Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 13

Harry's pov ( Before breakfast in his bedroom)

I was laying on my room thinking about how or when I'm going to tell them about her. They were pretty close before the incident happened.

But I'm not worrying about that I'm worried about what they're reaction would be when they'll know about the whole truth. And the hardest thing is for me to not to tell them about it.

They are like my children no they are my children’s which I've lost in that rogue attack. And hiding this from them is hard. When they play a huge part in it.

You'll might be confused about what I'm talking, well the thing is since Esme and Alex has came to my life there is another girl who was with them. She joined us after few years of Esme and Alex. In one word they were the one who brought her to my house.

And they convinced me for her to stay with us. Her's for another time that's not my place to say it's for Esme's and Alex's. Suddenly my phone started to ring and I frown at the caller's id.

"Hello, Harry did they know about me? I hope you didn’t told them about me did you?" Sarah asked from the other side of the phone.

"Yes I didn’t told them about you but why can't they know that your the one who informed me and is gonna help us in the war?" I asked her now angry.

"You think they're going to love it when I'll tell them the real reason why I was away? You think they're going to be happy when they'll know that I was and is a spy in our enemies Kingdom without telling them? After I left them without telling anything" She says whispering at the end

Now I feel bad for being angry at her no matter what she is another daughter to me after Esme. "Okay then when are you planing to tell them cause you and I both know that you can't hide this from them right?And it’s better to know from you then anyone else" I said in a normal voice now.

"I know, that's why I'm coming back but not now, it is not the right time for me to come. I'll be there when it’s time and explain everything by myself and I promise I'm going to tell them soon but not now" she said

"You better tell them soon or else there's going to be problem between you three" I continued "and also if anything happens and the cricumstances isn’t right then I'm going to tell them"

She sigh deeply "okay I think It's the right thing to do, but let's hope it didn’t come to this. So how are they?" she asked now worried.

"They are fine although they are still upset and blame themselves for your disappearing but try to hide it. But why didn’t you tell them that you were going away" I said

"I really can't tell you the reason I want to tell them the reason first why I ran away they deserve it first" she said after a little silence.

"Okay then don’t tell me so what's the news that you wanted to tell me" I ask now in all serious mode.

"The rogue king is planning something very nasty, he has a informer who gets information for him from the castle. You've got a traitor on your side" she said now in all seriousness.

"Alright I'll take care off that traitor but what about the informer?" I asked already typing some message in the laptop I know a right person for the job.

"Yes I've took care of the informer before he can go to that coward king I killed him and don’t worry I was careful. None of that coward king's man saw me but they know what happened to they’re suspicious about it but nothing I can't handle" she said with confidence.

"Okay but be careful you know we can't trust anyone and you can't be overconfident you have to be focus and remember your training" I said sternly.

"Yeah yeah I know I would be careful. I've gotta go now I think the king wants to meet me" she said after hanging up the call.

I looked at the phone for few minuets and shaked my head thoes kids I swear can be the death of me. Always after danger doesn’t care about they're life at all.

I finished typing and pressed send he would be here by noon and look everything by himself.

I took deep breath and went downstairs to have breakfast hope I can hide it from Esme she knows me well. And hopefully everything would be okay.

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