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"Beautiful," he whispered and I held my breath in, begging him silently to release me. He softly caressed my cheek with his hand. "And all mine." ~ The Silver Moon Pack harbors a secret that hasn't been seen for over a century now. A secret that, if revealed, can not only affect the Supernatural world, but the human world too. A secret that, if loved by the right people, can bring eternal happiness and joy. And a secret that, if abused by the wrong hands, can bring eternal chaos and destruction. Unfortunately for Ariel Weston, that very secret is her. Dark/ Werewolf Story Please don't read if you need any trigger warnings.

Fantasy / Romance
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His bright blue eyes roamed around the forest and stopped when he saw me up on the tree branch, with my legs dangling down. I groaned as a wide smirk appeared on his face in happiness and victory. I was never good at playing hide and seek, but I was always a good runner. As quickly as I can, I jumped down from the tree and started running away from Ayden as fast as I could.

“Cheater!” he yelled and started chasing me in full speed.

The sound of crunching leaves were made as my brother chased me around the forest. I knew he was catching up to me, so I quickly shifted into my wolf form and took off deeper into the forest. Using my advanced hearing, I heard clothes being ripped in to pieces behind me as well.

That could only mean Ayden shifted into his wolf as well.

Upon realizing this, I quickened my pace and tried to look for Adrian or Jason, which was most likely impossible. I might have the speed, but those two had the skills. Fortunately, today was my lucky day.

“Ariel, up here quick!” someone whispered-yelled from above me. I turned my head up, and sure enough I saw my other brother, Adrian, hiding in our tree house. I grinned and shifted back into my human form again. I might actually win this time.

I was about to climb the ladder that lead to our tree house when I again heard the sounds of crunching leaves behind me. I turned around to see Ayden in his wolf form smiling evilly at both of us. Unlike my wolf that had white, almost silvery fur, his fur was a dark chestnut colour, which made it almost look black. Ayden’s wolf first looked at me then at Adrian in our treehouse.

“Two down, one more loser to go! Am I awesome or am I just awesome?” Ayden cheered in our heads.

Adrian and I groaned, knowing we won’t hear the end of this. He just loves it when he wins.

“If you think you’re awesome, then think again,” Adrian smirked and gave him a pointed look when Ayden’s wolf looked confused. He gracefully jumped down from the tree house and stood beside me. “You’re in wolf form, idiot. I hope you didn’t tear up your clothes...again.” I burst out in laughter.

“Crap! I’m dead if mom finds out,” he groaned in our heads and Adrian started laughing as well.

Ayden glared at me and I gave him an innocent smile knowing that he was just jealous. Unlike him and any other wolves really, my clothes remain on me when I shift back to my human form. Perks of being a silver wolf, my dad always said.

“Well let’s worry about that after. You still need to find Jason so we can go home. I think our parents would want us home by now,” Adrian told Ayden seriously. I agreed with him there and looked at the sky that was turning dark. Our parents were always very protective over us, and gets worried easily, even when we tell them we’re safe through the pack-link.

A twig snapped in the far distance of the forest, and I was immediately pulled away from my thoughts. I couldn’t sense anyone’s presence, and I immediately became worried.

“Did you hear that?” I whispered to my brothers, cocking my head to the side. My brothers nodded and looked around, trying to detect any possible threat.

“Don’t worry Ariel. It’s probably just Jason messing with us,” Adrian told me. I wasn’t so sure though so I tried mind-linking with Jason.

“Are you trying to scare us, because it’s not working,” I lied to him in his mind, knowing perfectly well I was scared. I absolutely hated the dark, especially after Ayden made me watch Bloody Night 2 with him about two weeks ago. I still have nightmares from it, not that I’ll tell my brother about it. I’ll never hear the end of it.

It took a while before Jason answered.

“Is this your way of trying to figure out where I am?” Jason teased me and I started to feel even more scared than I already was. We heard another twig snap, and the footsteps were coming closer to us.

“Be serious, Jason. Is it you making the noise?” I begged him quietly in the link.

“What are you talking about Ariel? I’m by the waterfall,” Jason stated, all playfulness gone. I looked at where we were, and noticed we weren’t even close to the waterfall.

“Is it Jason?” Adrian asked me calmly, but I can tell that he was starting to get worried too. The sun was setting and not a lot of people came to this part of the territory. It was our special place where my brothers and Jason played together in the evenings.

“It’s not Jason,” I cried in panic, and I felt Adrian taking my hand in a hard grip.

“Ariel, tell me where the hell you are. I’m coming right now! Are you in danger?” he demanded in anger, with some of his Alpha power seeping in me. Jason might be young, but he’s also our Alpha’s son.

The wolf in me wanted to obey him and answer, but all my thoughts were forgotten when a man appeared from behind a tree. My entire body froze, sensing the danger we were in.

It wasn’t just his appearance that terrified me, but his confidence and power as well. With hollow gray eyes and a terrifying scar running down his left cheek, I knew we were in trouble.

Ayden gave a furious bark and looked ready to tear him apart.

“What is going on, Ariel?” Jason impatiently asked, but I couldn’t respond back. I was terrified because for once, my wolf felt terrified too.

“Who are you?” Adrian regarded him warily, before staring him down. “This is private property you’re trespassing. Are you aware of that?” I can tell by how his claws were coming out, he was ready to shift into his wolf as well. At that moment, he stood tall and powerful, no doubt mimicking our father’s stance.

The man with the scar looked at Adrian with a small smirk, before glancing down at Ayden’s wolf. Slowly he smiled widely, before locking his eyes with mine. I unconsciously gripped Adrian’s hand tighter, hating the look in his eyes.

“By any chance is the little girl behind you mutts named Ariel Weston?” the man asked, ignoring all the questions my brother asked. I felt myself stiffen and I heard Ayden growl viciously. How does he know what we are? And how does he know my name?

“Your growl is answer enough,” he smiled at us like we were the best of friends. He was a good distance away from us, but it didn’t make him any less intimidating.

“What is it that you want? Our pack will tear you apart limb by limb if you do us any harm,” Adrian furiously barked out. Unfortunately, all the man did was laugh.

“What is it that I want?” the scar-man asked sarcastically, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. His whole face showed amusement, which made my brothers growl louder. He smirked and pointed a long finger at me.

“I want her,” he demanded in a cold voice as he beckoned his finger for me to get closer to him.

“Like hell you are,” Adrian retorted harshly as he too shifted into his wolf form.


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