The In Between

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“James?” I asked. He dropped his scythe. “No. Nononono. This is a mistake. You're a mistake.” “James what the hell? You were dead! What’s going on!?” “I am dead, dumbass. You're dead too--” “Oh my god, my mom’s going to kill me,” “Looks like someone already beat her to it,” he said. I gaped. “I'm your-- dammit-- your guide.” James Abbatiello, a 17 year old, committed suicide. It might’ve been Ricky’s fault. At least, a little bit. Then something else unfortunate happened. Ricky also died, getting into a fight with the people who practically killed James. Now, James has to lead Ricky through the In Between to get to The dead world, AKA Tamir, but there are many obstacles they need to face, including birds trying to eat them, wolves and bees, and fighting their own shadows on top of a train. WARNING: includes: Death Mention of suicide Homophobic slur Swearing Blood and violence - but like, not too much, i guess Death. Murder And death. Also, i did not write this by myself, i wrote this with a friend. She has also drawn the cover page for this book.

Fantasy / Romance
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I yelled in pain, clutching my shoulder as my blood dripped over my hand. Ow. Ow. ow. I glared up. I gripped my scythe harder, ignoring the pain that went up through my forearm. The demon stood very still, it’s shadowy mass looming above me. I snarled up at it. It didn’t move. I sliced it in half with my scythe, to no appeal. It reformed again and melted into the shadows. I wish I had my sword. Not that all my problems would be solved if I had it. But I could count a few.
I glanced around frantically, a wild look in my eyes. I wiped the blood off of my cheek quickly, still scanning the small room.
The lights flickered. I gripped it tighter. I wanted to close my eyes tight and disappear, like the demon, straight into the shadows.
I almost did, until I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned around. Nothing there. Nothing there.
The hand kept sinking down me, and it felt like everything was avoiding the shadowy thing. I shivered violently. My nose started to bleed, thick red blood going over my lips and staining my clothes. This wasn’t good. I covered my nose, looking around again. I froze when I saw two glowing eyes slowly open. And the demon came straight at me.

“You ready?” I was. I thought so.
“Yeah, I- I think so.” I said, running a hand through my hair. I traced the scar on my shoulder, just below my birthmark.
Oh god I wasn’t ready.
Alo looked at me with his golden eyes and I tried to smile.
“I think so,” I repeated, swallowing.
I shouldered my pack and my scythe and lined up against the ledge.
“Then go,” he pressed my forehead and I leaned back, closing my eyes. I fell.

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