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Chapter 6

The weekend continued on in a blur of training and just feeling, blah. As Monday came around again, I decided to start fresh and be happy for Liz. Hopefully soon, I myself will find my mate too. My luna. My wolf was happy and wagging his tail, when I thought of that last part.
Sitting in English, we had to wait for Mrs. Randall to show. For some reason she was running late today. I looked over at Aisha. She had her headphones in, listening to music. With my heightened hearing, I could hear it. It was Machine Gun Kelly, 'I think I'm ok'. Good song. I just never would have pictured her as liking that band. I looked at her hands that were playing with her pencil. On the back of her left hand were bruises. My wolf whimpered in my head. Before I could comment, Mrs. Randall showed up and began right away. I only half listened, as I was watching Aisha. She kept fidgeting in her chair. What other bruises was she hiding? My wolf didn't like the fact of her being hurt.
Before I realized it, the bell rang. I gathered my stuff quickly and wanted to confront her, but she was gone already. I hurried to change for gym and ran outside. Aisha was already stretching by the bleachers. She tried not to make a face as she was doing so. Hurrying over to her, I grabbed her and took her to the back of the bleachers. So other werewolves couldn't hear us. Aisha yanked her arm out of my hand.
"What is your problem, Aaron?" I pulled her shirt aside and saw a huge bruise going down her chest. She pushed me away. My wolf growled at the fact that she was so bruised.
"What the hell happened, Aisha?"
"Since when the hell do you care Aaron? You never noticed before. Oh, thats right. You were too busy with Liz to notice." My wolf laughed at me. I was taken back by what she said.
"Aisha, look I'm sorry. Liz and I, we really thought we were going to be mates. We got so wrapped up in each other, that we didn't realize we were pushing our friends away." I stepped closer to her. She looked away at the trees beyond the fence. I reached out and put her hair that was blowing around her face, behind her ear. Aisha leaned into my touch and closed her eyes. I slowly pulled her into my arms. She didn't resist like I thought she would. She seemed to relax. I put my nose into her neck and smelled her beautiful scent. My wolf was purring in my mind. He even had his tongue hanging out as I felt her arms wrap around me.
"Aisha, will you please tell me what happened?" She pulled back and looked at me. Her emerald eyes were swirling. She nodded and stepped back.
"Training for witches, isn't the same as werewolves. It's a lot of both physical and mental calculations. You have to constantly be thinking of spells and how to try and second guess your opponent. And we don't heal like you do."
"Why?" She looked out again and laughed.
"Why train so hard? I don't even know. My dad says something big is coming up. He says I need to become even stronger then him." I thought of my own training. How I was able to heal. My wolf whimpered loudly in my head at the thought of how Aisha gets trained. He didn't like it one bit.
"Go change and meet me back here. I want to show you something."
"What about our classes?" I just shrugged.
"Doesn't hurt to miss a few now and then. Where's that 'I don't care' spirit that I know you have?" She bit her lip and thought about it.
"Ok. I'll be right back." She teleported out. I ran back up and changed quickly myself. She was waiting for me when I came back down.
"You know, that is a very handy trick." Aisha just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I loved how her face lit up when she smiled.
"I'm going to phase into my wolf." She looked confused.
"It's faster. Not as fast as teleporting, but I can't do that." I began to strip my clothes and put them in my bag. When I got down to my boxers, Aisha looked surprised and turned around. I laughed.
"Like what you see?" I could see the faint blush rising on her neck. She kept her hair up in her haste.
"Nope." I laughed heartily at her blunt lie. Us werewolves, we were used to being naked in front of others.
"When I change, I want you to climb on my back." She turned around, momentarily forgetting I was naked. She kept her eyes focused on my face.
"Excuse me?"
"Climb on my back and hold on. My wolf won't bite."
'Easy for you to say.' He decided to comment in my head.
"Your joking right?" I looked at her unsure expression.
"Trust me. Please?" She looked away out towards the trees.
"Fine. Ok, I will." Before I realized what I was doing, I went over to her and kissed her on her cheek. I hurried a little away from her and phased quickly into my wolf. My wolf was pure black with a streak of purple running down his tail. Aisha looked shocked as she stood there, holding her cheek where I kissed her. My wolf crouched down, so she could climb up. She hesitated and then began to climb up. She slipped and fell on her butt. My wolf whimpered and licked her with his sloppy tongue. Aisha laughed as I helped her up with my muzzle. I layed down on my stomach so she could climb up easier. I forget how large my wolf can be. Aisha climbed up and held on tight.
"Sorry, am I hurting you?" I snorted and shook my massive head no. I got up on my legs and took off for the woods. As I leaped over the fence, I would have thought Aisha would've been scared. Instead, I looked back quickly to see her hands up in the air. Her hair freed itself from it's ponytail and was blowing all around her.
"I'm flying!" She yelled as I touched the ground and raced through the woods. I could hear her laughter as she held onto me again. My wolf was estatic. He loved that Aisha was enjoying herself. After what would've taken an hour to reach normally, only took about half an hour of racing through the forest in wolf form. We finally came to where I wanted to take her. I layed down so she could slide off.
"Aaron, it's beautiful."
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