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Chapter One: Jason

“No!” I screamed, watching as both of my brothers charged at the man with full force, not caring the danger they were both in.

I knew I had to fight too but my whole body was paralyzed from fear and shock.

I want her.

I shivered, thinking of the hostility in his voice when he said that he wanted me.

Who is this man and what does he want from me?

“Do not show your powers Ariel! We have no idea what he is capable of,” Ayden growled in my head, before I was able to make a decision. Both he and Adrian were trying to pounce on the man, their claws aiming for his throat.

I thought for sure the man would be afraid, but that was not the case. He started laughing, uncontrollable laughter booming loud in the dark forest. My brothers became more enraged and pounced on the man, only for them to fall into heaps on the forest floor.

“No!” I screamed, finally letting my fear turn into anger when I saw that Scar-man has stuck a needle into both of my brothers.

“Jason, please hurry!” I pleaded to him, but I couldn’t get any response from him.

I screamed internally in the pack-link, hoping anyone from the pack can send help our way. But nothing was working. The pack link was quiet and I couldn’t connect with anyone.

Tears started to burn my eyes. I didn’t know what was happening and my brothers were in trouble.

The needles that the man stuck in my brothers must have reversed their wolf transformation, as they both changed abruptly back to their human form, naked.

“Ariel. Run!” Adrian coughed, trying to get off from the ground. Ayden wasn’t looking better either, and he looked at me with pleading eyes, no doubt telling me to run too. Too bad I refused to leave them alone.

Disobeying Ayden’s wishes, I focused my energy to conjure up my powers. Another perk of being a silver wolf, my dad had also said.

Using the Nature’s energy from around me, I was able to tap into my fire element power. Fire wasn’t the easiest for me to control but it sure was the strongest to have on my side. Red scouring flames flew out of my hand and landed on the evil man.He screamed in rage and spluttered out curses while trying to extinguish the fire burning straight through his clothes.

Knowing that I finally had an advantage, I used my air element to blow a gust of wind in the man’s direction, causing him to crash into a nearby tree. It wasn’t much, but it was the most I can do for now.

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw that the man’s eyes started to droop down before closing for good.

I turned around to see my two brothers on the ground, looking like they were in pain. I ran up to them and saw that they both appeared to be unconscious.

Using my spirit element, I placed a hand on each of my brother, and started healing them. I know that I wasn’t strong enough or skillful enough to heal them properly, but I had to try.

“Jason! My brothers need help. Now!” I was screaming to him in my mind, but I couldn’t get any response. Tears were slipping out of my eyes, when I realized that my healing powers weren’t strong enough to heal them from whatever Scar-man had injected into them.

I was no doctor. I had no idea how badly they were hurt.

“Mom, Dad! Jason! Anyone! Adrian and Ayden are hurt!” I cried to them again in the pack-link, but no one responded.

Where was everyone?

“Ahh!” I screamed when I felt a sharp pain in my neck. My arms became limp and I dropped my hands from my brothers. I slowly turned around in fear to see the man who I crashed in the tree, look at me with eyes filled with anger and amusement.

“So the little mutt didn’t lie to me after all,” he muttered to himself quietly. I didn’t know what he meant by that, but right then, I couldn’t care less.

At this point, my body became numb and I couldn’t conjure up any more of my powers.

The man picked me up and threw me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. I wanted to get away from him, but my body refused to listen to me. My eyes began to close slowly, and it took everything in me to keep my eyes focused on what was happening before me.

“This is just a dream, a dream,” I whispered again and again, my words coming out in a mumble. The man holding me started laughing, but to me it sounded like a cackle.

“No sweetie it’s not a dream, but a nightmare,” he whispered menacingly in my ear sending shivers down my back.

“Ayden, Adrian!” I whimpered softly, closing my eyes in anguish.

“Ariel,” Ayden cried weakly, making me look up at him. Ayden was struggling to get up, and I can see that he was in so much pain. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open, terrified that I’ll never see him again if I close them.

“Sorry boy, but she’s coming with me,” the man holding me sneered loudly.

“Give her back to us!” Ayden screamed helplessly, his voice filled with guilt.

I wanted to tell them that it was not their fault. I wanted to tell them I loved them so much and that they meant the world to me. Oh Goddess, I wanted to tell them so many things, but when I opened my mouth, no sound came out.

I slumped into the man’s shoulders in exhaustion, no longer able to keep my eyes open.

“Ariel! No!” a new scream came and even though I couldn’t see him, I knew by the sound of his voice who it was.

Breathing heavily, I peered at him with my half closed eyes and saw his beautiful brown locks of hair flying everywhere with tears dripping down his amber eyes. He was on his knees, screaming my name over and over again, with his extended nails clawing at the dirt.


I had so many things I wanted to tell him too.

“Ariel! Please hell no,” Jason shouted out in rage, spluttering out curse words. He was banging his fists on the ground while screaming my name repeatedly.

“Today is your lucky day, boy,” the scar-man sneered at Jason, before tightening his hold on me. “It was supposed to be you, little Alpha.”

Those were the last words I heard before I finally lost conscious.


“Did you hear that?” I said to Jason as we were making our way towards the edge of the forest. The whole forest already seemed creepy and dark, and hearing the snap of twigs just made the forest ten times scarier.

“Aw, is the little silver wolf scared?” he teased me, and I couldn’t help but blush. I hate it when he’s right.

It was midnight and just like every normal night, Jason and I were sneaking off to our special place that even my dumb brothers didn’t know about.

“I’m not scared, Jason. It’s just that I really hate the dark,” I admitted to him in a whisper. I thought he was going to start laughing like he usually did, but instead he stopped walking and turned around. Even though it was really dark, our werewolf abilities allowed us to see some of our surroundings. Right now, all I can see is Jason’s curly brown hair, and his amber eyes fill with determination.

“Don’t be scared Ariel. You know I won’t let anything ever happen to you,” he said while gazing at me with a slight smile. I smiled back. His protectiveness over me is one of the things I loved about him the most.

“You know...I think Adrian knows about us,” I told him, as we started walking deeper into the forest with us now holding hands.

“You think I care about that? I’m the future Alpha of this pack. I make the rules around here and your brothers have to follow them,” he replied with a hint of smugness and pride in his voice. I rolled my eyes at him but I still sighed.

“Alright mighty Alpha. I’m just worried that my brothers will hurt you like they did to Logan,” I whispered, remembering how my brothers beaten up Logan, just because he gave me a Valentine’s Day Card.

As expected, Jason started laughing. I frowned at him, but it was really hard to stay mad at him. No longer able to keep it in, I smiled a bit at him. His laugh was contagious.

“You know Ariel, if your brothers didn’t beat him up, I would’ve done so myself. Only ten times harder, obviously. You’re mine” he grinned, while showing off his beautiful smile. I couldn’t help but blush, again.

“We’re here,” Jason said in awe as we stood in front of the cave. I sighed happily as we made our way inside the cave. Every night, we would come here to hang out together. It was our little secret.

The inside of the cave held the true beauty of the forest. With crystals sparkling along the walls of the cave, it lightened up the whole cave like a rainbow. It was a mysterious place and I loved every piece of it.

There was even a small waterfall at the end of the cave, where Jason liked to hide when we played hide and seek with my brothers.

That’s why he always won the game. No one knew to look for him there and I didn’t want my brothers to know about this location, so my lips were always sealed.

“It’s always so beautiful,” I whispered as I took in my surrounding. This place always made me feel calm, and I could forget about all my worries here.

“Not as beautiful as you,” Jason whispered from beside me, and I felt my whole face redden. I hate it when he makes me blush. I tried to cover my face with my long blonde hair, but instead he twirled me around with his hand. We were now facing each other and it seemed like the world stopped.

“Don’t hide from me,” he teased, but his tone was light . His eyes were so soft, as they slowly made its way towards my lips.

One second we were looking at each other and the next, our lips were pressed against each other. My first kiss. My very first kiss, and it was with Jason. I couldn’t have been happier.

“Thank you,” Jason said, after we pulled apart. I wanted to say something too, but my mind couldn’t think of any words. I only nodded shyly, knowing that my cheeks were still warm.

“I love you, Ariel Weston,” he smiled and rested his forehead against mine. I was about to reply to him saying that I loved him too, but my head started pounding and I woke up from this memory.

My whole body was in pain and I couldn’t remember why. I tried to move my body around, but each movement was slow and caused agony. To make matters worse, I was blindfolded and I felt ropes tied around both my hands and feet.

Oh Goddess, where was I?


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