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"A friend once told me, your past doesn't determine who you are now. Learn from the past and move forward. From this point on, we are adults. Ready to take on the world. We all worked hard to get to this point. And now our hard work has payed off. Some of us will go on to college, some right out to the workfield. Either way, we will all move forward. And make our lives the best we can. Congratulations class of 2039! We finally did it!"
As Liz's speech was done, we all tossed our hats into the air. I looked around at everyone. Mom and dad stood proud watching on as we all graduated. None of us would've been here today, if Aisha wouldn't have done what she did, all those months ago. To this day, nightmares of that day still occur. It was definitely a day that nobody will ever forget.
"Hey Aaron, are you coming to the graduation party?"
I smiled at Jared. Despite losing his father, he still held his head high. His mom checked herself into an institution after her mates brutal murder. Aunt Julie couldn't come to terms with everything. Jared makes the trip to Michigan one weekend a month, to check in on her and to see his brother. Jacob has two more years of college and decided he was going to stay in Michigan.
Liz and Matt got accepted to Florida University. Matt got a full scholarship to play football for them. Liz was going to study and become a doctor. She wanted to open her own clinic for those who couldn't afford medical treatment. Liz wanted to change the world, even if just one town at a time.
Ava got accepted over in France. She was going to intern under the best of bbn the best in the fashion world. Mason was going to follow her, even if it was to the ends of the earth, according to him. So, I lost my third in command. But I couldn't be more happy for them.
Jared and Rachel are staying around. Jared is staying on as my beta. They are going to do online college classes. Rachel is due with their first baby in three months.
Logan is also staying around. He is going to trade school to become a carpenter and electrician. He also agreed to become my third in command.
I stared out and ignored Jared's offer. I watched as my mate made her way through the crowd. Her emerald eyes sparkled against the afternoon sun.
'Our mate is beautiful.' My wolf sat wagging his tail in my mind, admiring our mate.
"Definitely." Her long auburn hair was blowing into her face. Her pale skin contrasting with the black graduation gown. Adults stopped her every foot of the way to congratulate their future luna.
My heart stopped beating that fateful night. When she sacrificed herself and fell into the flames, I thought I lost her forever. I even felt our bond break. We all got thrown when the flames appeared. I screamed until I went hoarse. My wolf went berserk in my head.
A lady and teenage boy ran over to the flames. The lady jumped in the flames, chanting some for spell. The boy grabbed Aisha's lifeless body. I ran over as he layed her down on the ground. The ground where the flames were, closed up. The lady never came back out.
Aisha was covered in burn marks and blood. Her hair burning at the ends. Her clothes all torn and burned almost all off. Her eyes remained closed.
I dropped to my knees beside her. The boy was chanting and holding his hands out over her heart. A light formed under his hands and went straight to her heart. Her body rose above the ground. The boy stood up and never stopped chanting.
I stepped back as her body twisted abnormally. Before I could scream at him to stop, her body lowered to the ground. I fell down beside her. The boy had looked at me with eyes full of triumph and exhaustion. Also, sadness?
"You must mark her to help heal her body." I looked down at her frail body. There was no breathing or heartbeat. The boy looked at me, prompting me on. I was afraid to touch her. Afraid I was going to break her.
"What if this doesn't work?" I asked my wolf.
'We'll be a broken soul without her. Just shut up and do it! It's a better chance than none!'
My wolf was right. I looked down at her burnt face. Gently moving her, I exposed her neck. I took a deep breath and bit into her. Marking her as ours. I had prayed to the Moon Goddess to bring her back to me. Pouring all my energy into her that I could.
The boy had pulled me back when her body began to change before our eyes. Her skin was healing itself like werewolves do. Her chest started to barely move up and down. I grabbed her hand and felt for a pulse. Sure enough, our mate was returning to us.
When her eyes shot open, she sat straight up. She looked at me in shock. Her eyes no longer held a red tint to them. Aisha threw her arms around me and cried.
"I'm so sorry Aaron!" I rubbed her back and gently held her close. My wolf was overjoyed to have our mate back with us.
"Promise you won't ever leave me again." She gave me a light kiss on my neck.
"Never again. I promise."
I found out then that the teenage boys' mother is who jumped into the flames and never returned. In order for Roland to stay dead, Aisha had to die too. Since he had cursed her blood with his. In order for her to come back, a sacrifice had to be made. The woman had willingly sacrificed herself. She had always considered Aisha as one of her children. A mother's sacrifice.
"Did I scare you my love?" I smiled and turned around in her embrace.
"Me? No, never." She gave me a knowing look.
"Mr Aaron Lee Whitehall, don't you be lying to someone who can easily cast a truth spell on you." I smiled down at my mate and held her as close as possible.
"I wouldn't dream of it. I love you Aisha Lynn Whitehall. My luna. My life."
"And I you, my love. My alpha mate. Forever together. No death can us part."

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