Beyond Dark Waters

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In the dreamy coastal town of Lully Cove, seventeen year old Eleanor and her best friends are spending their last Summer craving adventure before leaving for university. Lully just so happens to be the perfect place - a mainland to mysterious abandoned islands and a soul fed by fantastical lore about its neighbour, the Sea. But what happens when the Sea spits out one of its secrets in the form of a beautiful boy's dead body? Fearful Eleanor, the one who found him, knows exactly how he got there. She's left with the draining task of chasing his killer down, but she can only ever get close enough to catch his shadow... Seven years later, after an older Eleanor thought she had escaped from the events of her past, she's drawn home to Lully once again, on the premise of a missing girl for which she was responsible and a missing childhood friend who is unwittingly forcing her to confront her old traumas. In this tale, two stories run beside each other - one of the past, and one of the present - in order to discover what is hiding Beyond Dark Waters.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Prologue - Present

I guess you could call it some sort of luck that I had planned to return to my hometown the week that old wounds started causing trouble again. I was driving along my route of choice into and out of town, the one with the gorgeous scenic view of one of Lully’s shores. I had set out when I knew I would catch golden hour. I was busy taking in the comforting sea breeze when my mom called to deliver the startling news.

“Did you hear about what happened to your friend Leslie?” she asked.

“No? What happened?” My heartbeat quickened in excitement and curiosity at the sound of Leslie’s name. Leslie Simon was one of my closest childhood friends. She was the obvious leader of our small group of friends, handpicking most of our adventures on a whim. I hadn’t spoken to her in person since the Summer before I left for university. That had been seven years ago.

Leslie had gone missing for three days after she left for a run-of-the-mill boating trip.

“They found her washed up on the Wrigley island,” my mom said. My blood ran cold and I took a sharp breath in. “She’s in a coma now,” she followed, though not soon enough to prevent shaking me up. I let out a breath of relief.

“When was this? What’s happening with her now?”

“They just found her yesterday. It was all over channel 9. Do you think you’ll visit her when you come into town?” she inquired. Of course, I would. Though, there was a twisted knot forming in the pit of my stomach about the whole thing. Although Leslie had enjoyed boating and a slew of other aquatic activities at the age of 17, thanks to her love of the sea, something had happened the Summer before I left. It wasn’t too hard to imagine that she would happily leave that love behind and voluntarily never step foot on another boat again. And now, with this sudden change of heart, she was left in a hospital bed and I needed to know why.

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