Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 11

Esmeralda's pov

When I said that we're going to stay and train his soldiers, he breath in relief. 'Was he that worried about my leaving?' I thought to myself.

"But Harry how did you knew that his coming?" I suddenly asked. "Yeah coming to think of it how did you knew about it?" Alex asked after me.

Harry smirked "someone have helped me with the information" he said casually like we're talking about the weather. "And who helped you with the information?" Alex asked in a annoyed voice. 'Impatient as always' I thought.

"A very old friend of the both of you" Harry said now grinning like a cashier cat. That got my attention a very old friend of ours? I looked at Alex he has the same expression as me when we were going to open our mouth to ask Harry beet us to it.

"Xander are you going to let us stay in this lounge or are you going to let us some rooms to sleep in your kingdom?"

He is definitely hiding something. That have snapped Xander out of his trance. He blinked twice then started to mumble something incoherent then looked at me "how can I forgot come my queen I'll show you where would you stay and Jack my beta would show Alex and Harry there's"

Before I could protest I was being pulled away from the Alex and Harry. Xander dragged me with him upstairs. We made a few more turns and stopped in front of a room which had double doors. He opened it and I recognised this room instantly.

This was the room were I woke up and it was clean. Probably Xander have ordered someone to clean it. When I looked at Xander he was already looking at me with so many emotions that I can't say which one is which Love? Adoration? Sadness? Don't know.

"Do you know what you do to me my queen? Do you know when you said that you would leave me what did I felt? Do you know the thought of you leaving me hurt? Right here" he took my hand and put it on his broad chest where his heart was.

"Xander I...." wanted to say something but shut up when he took few steps towards me. I started to backing up and stopped when my back hit the wall and he caged me with his hands on both side of my head on the wall. His mint fresh breath fanning my face and my breath hitched with the position.

"W-what are you doing Xander?" I scold myself for shuttering way to go Esme. Xander smiled "say my name again" I blink twice "what?" I was totally confused. He close the gap and came more close to me if that was even possible.

"I love the way my name sound from your mouth, say my name again my queen" it was more like an order and I wasn't great at taking orders. So I shook my head no. He raised an eyebrow amusement was clear there "was that a no my queen, I think I've to teach you a lesson for not obeying me" his voice was huskier and deeper now.

The next thing I know his lips was on mine. And this kiss is far from sweet infact it was the opposite of sweet. It hold so much passion. So much love that my knees become week if xander's hand wasn’t on my hips I would've fallen to the floor. He picked me up so now my legs were on his waist and my hands were on his neck. He groan when I run my fingers on his hair and he pulled me more close to him.

My one hand was on his neck and the other hand went underneath his t-shirt he groan once again when I run my hands on his abs and I smirked. He started to kiss my jaw and slowly made his way to my neck. He kissed my sweet spot that made me let out an embarrassing moan making him smile in my neck.

He started to lick and suck on my sweet spot I moan again. He sucked there few more seconds and started to made his way up by kissing slowly. I growl in frustration grabbing his hair and pulling his lips to mine he smirked at this but kissed me nevertheless.

We pulled away when we were out of breath. It felt like we kissed for hours but it was only few minuets. We both were panting like crazy. Xander had put me down but didn’t step back not that I'm complaining. He was looking at me with soo much adoration, love and happiness.

"That was the best kiss that I've ever had, and your lips were so soft and sweet just like your smell" I blush a little shade of pink, what the hell I never blushed before what is this man doing to me. I feel safe at his arms like no one in this whole world could hurt me.

I looked at him in awe "what are you doing to me?" I questioned him what I was thinking. He smiled at me in adoration "just the same thing what you are doing to me my sweet angel" he said, and my heart skipped a bit hearing him.

"You should sleep now my queen after all those news you must be tired. There must be some new clothes in the closet for you I told someone to bring them for you. I've called my sister she might be here in the morning and you can go shopping with her. And about the training and all the things we can talk about it in the morning when all of us will be in a fresh mind" he said

I nod "wait you have a sister?" I asked him looking at him confused. He started laughing and I looked at him shocked I smile a small smile I never heard him laugh. His laugh is like a music to my ear's. "You just heard about my sister in everything I said" he asked when he stopped laughing.

"No....I mean I've heard everything you've said. I just didn’t knew that you've a sister and I wanna know about you and your family and..." Xander kissed me on the lips for stoping me from my mumbling. "I was just kidding my queen. I would be honoured to tell you about me but this isn’t the right time to do it. How about we'll talk in the morning and try to know about each other what's say? To answer your question yes I do have a sister she's younger then me"

I nod again processing what he told me just now. Xander kissed my forehead just one act made my heart skipped a bit. "Good night my queen sleep well and I'll sleep in the next room if you need anything just call me okay? I'll came running to you okay" he said now going out of the room but before the door can close I say "good night Xander" and he smiled like a kid in his favourite candy shop.

After door is closed I went toward the closet. True to his word there indeed was new clothes in the closet. I took the black short shorts and black top and went for shower. After showering and wearing my pj's I went toward the bed and lay down. I was indeed tired with the shock of finding my mate and Harry's arrival and the news. Harry's weird behaviour why was he behaving like this like he know's something ( which he do) and doesn’t want to tell us or is waiting for the right time to tell us.

Then I thought about Xander he has been nice to me and the emotions I saw in his eyes wasn’t a lie. I think I should give him a chance give us a chance. And I think for the first time in forever I didn’t have feel soo lonely. With that thought I drifted to a deep Slumber with a smile on my face.

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