Alpha's hybrid mate

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Esmeralda she's a hybrid. The girl who practically everyone fears. But there is some people who want her just for their own selfish reasons. She's that kind of girl who never takes shit from anyone. She didn'tEsmeralda she's a let anyone close to her except her brother and trainer. Xander his the king of all werewolves. Everyone says his a stone hearted king. But little did they know in that stone heart there is a special place. A place which only belongs to his mate who he still hasn't found. They will meet They will fight But they will also fall in love like every other mates. But in all of this they also have save themselves and their loved ones. This is my first book so there will be some grammatical mistakes sorry for that aside that hope you all will like this book. Thanks for giving it a chance.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Esmeralda's pov

The wind was blowing, a strom was coming making it easy for me to do my work. I once again look around to make sure that I wasn’t being followed.

When I was sure that no one is following me I jump into the open window and standing on my feet without making any noise. The room was dark and the only light was coming from was the moon.

I walk towards the table, that was in front of me.There was a bookshelf behind the table I ignored the shelf and went to the drawers and check it, it was locked.

I smirked and chanted few words and Boom,the drawer was opened and I saw an old scroll and took it. 'Jackpot' it was the ancient witch's magic spell scroll. Which is very hard to find and now it’s mine. I know I know taking others things isn’t nice but I'm not nice so.....

Then I turn towards the bookshelf and searched it and found what I wanted. I fill it to my bag and I'm ready to go. When I was filling my bag with everything.

I heard a noise and I turned towards where the noise was coming from and scanned careful .

There was something or rather I say someone who caught my eye.He was very tall and had very build body if there's one thing that made it conforms that he isn’t human is his eye's which was blood red and was looking at me with an unreadable expression.

Just when the rain started and thunder showers. He marched towards me but I was ready. I immediately chanted some spell and blow some energy bolls at him to distract him and it worked.

He fall few steps back and I immediately took out my Sword and ran towards him, he was already on his feet and was running towards me. I slashed my sword and cut his head down.

His lifeless body went limp on the floor. I chanted some words and the body disappeared. I put back my sword and jump out of the window.


A/n : Hi guys it’s my first book hope you'll will enjoy it I'll try to update everyday and tell me on comments how did you liked this chapter :)

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