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Chapter 7

After Aisha slid off of me, I quickly phased back. I gently took my bag from her loose grip. She was still in amazement at the scene. I quickly threw on my clothes and went over to the edge. I sat down and danged my legs off the ledge. The scene was always beautiful from up here. It was a ledge that looked down and made all the houses in the pack look like little toys. The view was breathtaking. It was on pack land. The wind was cooler up her, since fall was here. The leaves would blow around, making it look like it was raining leaves above the town. Aisha sat down next to me and dangeled her feet over the ledge too.
"Is this your pack?"
"Yeah. I like to come up here to get away. To think."
"It's nice." Aisha looked out around. Her hair was blowing around in her face. She looked so calm and relaxed. I layed back and looked up at the clouds. Aisha looked over at me and layed back too.
"I could stay up here for hours. Sometimes, I don't even realize how long I'm up here." She looked over at me, her hair flying in her face. I smiled and tried to put it behind her ear, but the wind snatched it back away.
"Doesn't anyone miss you? Or realize that you're gone?"
"They do. I try to block everyone when I'm up here. But after awhile, my mom ends up getting through. My dad says it's because I have a strong connection with her wolf, Alice. When I was born, my mom's boyfriend was just murdered right in front of her, the night before. Something snapped in her. Alice took over, so my mom wouldn't kill herself. Alice was able to push my mom to the back, giving her time to grieve. My mom came back when I was about eight months. By then I had already formed a bond with Alice. My mom's tuff. My dad said she changed." Aisha took my hand in hers.
"So, was her boyfriend your real dad?" I left her interlace our fingers together.
"No. He was a human. My mom was seeing both of them."
"Both? At the same time? Were they both her mates?" I looked back up at the clouds.
"No. Just my dad is. They have a complicated story." I layed on my side facing her. She did the same, facing me. "What about your parents?" Her eyes swirled as she looked around.
"It wasn't all love and happily ever after. So I've been told. They were mates, but my dad was too obsessed with revenge over his sister. No matter what my mom did, he ignored her. She was a very powerful witch from what I'm told. That's why everyone was shocked when she died. My dad is a very powerful warlock. He's part werewolf. They say when I was born, I drained my mother of her powers. They say she shriveled to nothing and just disappeared. Before the midwife could pick me up, they say a green glow went through me. Hence why they believe I got my emerald eyes. No other family member has emerald eyes. They say I radiated power. My dad could've cared less at the time about me. The midwife raised me and taught me all her tricks and spells, before she passed away. My dad realized how powerful I really was when I went up against him. I may not care for Chad, but I didn't want him killed either. My dad thinks I care too much. Hence, the harsh training. He thinks he can work out that feeling. Make me his puppet." I gently caressed her face.
"You are who you are. No one can change that. You are strong, smart, and caring. You may act the big tuff girl, but I see the real you." She smiled with tears in her eyes.
"That's the nicest anyone has ever said to me."
"It's all true. And so very beautiful." She looked down, blushing. I gently lifted her chin and looked in her swirling eyes. Leaning forward, I placed my lips against hers. I was shocked at sparks that shot through us. I never experienced that before with Liz. I pulled back shocked. My wolf pranced around in my head happily.
'Mate!' He exclaimed. She seemed to recover faster then me. She blushed and pulled my face back down to hers. Kissing Aisha, it felt so much different then Liz. More, magical. Touching her, I felt the sparks shoot between us. I moved more against her to feel it all over my body. I trailed my hand down her back and felt her shiver. I rested my forhead against hers, taking deep breaths. She smiled and bit her swollen bottom lip.
'Aaron Lee Whitehall! Where the hell are you?' My mother yelled through our mindlink.
'Around mom. On packland.'
'Aaron Lee Whitehall, you better get your ass back to school, before I come find you! And I promise you it won't be pretty if I catch you!' Aisha looked at me strangly.
"Why do your eyes gloss over?"
"It means someone is mindlinking me, so I'm mindlinking them back." I brushed her hair out of her face.
"Your mom?" I sighed.
"Time to go back to school?" I looked in her swirling eyes. How didn't I not notice the connection before?
"I can teleport us there." I looked at her in shock.
"You can teleport other people with you?"
"Yeah, it just drains me a little more. But I'll be ok." I got up after giving her another quick kiss and helped her up. We grabbed our bags and I held her in my arms. I smiled at the instant tingles. My wolf layed on his back with his tongue out. He was so happy. Before I knew it, we were right outside the gym doors. I looked around and smiled. We went in holding hands as the bell rang for lunch.
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