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Chapter 34

I could feel the hold my father had over me, through the forged bond he had forced upon me. It was as if I was in a shell of my own self. Forced to do my fathers bidding. I couldn't even bare to look at Aaron. To see the disappointment and heartbreak in his eyes. I could feel his wolf crying out to me. I took a deep breath and focused on what my father was saying.
"You lie!" Aaron's dad yelled. My father just shrugged indifference.
"Believe what you will. It won't be long before you all meet him anyway."
"You won't get away with this! Other packs will hear of this and..." Aaron's dad struggled to move forward. It seemed as if he was frozen or stuck.
"And what? Stop me?" He laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke around.
"I'd like to see them try! My dear daughter here will have all these packs wiped out within the next couple days. There won't be time for them to defend themselves, much less retaliate. Soon, witches will be the top species around. Not even those measily humans will survive. We will rule as we were meant to."
"Rule what?" My breath caught in my throat. My mate's voice was like music to my ears. Even better then MGK. My heart skipped a beat. He was taunting my father. Something that might end him faster. A thought I couldn't bare.
"Are you daft or just stupid boy? I will lead all witches to victory! No more staying in our separate covens. Together we will rule it all. No more hiding. No more restrictions. Free to do whatever we want!"
"You're a coward!" I turned my eyes quickly to Ava. She had just finished helping Jared up. He looked so devastated.
"So many brave and bold souls here tonight." He walked forward towards her, forcing me to follow behind him. As he stood in front of her, I could see the fear in all their eyes. They were putting up a fight. Trying to defend themselves as long as they could.
He grabbed Ava by her throat, his claws elongating, piercing her skin. Her eyes grew wide as she struggled to get out of his grasp. My father lifted her into the air. Her feet kicking wildly around. No one else was able to move. He had immobilized them all.
"Aisha, do the honors. Finish her now." Ava looked at me with tears flowing down her face. I could hear the whimpers and cries from everyone around. It was like fading background music. I didn't look away from Ava's wild stare. Her eyes were pleading with me to do something.
My father looked at me, willing me to finish her. I could feel my powers building within me. Preparing to end more then just Ava's life. I shook my head and looked around at everyone. Aaron bowed his head in defeat.
"Well?! What are you waiting for? Do it now!" I took a deep breath and looked down.
"No." It came out almost in a whisper.
"What did you say?" I looked up at him. The man who was supposed to be my father. Supposed to be there for his own daughter. Not use her as a monster to destroy everything.
"I said no." He looked livid as he stared at me.
"What do you mean no? I am your father! You can't go against your own kind!" I smiled evily at him.
"You may be my blood, but you were never a father to me." His fingers tightened around Ava's throat. Her face paled as the air was being squeezed out of her. If I didn't do something soon, Ava was sure to die.
"Mobilicorpus." My father and Ava both went flying in opposite directions. My father jumped up and started mumbling a spell. I looked at the whole pack, clustered together behind their alpha and family. Raising my hand towards them, I did the only thing I could do to protect them all.
"Invisibilia umbraculum." As the protective shield went up, I was thrown from where I stood. I landed in a heap on the other side of the shield. My father laughed at me.
"You think you can defeat me? I made you! I made you who you are!" I shook my head and looked up. Aaron was at the shield closest to me. He wanted to reach through it but couldn't.
"I'm sorry Aaron." I zapped myself away from the shield. I could hear Aaron and my friends all yelling for me to let them help me. I knew they wouldn't survive if I left them out. Only I can defeat my own flesh and blood.
My father smirked as I got in position. He flicked his wrists and all the warriors from our coven came forward towards me.
"You want to think you can defeat me? Then you must defeat us all." They all approached chanting a spell in unison. I raised myself above them, allowing my powers to bubble to the surface. My eyes felt like fire as I stared at them all below me.
"Ego vocare te tenebras magicae, exsurge hunc crystallo!" I watched as each warlock warrior started to burn from the inside out. Their screams pierced through the air. It worked on everyone of the warriors. But did not work on my father. He just stood there, arms crossed, with a smirk on his face.
"Like brass to fire, like stick to flame, head my words, know my name. Faster than light, dark corners seek, lick to flame, my vengeance wreak!"
A huge hole opened up and flames came out of the ground. All the burning warriors fell in the hole. Their screams stopping as their bodies turned to ashes. As the last one turned to ashes, I waved my hand to make the hole close back up. It looked as if the hole was never there in the first place. My father clapped his hands as I descended back down to the ground.
"Bravo daughter. But you will never be able to defeat me. Not unless you're willing to take the ultimate step."
I looked back at everyone. All my friends, all my newly acquainted family. But most of all, my mate. They were all against the shield with their hands against it. Looking at them, you would think they were looking through a clear glass window. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at everyone. Their faces filled with pain and horror, as the realization of what must happen processed through their minds. Aaron kept trying to slam against the shield, trying to get through to me.
"Aisha, don't do this! We can figure out another way!" My tears fell down my cheeks.
"I'm sorry. I will always love you."
Before I changed my mind, I turned around to face my father. I let my witches blade fall down into my hand.
"Bound together by blood, our fate intertwined, to hell we shall go." I raised my blade and slammed it into my chest. The force of the spell threw the both of us across the yard. Flames licked around us as we fell through the ground. My last thought was of Aaron, before everything went dark.

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