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Chapter 5

Liz's birthday was coming up fast. We were laying on a blanket, at a drive-in movie theatre. We decided to skip Jarod's game tonight and watch a movie instead. Liz's birthday was tomorrow. We have been unofficially dating for four weeks now.
"Aaron, we're missing the movie." She laughed as I kept kissing her neck. We were making out for most of the movie. There were only a handful of cars here, minding their own business.
"Who cares. We'll watch the next one." She laughed and pulled me back up to her lips. Needless to say, we missed the second movie too. We didn't mind though. We were too wrapped up in each other to care.
Liz pulled up to my house. We were holding hands the whole way home.
"I really hope we're mates, Aaron." I tucked her hair behind her ear.
"I do too. These four weeks have been great. I wish we wouldn't done this sooner." I rested my forhead against hers. My wolf blocked me since she picked me up for the movies. He always did that when I was around Liz.
"No matter what happens, can we still be friends?" I looked into her beautiful brown eyes.
"Best friends. Always." I kissed her again, leaving her breathless. I reluctantly got out and watched her drive away. Only tomorrow will tell.
I was distracted as I was training against Landon. Liz's party was in six hours. My wolf wasn't showing any signs that Liz was our mate. I was hoping that maybe he will when we got there tonight.
"Aaron! Focus!" Brandon yelled at me. Landon gave me a quick kick to the ribs. I doubled over in pain. My wolf chose to ignore me today and not help heal me right away.
"Aaron, you need to focus. What has gotten you so distracted? You know being distracted can easily get you killed." Landon bent over with me, trying to see what was wrong.
"How do you know?" Brandon and Landon both looked at me. We sat down on the bench to grab a drink of water.
"Know what?" Brandon asked.
"When she's the one. Your mate." They looked at each other and laughed.
"That would be up Landon's ally. I didn't find my mate, Landon here did." He clapped his hand on his brothers back.
"You being an alpha, you will know before your eighteenth birthday. Your wolf will give you the signs."
"What if your wolf keeps blocking you out?"
"When does he do that?" I looked down at my hands.
"When I'm with Elizabeth." Landon whistled.
"Shit, then it's obvious. Elizabeth isn't your mate. Your wolf is trying to tell you in his own way." My wolf decided to unblock me and nodded his head. He also decided to heal my ribs for me.
"I guess your right."
"Doesn't mean you still can't be friends, right? You two didn't take it to the last step did you?" I blushed.
"No. She wanted to wait until her birthday to know for sure."
"That's a good thing then. It would make it too awkward to stay friends if you did. Trust me." I laughed as Brandon threw water on Landon.
"Enough heart to heart. Let's get back to training before the luna comes out to check on you." I laughed at him. My mom scared all the warriors. They all listened to her, no questions asked.
After getting some more rounds in, I was finally free to get ready for Liz's party. I took a shower and put on a black t-shirt and jeans. I had gotten her a bracelet. I wrapped it quickly and headed downstairs. Jared was walking with me to her house.
"You ready for the big day?" I tried to smile. He nudged my shoulder.
"I think lover boy here is nervous."
"Dude, keep it down..."
"Did I hear my baby is nervous?" I rolled my eyes and punched Jared on the arm.
"Great." I mumbled. My mom came over and pinched my cheeks.
"You will do great. Any girl would be proud to be your mate."
"Mom, do you have to do this?" My dad chose that moment to come in the room, too.
"Izzy, now now. Give the boy space to breath." He pulled mom away. "We need to let our boy find his mate on his own. Don't make him more nervous then he already is." Dad always knew how to calm mom down. We said our good-byes and ran out the door.
"Have fun boys!" She called after us. Dad shut the door and you could hear mom giggling. I didn't want to know. I shivered in disgust.
"Dude, sorry about that." We made our way down the block towards Liz's house.
"No biggy. So, are you and Aisha seeing each other now?"
"What? No, no definitely not. We're just friends. Nothing more. She's my good luck charm at the games." I elbowed him.
"Sure." I teased him.
"No, I'm serious. I think she has her eyes on someone else." I raised my brow and looked at him. My wolf was wagging his tail, as if he was hopeful it was us.
"And who do you think that is?"
"Dude, I don't know for sure. It's just a hunch."
We stepped into Liz's house without knocking. They were expecting us after all. The music was blaring and there were people everywhere. I walked around looking for Liz. What I found, I should've known. Liz was on the couch, making out with Matt from the football team. Apparently, we weren't fated mates after all. My wolf danced happily in my head, but I was crushed. I started to really have feeling's for Liz. I turned back around and went back outside. I crawled up onto her roof. Just wanting to get away from everybody. The tears were already starting to fall freely down my cheaks.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were up here." I tried to wipe my tears away as I sat down next to Aisha.
"All good. There's room up here for the both of us."
"How did you get up here." She looked at me like she couldn't believe that I forgot.
"I'm a witch remember. I can teleport to wherever I want really. It comes in handy sometimes." I smiled at her as we looked out at the moon.
"Sometimes I wish I could fly. To just fly and be free." I looked over and saw the spark in her eyes.
"What stops you?" She laughed and looked at me.
"I can't fly silly."
"No, but you can teleport yourself to anywhere you want. In a way, that makes you free." She looked down at her hands.
"I'm not as free as you may think. My dad knows where I always am. I couldn't ever escape the coven. Even if I tried."
"Did you ever try?" She smiled and looked at me with tears in her eyes.
"I did once. My dad found me right away. I was punished for running away. I didn't dare try again." I put my arm around her. She didn't resist. Instead, she layed her head on my shoulder. My wolf purred in delight.
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