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Chapter 4

The days went by like a blur. Aisha would pull her pranks on different people everyday. No one would even think it was her. But I knew better. I kept a watch on her, but didn't say anything to her. I knew she knew I was watching her. Anytime our eyes would briefly lock, her eyes would swirl. It confused me to no end. Did she know something that I didn't?
We were walking down to the football field, my arm around Liz. We all came out to support Jared. Our school was against our rival, North Face school. They also had a mix of humans and werewolves. I payed for Liz and I to enter. We weren't officially dating, but just played it out as it went. It wouldn't be long before we knew for sure if we were mates or not. In a way I wouldn't mind. My wolf didn't like the idea though. He would actually block me when I would have makeout sessions here and there with Liz. It's like he knew something that I didn't.
Aisha followed as we chose seats up in the bleacher's. Luckily Jared's parent's weren't here. They were in Michigan taking care of college stuff with Jacob and business with aunt Julie's family pack. They would have informed my dad about us hanging out with a witch. That's all I would've needed to deal with.
"Do you smell something off with the other team?" Liz whispered to me.
"They have witches on their team. It's not uncommon for that school to have witches mixed in there. I used to go there." We all looked at Aisha. She was sitting on Liz's right, so of course she heard Liz.
"So, our team is pretty much screwed, is what you're saying?" I asked, looking out to the field.
"No, thats not what I'm saying. I'm stronger then all of them combined. They can sense me sitting up here. They know if they start something, that I won't be afraid to fight back." We all looked at her in shock. She just kept starring out at the field, like it didn't bother her with what she said. My wolf howled out of pride in my head. I really didn't understand him.
"Why did you change school's?" Liz asked her. Aisha still didn't look at us. I saw her raise her brow and heard yelling over at the opponents side. I quickly looked over to see someone slip on the bleachers, fry's flying everywhere.
"It's more free here. Plus, my dad said he has some unfinished business here." I looked at her with curiousity.
"What kind of unfinished business?" She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't know. I learned long ago not to question what my father and his people do." I pulled Liz closer to me, as Aisha stared back to the field. There was definitely more to her story then she let on. I could feel the power radiating off of her in waves. She was definitely more powerful then I first had thought.
In the end, our team won twenty-eight to twenty-one. The quarterback tried to pull a fast one, but Aisha stopped him before he had a chance to do anything. He looked up at her, evil in his eyes. I couldn't feel any fear comming off of Aisha, at all. It was as if she didn't care.
As we were walking to the gate, we were approached by the other teams quarterback and a bunch of his teammates.
"Learn to stay out of our game, Aisha." Aisha had no fear as she walked right up to him.
"Or what? Poor Chad couldn't cheat, so you think you can go up against me? You know how it ended last time. Do you want me to kick your ass again?"
"Just because your dad is a powerful warlock, doesn't mean you can use your powers where it doesn't concern you." She got even closer to him. Chad's friends backed up further away from her.
"I would watch your back Chad. I don't need my dad to do my light work for me. You and I both know I'm more powerful then even he is. It's in the genes." She turned her back on them and began walking towards the gates. Chad did something with his hands and sent it her way. Aisha didn't even look back as she lifted her hand. Whatever force he sent her way, she sent back. Knocking Chad and his friends all on their backs. Aisha stopped and looked back at us.
"Are you guys coming or what?" We hurried over to her.
"You'll pay for that Aisha!"
"Bring it, asshole. I'll be waiting for you. Text me the time and place. Now, let's go." We followed her out as Chad and his crew got up and went their own way.
We all went to OIP and shared pizza's. Jared was happy with the win. North Face was our school's rivelry's since the age of time. We were never able to beat them before.
"Thank you." Jared said to Aisha, hugging her close. My wolf growled in my head. I blocked him out. Jared kept an arm around Aisha.
"So, Aisha, is there history between you and Chad?" She sipped her milkshake and shrugged like it was no big deal.
"We dated for about two years." Everybody looked at her shocked. My wolf pushed through my barriers and growled deeply.
"What happened?" Everly asked from the end of the booth. She was squeezed between her twin Ethan and Logan.
"He challenged my dad. Something you don't do in a coven. I stopped my dad before he could kill him." She shrugged again like it was no big deal.
"So, your dad, he's like the leader?" Ava asked. Aisha nodded her head.
"When I stopped him, he packed us up and said it was time. Time for what, I don't know."
"What did your mom say about all this?" She looked down at her milkshake.
"My mom died giving birth to me. You would think giving birth on halloween night, she would have been invincible. But she wasn't. My dad didn't have time to grieve for her. He was already plotting his revenge over his sister. Enough about me. Cheer's to the win!" She lifted her milkshake in a toast. Everyone else lifted their drinks up as well. I kept an eye on her. My wolf whimpering in my head. Something didn't sit right with me. I had to talk to her alone. When, I had no idea.
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