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Chapter 9

I showered quickly and put on a black dress that reached to my knees. I left my hair down and put on my black boots. You always had to be prepared for anything. When I decended the stairs, my dad was waiting for me.
"I taught you well. Now, come here." I went over to him. He placed the chocker on my neck again. I looked at him questioningly.
"So you can't teleport away from me after my announcement. Our guest's are just arriving. Come." I took his arm and put on a blank face. We went to the front door. I couldn't believe who came in.
"Roland, it's so good to see you. Aisha, beautiful as ever I see."
"Abigor, Jezebeth, Caine. Welcome." My dad gave Abigor a man hug and kissed Jezebeth's hand. I put my hand out for Caine to take. He kissed it and held on to it a little longer then necessary. My skin crawled with revulsion. I didn't like Caine at all. But I hid my real emotions. Caine wasn't ugly, but his attitude was. You could feel the evil coming off his family. Caine had black, spiked hair, dark red eyes, and a very well built body. He was a little taller then me, but not by much.
"Come, dinner is ready for us." My dad led the way, Abigor and Jezebeth following behind him. Caine held out his arm for me to take. I suppressed a groan and took it. My dad looked back and smiled at us. My dad waited for the others to be seated, before he came ever to me. He took my wrists and put silver bracelets on them. It made me more suspicious of him. The bracelets stopped a witch from using their powers. I sat down with a blank expression. My dad sat at the end, Abigor and Jezebeth on either side of him, then me beside Abigor and Caine across from me. Caine smiled suggestively at me. I wanted to vomit.
Everybody was talking. I just sat there, pretending to listen. The food was served by Helga and a few of the lower warriors. I thanked Eric as he put my plate infront of me. He bowed and retreated away. Eric was Helga's son. Dinner included venison, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and gravy. Our glasses were filled with champagne cocktail. Now I really knew my dad was up to something. We never had his special champagne cocktail unless it was for a special occasion. I sipped on it slowly. It was fruity and tasted good. I picked at my food and looked over at Caine. He devoured his plate in mere seconds. It was hard to disguise my disgust for him.
As we finished our supper, desert was brought around. Helga really outdid herself. She had made a beautiful four layer red velvet cake with a chocolate drizzle and dark cherries on top. Helga was a great cook and baker. I savored each bite of my piece. This was always my favorite of Helga's cakes. Caine ate three pieces and was on his fifth glass of champagne cocktail. He kept giving me lustful looks. Looking at my lips and down to my chest. I had to look away so I could enjoy my cake, before he made me gag. After we were all finished, my dad stood up.
"Now, I believe it's time to announce why we are all here tonight." I could feel a deep dred form at the pit of my stomach. Whatever he was going to say, I could already tell I wasn't going to like.
"For years our coven's have been great allie's. Abigor, Jezebeth and I have discussed this for some time now. After graduation, Caine and Aisha will be married. Fully uniting our coven's together. Forming an even bigger coven against the werewolves."
I dropped my glass and it shattered on the table. I couldn't even form words. I was horrified. I looked at my dad in horror. He smiled and raised his glass in the air. Eric quickly put another glass in my hand and cleaned up the mess in front of me. Everyone else raised their glasses in the air also.
"A toast to Caine and Aisha on their engagement. And to our future." Everyone toasted and drank their cups. I was too shocked and disgusted to even move. No wonder he put these trinkets on me. I just wanted to teleport out of here or worse. I looked over at Caine. He was smirking at me and licked his lips. Caine stood up and came over to me. He took my hand and put a ring on my left ring finger.
"An engagement gift from me to you." He said out loud. Then came close to my ear. "By the way, it's incripted with a spell that won't allow you to take it off. No matter how hard you try." He whispered in my ear. He stroked my cheek and leaned down to kiss my lips. I tried to turn away, but he grabbed my chin and forced me still. His lips were brutal and forceful on my mine. I refused to open my mouth for his intruding tongue. He got mad and bit my lip. I whimpered out and he took that time to force his tongue in my mouth. I wanted to vomit in his mouth. Everyone was cheering around us. He finally broke the kiss and looked at me displeased. He leaned to my ear to whisper to me again.
"You better be more responsive in bed when the time comes." I shivered in digust and revulsion. He finally stood up to walk away from me. I could visibly see the bulge in his pants and had a hard time holding back my vomit. Tears burned in my eyes. How could my father do this to me? I looked down the table to see him watching me. He had an evil smile on his face. He raised his glass towards me and winked.
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