. My wolf was silent. I could feel his heart shattering at his mates betrayal. I looked at her. Trying to see or even feel some kind of the real Aisha. Our mate. Because this can't be our mate. Our other half. Our soulmate. But as I looked at her, I felt nothing. And her eyes held no emotions for the destruction that was unfolding before her very eyes. It was as if our Aisha was forever gone. Instead, a true monster like her father stood before us all. Ready to give us our final end.
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