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Chapter Five: The Others


I knew for certain that I was asleep and dreaming. I had to be... right?

Why else would I be chained up in a dark basement that vaguely smelt like sweat and dust mixed with blood? This must be a dream or maybe a hallucination. Yes, that must be it. A hallucination. A damn hallucination due to the lack of blood and in my system. I took a breath and groaned, realizing how stupid I sounded.

“Who the fuck am I kidding?” I snarled to myself in anger. This was no fucking fantasy. Where the hell was I?

My hands were chained behind my back and my legs were bound. I was completely immobile and I swore to God that I was ready to rip the person responsible for keeping me in this position.

I was a prince, not a slave. My anger doubled with mortification as I tried once again to rip the chains off from me. It didn’t budge but instead, it became tighter.

I tried to remember the last thing that happened to me, and a picture of a man with a scar appeared in my memory.

That bastard.

He appeared in my bedroom out of nowhere and shot me with a tranquilizer that was coated with holy water.

My fangs glided out just thinking about the hell that I’ll raise. How dare he do this to me?

“Bloodsucker!” a voice beside me hissed in disgust and my head whipped to the side. I let out a strangled noise of shock, feeling blind that I haven’t noticed them in the first place. Just like me, five other boys were bounded to the walls with thick heavy chains constraining them.

Taking a closer look, my eyes widened in surprise. All five of them carried the scent of a wolf.

“Your kind kidnapped us!” the boy with red hair snarled in anger at me.

“Are you trying to start war with us, you filthy bloodsucker?” a blonde hair mutt questioned me.

I blinked at all them in amusement from their outburst, before looking at the rest of the mutts in the basement. Most of them were giving me a look of pure anger and revulsion and despite the situation I was in, I laughed really hard. My chuckle echoed through the dark dainty basement wall, and I heard them snarl in response.

“Seriously dogs? Do you not see the chains around me as well?” I retorted back, more amused than angry. I knew mutts were dumb, but this was just plain ridiculous.

All five pair of eyes flipped to my hands and legs and they all looked at me with confusion, except for one. He was giving me a skeptical look.

“How do we know if you’re lying or not. For all we know you might be pretending to be weak, just so we can let our guard down,” the skeptical one said, giving me a guarded look.

“For all I know, you could be pretending to be weak, just so I can let my guard down,” I retorted back. He raised an eyebrow at me and stared at me, taking in all my features.

“My apologies, vampire. We thought it was your kind that took us and locked us up here,” the calm one said in a matter of fact tone. I scrunched my nose up in disgust. He sounded like my grandfather.

“Well clearly it wasn’t my kind. We’re not exactly looking for a war right now,” I told him, while taking a good look at the others. They all looked around my age. Probably no older than the age of fifteen. But at the same time, they exerted so much power and dominance for young mutts.

I sighed and leaned at the wall, not caring about what their stories were. How the hell was I supposed to get out of here? And where is here?

“Were you taken by a man with a scar on his face?” a mutt with white-blonde hair asked. Out of all those mutts, he looked relaxed? Cocky, even.

I nodded my head.

“That bastard shot me a tranquilizer filled with holy water. Why, were you?” I asked curiously. They all responded with nods and snarls.

“If not vampires, then who?” one of the mutts were wondering to himself.

“Maybe it was the work of rogues…or maybe hunters,” another replied, trying to break the chains.

“Or maybe it was the tooth fairy,” the cocky mutt said in amusement. We all gave him a strange look, with me shaking my head.

These are the idiots I’m stuck with?

“How is it possible that one man can manage to kidnap all of us in one day?” I wondered aloud, completely ignoring the idiot.

“What I want to know is how that man managed to kidnap us,” one said quietly. “We’re Alphas for fuck’s sake but to that man, we might as well be Omegas.”

My eyebrows shot up in shock. No way.

“You’re telling me that all of you guys are future-Alphas of your pack?” I exclaimed.

That explains the power that they were exuding.

An Alpha is the leader of a werewolf pack. That means these mutts are the sons of an Alpha and they’ll soon lead their pack when they hit the age of eighteen or so.

It was the weirdo that nodded in response to my question.

“Yeah, my name is Arlo, future Alpha of the Diamond Hind Pack,” he responded, a bit proudly.

“I’m Cameron, future Alpha of the Emerald Eye Pack,” the boy with blonde hair announced, his eyes regarding me with caution.

“And I’m Orion from the Golden Claw Pack,” the boy with black hair introduced, while still struggling pointlessly with his chains.

“Since we’re all giving out introduction, then you should know that I’m Trenton, future Alpha of the largest pack you’ll ever find in the world...Dark Moon Pack,” the cocky boy replied lazily. I raised an eyebrow hearing his nonchalant tone. Out of everyone, he seemed the most relaxed as if he didn’t care he was chained to a wall.

“Are you serious? Why the hell are you giving out our names to a bloodsucker? I still think he’s faking it,” the boy with red hair spitted out, while shooting daggers at me.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering where the prejudice was coming from.

“This vampire is as clueless as us, Scott. I can tell by his eyes that just like us, he has no idea what is going on,” Arlo calmly replied, to which Scott growled.

“His eyes?” Scott replied in disgust. “Seriously man? You couldn’t find a better explanation. You sound more delusional than tooth fairy guy over there.”

Trenton just grinned.

“So, Scotty is it? What pack are you from?” I asked, not really caring. I wanted to see if I can piss him off more.

Just like I predicted, Scott gave me a withering look while baring his canines at me.

“The name is Scott. Future-Alpha of the Ruby Sheath Pack. I always hated you bloodsuckers,” he bit back at me to which I chuckled.

I must be going mad for laughing in my situation. I’m chained to a wall for fuck’s sake and I have no idea how to escape.

“So what about you? What makes you so special?” Scott snobbishly asked me, interrupting my thoughts. I gave him a disgruntled look.

“What do you mean?” I frowned at him, no longer feeling entertained by him. I didn’t like his tone one bit. He seemed like he was looking down at me. Typical mutts.

It was Arlo that answered me. Unfortunately, this nerd was annoying as Scott. Even more, maybe.

“What he means is that the hunters probably kidnapped us because we’re future Alphas of the biggest packs” Arlo said calmly. “What use is there in kidnapping a sole vampire?”

I smirked inwardly. They’re in for a shock.

“Simply because I’m royalty,” I said with pride, smirking at their reaction.

“Wait you’re telling us you’re the King?” Cameron asked incredulously, while squinting his eyes at me.

“Do I look old to you?” I snorted.

“How would we know? Don’t vampires stop aging any time they want? For all we know, you could be hundred years old, even though you look like you’re twelve,” Cameron rambled on.

“I’m actually thirteen. And vampires can stop aging after they turn at least twenty-five,” I replied, stopping him in his tracks. He talks too much.

“You still never answered my question. How are you royalty?” Orion asked, while trying again to break out his chains.

“He’s royalty, because he’s the future Vampire King of this country,” a cold voice answered. We all whipped our heads to the base of the stairwell, where a man in a crisp white shirt and black pants was standing. My fangs started to appear.

It was him. Scar-man.

“You bastard. Who the hell are you?” Scotty shouted enraged, baring his canines at him.

Scar-man continued talking and completely ignored him. He walked to where we were chained, and looked at me with a wide grin. “Isn’t that right, Leonardo Rossi? Or should I just call you the Vampire Prince?”

Since I was sitting on the floor, I had to look up at him to give him my withering look. This hunter disgusted me to no ends. I wanted to rip him into shreds already.

“Are you a hunter?” Arlo asked, with no emotions whatsoever. He tried to look calm, but his eyes betrayed his hidden fear. Hell, we were all afraid of him. How did one man manage to capture all of us in the span of a day?

A deafening sound echoed through the basement walls, and it took me a minute to realize that it was the scar-man’s laughter. His laugh was the scar on his cheek.

“If you actually think I’m a hunter Arlo, then you’re stupider than you look,” Scar-man sneered by giving us a wicked grin. His booming voice sent chills down my spine. He had power alright. But what the hell was he?

“How do you know our names? And what do you want with us?” Cameron shouted, trying to shift into his wolf.

It was like the energy was sucked right out of him, and he failed miserably as his eyes that was turning pitch black, went right back to his original color.

“All in good times Cameron,” Scar-man said. I really needed to know his name. “Since you’re all here now, why don’t you try to get along with each other? After all, you boys are going to be here together for a very long time.”

I was ready to shout out some curses at him, when I heard another pair of footsteps coming down the staircase. My guard was instantly up. There better not be another psycho entering this room.

I clenched my teeth, knowing that was exactly what was happening.

It was a boy, making me wonder if it was Scar-man’s kid. He looked around my age, if not a little older. His shiny auburn hair and cobalt eyes made me want to puke. He screamed of confidence and cockiness, even more so than Trenton and Arlo. I hated him instantly.

“Ah, there’s my son,” scar-man said with a hint of pride. More like the devil, I thought to myself.

When the boy reached the end of the staircase, I realized that he wasn’t alone. In his arms, sleeping soundlessly was a young girl.

My heart stopped at that sight.

She had long curly blonde hair that framed her delicate face. She looked a bit pale, with a small button nose and pink lips.

I couldn’t see her eyes and I had the strongest desire to look into them. I looked around at the other mutts in the room and to my surprise, they had the exact same expression as me. They were all entranced by the sight of the girl.

Who the hell was she?

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