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Chapter 8

I tried to teleport to my room, but apparently my dad intercepted me.
"Where were you today, Aisha? Because you certaintly weren't in three of your classes." I knew I couldn't lie to him, since he probably already knew where I was. He redirected me to the training grounds. Our warriors were training fiercly behind my dad. He had his arms crossed, legs apart, as if ready for an attack. He always said you have to be ready at all times. You never know when you could be attacked. Even by your own people. I ducked as a ball of fire flew my way. I looked over at the warriors. Aiden sneered at me. My dad raised his brow at me. He probably thought I made the wrong move.
"Aisha, we've talked about this. You don't duck down, you send it back." Without looking backwards, dad send a huge ball of fire at Aiden. He quickly tried to conjure up an ice field, but was too slow. My dad rubbed his forehead. Aiden screamed as he tried to calm down enough to chant the healing spell.
"Fuckin idiots. Now, Aisha come." He grabbed my elbow and walked me towards the house. When we got to the kitchen he pushed me down on a chair.
"Helga, OUT!" I felt bad for her. Helga was our housekeeper slash cook. She hurried out before my dad punished her. He grabbed a cup of coffee and looked back at me.
"Are you going to tell me, Aisha? Or am I gonna have to punish you?" His eyes were so dark, most people thought they were black. He turned fully around and faced me. I learned long ago to never look down. I looked straight into his eyes.
"I was on werewolf territory." His smile was in no way sincere.
"With who and why? Obviously you weren't alone. Or you would have been caught. So, talk Aisha."
"I was with a boy. A werewolf boy."
"A whore like your mother. Must run in the genes." I bit my tongue. I learned to never argue back, because the punishment would be worse. If my dad wanted to think I was a whore, then so be it. I knew the truth. I knew who I was. He came over and grabbed me by my hair, dragging me out to the training grounds. He threw me in front of the warriors.
"No breaks, supper, or sleep until you defeat each and every warrior here." He smiled evily and walked away. "Time starts now."
I quickly got up on my feet as each warrior looked smug. They inched closer to me. Aiden was smiling as he started moving his hands together. I quickly charged forward and kicked him in his chest. He tried to grab my foot but missed. He stumbled back into Diabolos. Diabolos pushed him forward and hit me with an ice ball. I fell back on the ground. The other's started chanting around me. I tried to teleport but couldn't. My dad put a silver encrusted chocker on me. It kept me from teleporting and from using the healing spell. The force from their spell sent me flying in the air, crashing into the big oak tree. I slid down it, my back being ripped apart from the wood and branches. They laughed as they came closer.
I pushed my hair out of my face and got shakily to my feet. I had to think quickly. Even if I get knocked out, they would just wake me back up and start again. It won't end until I either defeat them or die. My dad didn't care. And neither did the coven.
I quickly started chanting a spell that Milly taught me. It was when you called upon nature. Not many witches could do it. I closed my eyes as I began to feel the ground shake. When I opened them, the ground started cracking around the warriors. They looked at me shocked as they tried their own spells. I raised my hand, raising a tree out of the ground, and threw it at them. It landed on six of them, leaving two left standing. The wind began to blow wildly around me. The last two tried running after me. I pushed the wind into them and opened a huge hole in the ground. They fell into it. I binded them all into an eternal sleep. One that couldn't be reversed unless I did it. I released myself from nature and fell down on my knees, breathing heavy. I heard a clapping sound behind me.
"Bravo, my dear daughter. Come here." I shakily got to my feet and walked over to him. He reached around my neck and took off the chocker.
"Now, be a good girl and release my men." I didn't think I had anymore strength in me. But if I didn't obey, he would punish me further. I raised my arms up and chanted the wakening spell. I heard the men curse as they got out of their predictements. My dad roughly grabbed my elbow and walked with me to the house. The sun was already beginning to set.
"Go clean up and change! We have guests coming for dinner." He pushed me towards the stairs. I climbed up the stairs as quickly as I could, while he watched me at the bottom. "And make sure you wear something really nice. I have a big announcement to make." I shivered in disgust as I got in my room and shut the door. My body hurt all over. Tears formed in my eyes. I just wanted to fly away from this life.
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