Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 12

Esmeralda's pov

I woke up by the sound of my alarm. I looked at the time it's 6:00 am wow this is the peacefullest sleep I've ever had in like forever. I'm more refreshed and I'm ready to face anything now.

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and did my business. I finished my shower and wear my clothes. Today isn’t so warm or cold it’s just a perfect weather so I get settled with my dark blue jeans and black tank top with a black leather jacket and my knee high boots which is easy to carry weapons.

I let my hair down and applyed a little bit of mascara here and eyeliner there and my dark red lipstick and I'm ready to kick some ass.

I went out of my room towards the kitchen. I know there is a lot of things to know and lot of secrets to reveal but before that I need energy and food.

So that I can think straight and logically. When I enter the kitchen there was already people in there some I've meet in the forest and some I don’t know Alex, Harry and Xander is also present 'looks like I'm late again' I thought.

"Good morning bro Harry" I said taking a sit beside Alex. Harry is on his left side. "Morning sis, did you sleep well last night" Alex asked in concerned voice. I know did you sleep well last night means did I had any nightmares last night.

"Yes, Alex I've slept great last night and I didn’t have any nightmares last night" I said when he was going to open his mouth to ask.

"Nightmares? Who have nightmares?" that's Xander. He came and sat beside me his strong cologne surrounding me. I was going to say something but Alex beat me to it "It's Esme she have nightmares about something in the past".

Xander looked at me I couldn’t look at him cause I know what he wanna know but I'm not ready to tell him at least not yet. "Can we talk about it later" I asked no-one in particular.

"Sure, I've told the fighters to gather in the arena by 10 so after we finish our breakfast I'll introduce you to them" Xander said after few minutes probably taking the hint on my voice.

I nod because I don’t trust my voice. whenever I talk about my parents or about my past it made all those memories fresh. He stood up when his phone started to ring going out off the kitchen for some privacy.

"Hi my name is Nina you must be Esme I've heard about you from Jack. I'm Jack's mate and this packs female beta" said a girl sitting beside Jack (red wolf) and I thank her mentally for breaking the silence.

Looking at her she is beautiful she has red hair and pale skin but she's beautiful with her twinkling green eye's. "Nice to meet you Nina" I said to her with a smile. I don’t know why but I think I could trust her I guess it's her positive aura whatever it is but I think I can trust her.

"I'm soo glad there is another girl in the group, other’s gonna be so happy to meet you although one you already have met" Nina said now excited.

"Calm down babe you don’t have to be so excited" Jack said chuckling at Nina's behavior.

"Oh shush now it is not like we have new members all day, and I'm sure Esme would like some company won't you Esme?"

"Sure Nina I would love to. How about after training we hang out sound good?" I said to her

"Good? It’s perfect I'll tell the girls about our plans, they'll be excited" Jack just shook his head looks like his used to this.

"Where is Luca, Lisa, Lilly and Ryan?" Xander asked when he entered the kitchen.

"Lisa and Ryan is on the border side for hunting they'll be back when the training will start. As for Luca and Lilly they are at the gym Luca is teaching her some basics" Jack said when no one answered.

Xander nodded and set beside me again, eating his breakfast. "Daniela called she said she can't came today cause there is some work on her college so she need to finish that first"

"Daniela your sister?" I asked him curiously. Xander smiled and nodded "yes Daniela is my sisters name she stays with my parents because of college, today she was supposed to came cause she was very excited to meet you but college work"

I hmm in response. After we finished our breakfast we all went towards the arena. "Harry what are you not telling us. I'm absolutely sure that your not telling us something" I asked him now walking beside him Xander is on my right.

"I'm not hiding anything from you two, there is something that I'm not telling you but that's because it’s not the right time" Harry said now smiling suspiciously.

"What do you mean that It's not the right time and what are you talking about?" Alex asked now joining our conversation.

Harry just shook his head "it’s not the right time. You both will know when it’s time" with that he walk ahead.

I just looked at his retreating back confused then ever. "Is it just me or Harry has become more confusing and mysterious then before" Alex asked me after few minutes silence.

I nodded my head "yeah I think that's true his all response has became mysterious"

"Not only his responses he is behaving strange" Alex said now in deep in thought.

"Hey don’t worry to much, you know him if he says that there's nothing to worry then we shouldn’t" I said

"Your right sis but still....." there is a doubt in his voice.

"Don’t worry Al you know that he wouldn’t do anything to harm us after all we're like his children" I said from the corner of my eye's I could see that Xander has a confusion expression on his face.

Soon we reached the arena it was big but not as big as we've been trained in.

"Isn’t this arena reminds you of our old times" Alex mind-links me.

"Yeah this reminds me of the time we used to train" I mind-link back.

There were at least 50 or 60 people in the arena. And there were also some young wolves. Well looks like this training isn't going to be as boring as I thought.

"You train children’s too?" I asked Xander. "Yeah we train those above 10 years cause we want everyone to know how to protect themself's"

"Cool" I said. "Everyone meet Esmeralda your future queen and my mate. This is Alex Esme's brother and this is Harry they're trainer they are here because they are going to train you'll from today because of some circumstances we'll discuss about it later. Now anyone has any questions"

"No my king" everyone responded at the same time. Xander looked at us and I know it is our time to talk Alex and I looked at each other. I took a deep breath then started to talk.

"Hello everyone my name is Esmeralda as Xander said I'm his mate and me and my brother is going to train you'll with our trainer Harry. The reason is that there's going to be a war in the future so we need to be prepared for that, we will discuss every details later for now let's begin training"

"Yes my queen" everyone says in unison "and call me Esme I would be more conferrable with that" I said looking at everyone. They nodded they're head. And we started our training .

Me, Alex and Harry have divided them as groups. Me and Xander is in the larger group. Alex group has 40 people and Harry has 40 people in for training. Here goes nothing with that we began training.

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