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Chapter Six: His Anger


“Who is she?” a voice asked in awe.

All eyes snapped to me, and it was only then did I realize that I was the one who asked the question. Trenton raised an eyebrow at me, while the others turned their attention back to the young girl in the boy’s arms.

The boy took more steps toward us and stood right beside his father. He glowered down at me, before giving me a sinister smirk.

“She’s mine, fang boy. That’s all you need to know,” the boy holding the girl sneered down at me. I felt something in my stomach twist in anger. I hated looking up at him. He emitted great power, that fact I was sure of.

“I take it Lucius that you grew fond of her?” scar-man interrupted my thoughts, while giving his son-Lucius- a knowing smile.

Lucius, in return, grinned evilly and then threw the girl roughly at me. My eyes widened in shock. He fucking threw her like a rag doll. The other mutts growled in protest, also angered by his actions.

The girl landed on my lap ungracefully, and she groaned softly from the rough landing.

She was lying on her back, and her face was turned a little to the side. I thought she woke up but when I looked down at her, her eyes were still closed. She looked like a doll and if I wasn’t in chains, I would’ve touched her face.

What was wrong with me?

“Take care of her for me, would you fang boy?” Lucius said smiling, and crossing his arms in front of his chest. I wanted to wipe that smile away from his face so badly. He was a fucking douche.

“She’s a werewolf?” Cameron asked quietly and I looked at him to see that he was sniffing the air. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel disgust or hatred towards her. She felt so different from the other wolves I’ve encountered and her scent was so calm and alluring.

My fangs wanted to make an appearance.

“Why did you take her?” Orion asked a bit confused but with some anger laced in his tone. “She’s not an Alpha.”

“She’s a little girl,” Arlo said defending her as well. “How could you treat her like a damn animal?” It was the first time I saw a crack in Arlo’s calm façade.

“She’s merely my pet,” Lucius retorted back and we all growled at him. He seemed amused by our reactions but still continued. “And about her being little... you’d be surprised in what Ariel can do.”

Ariel. Her name.

“What do you mean?” Trenton asked curiously, the cockiness finally leaving his voice. His eyes kept flickering back and forth from Lucius to the girl in my lap, a calculating look in his eyes. I realized quickly that all he cared about was why she was so damn special.

“All in good times, Trenton,” scar-man said and again laughed. I was getting seriously annoyed with his constant laughter. He was annoying me to no ends.

“What do you want with us and the girl? When our packs finds out where we are, I promise that you’ll be ripped to shreds!” Scotty snarled loudly. His canines were sticking out and his eyes were shifting constantly from green to black. Unfortunately other than that, he still remained human.

“Trust me Scott, you’re pack will never find you,” scar-man smugly said. “And if I were you, you’d forget about them. You’ll never see them again.” There was a hard edge to his tone, and I could tell that he was completely serious. He was exuding his power again and I realized just then that both of them were not humans. Not even close to it.

“You’re not human?” Orion asked in disbelief, but I wasn’t that surprised. There was no way humans, even if they were trained bounty hunters, can capture all of us in one night.

“Of course we’re not those filthy creatures!” Lucius harshly laughed, while throwing daggers at Orion. “I’m at the top of the food chain, you imbecile!”

“Then, what are you?” a voice whispered painfully, and the whole room grew silent. My eyes widen as I looked down on my lap to see that the girl-Ariel- was now sitting upright on it, with her back pressed on my chest like it was the most typical thing to do.

It felt so normal and natural, and I couldn’t help but feel comfortable from her closeness. I looked down at her face and for the first time, I saw her beautiful eyes. They were so mesmerizing to look at and I was not only saying that because her eyes held so much determination. One of her eyes was a brilliant blue while the other was emerald green. I swear I could get lost in them forever.

However, Ariel was ignoring all the looks we were giving her and instead her eyes were solely focused on the beast before us. Slowly, I was able to finally tear my gaze away from her face and looked at Lucius as well. I stiffened at what I saw in his eyes.

Lucius grinned at her, before slowly letting his eyes shamelessly wander around her body. He licked his lips before giving her a devious smirk. He looked like a predator and right now, Ariel was his prey. The other mutts growled in disgust, but it did not phase the girl one bit.

“If you’re not a wolf or a vampire, then what are you?” she repeated the question again with her voice growing stronger every second. It was a beautiful sound, and I admired her courage greatly.

Lucius instead gave her a steady look and completely ignored her question. “I’m surprised that you’re up now, princess. Especially after what I had just done to you upstairs,” he smirked at the end.

“What are you?” she asked again, fear and anger lacing her tone. Her eyes turned black and her claws started appearing, shocking the hell out of the boy in front of her. My eyes widen with surprise too and I realized that most of the people in the room had the same expression as me. She might be small and cute but she sure was full of surprises.

“Impossible,” scar-man said, while shaking his head in shock. We all turned to look at him and wondered what his problem was. “I gave her an injection not even six hours ago. There is no way that her wolf could show this much power so soon.”

“Not to mention I just used liquid silver on her too,” Lucius added thoughtfully, before giving Ariel an once-over look. He looked deep in thought, while Ariel remained silent.

“You did what?!” Scotty barked in disgust, while looking at Ariel carefully trying to find any source of pain. Cameron was growling at Lucius, while Arlo closed his eyes in horror.

“I’m sure you heard me well Scott,” Lucius laughed and snapped his eyes back to Ariel, who started to tremble a little beneath me. “And don’t worry, father. Even if her wolf is starting to show, this house will keep her wolf from shifting. I made sure of it.”

I was pissed off for sure. What were they talking about? What power does this freak have? The room was silent after that, stunned by the news. It was a shock to everyone especially Lucius, when Ariel broke the silence. Or more like Ariel’s wolf.

“You’re a coward,” she stated, while glaring at Lucius. Her eyes were completely black, meaning her wolf was taking over her body. Lucius narrowed his eyes and took a few steps, until he was looking down at me and Ariel. His breathing was hard and his fists were clenched.

“What did you say princess?” Lucius snarled and his eyes turned black as well.

“I’m sure you heard me well Lucius,” Ariel’s wolf mocked, using his same words against him. “All you did was chain us to walls and use tranquilizers to knock us out and keep me away. What did you say before? You’re at the top of the food chain? Don’t make me laugh, Lucius. I could kill you in a second, if only you fought fair.”

I sucked in a breath and so did the others in the room. Cameron’s jaw was practically on the floor and Scott’s mouth was gaping like a fish. Trenton looked mildly impressed and in some way, I did too. I admired her wolf’s courage and bravery greatly. Unfortunately, Lucius had a different opinion.

Before I even had the chance to react, Lucius swiftly delivered a hard kick right into Ariel’s stomach. The impact of the kick caused both of us to crash further into the wall behind me. Ariel let out a strangled whimper and bent down to cough out blood. That was when I saw something that I wish that I didn’t have to see.

No wonder she made my mouth water.

“What the hell did you do to her back?!” Scotty screamed, anger and shock filling his voice.

“You sick bastard!” Cameron shouted out and Arlo’s canines came out. For once, even Trenton looked disgusted.

“How could you be so cruel?” Orion pleaded, trying to break through his chains again. He looked like he was in tears and for once, I understood why.

The back of Ariel’s dress was drenched with her blood. Some parts of the dress had slits in it, showing that her smooth skin was ripped and filled with bruises. Was this the effect of liquid silver?

I looked down at the front of my shirt and saw that some of her blood smeared onto my clothing. Her blood smelt delicious and I found myself breathing hard, not wanting to hurt the little girl in front of me even more.

“I simply taught her a lesson to never disrespect me,” Lucius grinned and his father’s laughter echoed through the basement wall. It was an awful sight to see and for once, my anger got the better of me.

“You’re a bastard!” I roared to Lucius, while also trying to break these chains. The monster inside me was trying to claw its way out, and I felt anger and confusion. Since when did I care for other people? Let alone a werewolf?

“What the fuck did you call me, fang boy?” Lucius snarled giving me a menacing stare. In response, I bared my fangs at him. I wanted to rip his throat out right now and drain him dry off blood.

Before I can blink an eye, Lucius wrapped his hands around my chained wrist and twisted it painfully. The sound of bones breaking were heard and I let out an agonizing scream. What the hell is he? Ariel whimpered softly and I heard the other mutts yelling at Lucius to let me go.

When he released my wrist, I tried to take a deep breath to even out the pain. My wrist was broken and when I tried to move it, I was met with unbearable pain. I groaned out loud. What did I get myself into?

“I hope you learnt your lesson,” Lucius laughed, before turning to talk to his father. I wanted to kill him. Who does he think he is? I am a bloody prince, for Christ-sake. How could he have so much strength over me?

I wanted to shout out my frustration, but all thoughts stopped when a pair of small warm hands took a hold of my broken wrist. I looked down to see that Ariel secretly held my chained wrist away from everyone’s view, and softly caressed it.

With that gesture, all anger and frustration left me. I looked down at her and even smiled a bit when her eyes were back to normal, or as normal as it can be for someone with mismatched eyes.

Ariel returned the smile and closed her eyes slowly. She took a breath before I was cascaded with warmth and light. What in the world was happening?

I looked up at everyone and I was glad that no one was staring at us. They were too focused on our enemies.

I looked down again at Ariel’s tiny hands around my wrist and I felt the throbbing pain slowly disappearing.

What the hell? Was she healing me?

My eyes widen when I realized that she was doing exactly that. All too soon, she dropped her hands away from my wrist and slumbered back on my lap, using my legs to hide her face from everyone’s view but mine. The pain in my wrist was completely gone and I let out a strangled noise of shock. She healed me. She fucking healed me.

I looked down at her face and my heart constricted, seeing the price she paid for helping me.

Her face looked paler and there was sweat coated on her smooth forehead. Her soft pink lips were trembling and her eyes were shut tight. I wanted to help her in any way possible, but those stupid chains kept me in place. What did she do? And why?

“I think that’s enough excitement for one day,” Scar-man said, bringing me back to reality. “Enjoy your time here with the princess, boys.”

And with that they were gone, leaving me with more questions than ever before.

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