Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 10

Xander's pov

Saying that I'm confused would be an understatement. There is so many thing I wanna know soo many thing I wanna ask but I don't know if It's the right time or not.

'Ask her we might get the answers we want' my wolf Alastair said.

'But do you think it would be right to ask now she looked distress' I mind linked him back looking at my mate. I'm so glad that she forgiven me for injecting her.

I might say I was impressed when she attacked me 'It was impressive indeed' Alastair said like a love sick puppy.

'Like you didn't loved or get turned on when she used that wipe of hers' Alastair said with an eye roll.

It was true I was turned on when she used her powers on me. I just wanted to claim her then and there but I've to control myself and my wolf for not doing it. I didn't want her to hate us.

No focus Xander, we've got bigger problems at hand. "Can I ask who we're talking about?" I asked the main question that was on my mind.

My mate and her brother share a look like they were having a secret conversation, this made me a little jealous. Then she looked at me "we're talking about the rogue king, the man who is one of the reason that we go country to country"

"So.....what does he have to do with you or our kingdom" I asked

They looked at each other and my mate gave a sigh like she was on tension or something. And all I wanted to do right now is comfort her but she won't accept it she's a strong girl more likely a hybrid, she wouldn't like it "or your afraid that she'll reject us" sometimes I want to kill my wolf and this time is one of them.

"Shut up will you" my wolf said with an annoying growl "you know I'm right and she's my mate also don't forget that" with that he blocked me. Sometimes my wolf behave like a child. With a sigh I looked at my mate who was afraid? Don't know cause she had an unreadable expression on.

"Look Xander I can't tell a lot but all I can say is that power hungry beast is after me and Alex, if we leave you and your pack now, you or your pack won't be in any danger" came my mate's response. And that's when I realised what she said, she want's to leave, she want's to leave me, she's rejecting me, Alastair whimper with that.

"No you aren't going anywhere, this is not only my kingdom this also yours, your not the only one in danger we are, and your not going anywhere because your my mate, my luna, my life line, and MY QUEEN" I growl in anger, frustration and mostly sad.

Anger because someone is after my queen.

Frustration because I can't do anything about it.

Sad because she thought of leaving me would make me happy.

"Esmeralda, Xander is right we can't leave if we run away now then we always have to, we have to stay and fight" that Harry guy said and I felt a little relax knowing and hoping she would listing to him.

Esmeralda, it's a beautiful name just like her, I mentally smiled; happy to finally knowing my mate's name. Alex sighed "as much as I hate to admit this but Harry is right we can't run away like this. Esme think about how long would we run we have to stop eventually so why not now?" I think I'm gonna like this Alex too.

"Your right bro, we have to face our fear and running away is not an option. Okay so this is final we're gonna train your soldiers and made them more strong" Esme said. I started to breath once again knowing my mate won't leave.

Unknown pov

"Call the informer" the man on the thrown said to his servant. He didn't ask any question nor he said anything he just nod and went out of that big room.

After few minuets he came back but no-one behind him, he was trembling, not in cold in fear that what will his king would do if he know the news he have heard. Probably kill him or torture him to death either way he would die that's for sure.

"Where is the informer" the king asked when he see's that no one came. " Ki..king, has......been... killed" he said in a low voice. "WHAT? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? WHO DARED TO DO THIS" he roared his voice was the only thing that could be heard in this whole death kingdom.

"I don' king the guards says that in the south there is someone who have kill....killed the informer" he said, his head low not daring to looked at his king who is now a volcano.

"He was the only one that knew about where those siblings are didn't he?" the king said in a low but predatory voice, which made that servant pale he was scared he would be killed that's for sure if he answer this.

"ANSWER ME" "ye....yes... K...king" slash in one slash that servants head is cut and his lifeless body is limp on the floor. Who knows how many innocent has been died like this on his hand.

I will find you no matter what, no one can stop me from becoming what I want to be. NO ONE.

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