Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 14

Sarah's pov (in to the rogue's castle)

I cut the call when I heard the guards come this way. 'what do they want now' I thought.

"The king wants to meet you in his office there's something important he want to discuss to you" one of the guards I think his name is Rover said.

"Okay I'll be there, do you know what he want now?" I asked in a soft voice. Rover and Circus is one of the many people in this hell who is on our side and want to defeat the rogue king. They know that I want to defeat the rogue king but don't know the whole truth.

And I'm planing a very useful (for us) and harmful (to that so called king) plan. In the war we can turn the card towards us by the out turn of his people's.

But it's for the war the main thing is I need to find out about the another one who is behind the nasty king. And for that I need to earn the trust of the rogue king.

"Not sure he didn't told us anything about why he needs you, he just said it's important" Circus said after a while.

"Okay I should get going or else his going to be angry" I said now going through the hall way to that rogue king's office. This palace you really can't call it beautiful cause it is a castle full with blood and darkness. In one word it's a hell in earth.

I reach the end of the hall and knocked twice a 'come in' was heard and I went in. "Did you called me?" I asked straight to the point.

" favourite girl is here yes I've called you, come in come in have a sit there's an important thing I want you to do" he said in a hurry.

Which is odd he is a calm person. well...he has anger issues but still whenever he talks to me he always calm. "What is it that you can't wait till night and you have to call me now?" I asked. Now taking a sit in front of his desk.

Don't get confused he always set's our meetings at night. Never he have met or discussed anything with me in morning ( don't get the wrong ideas I would never let this ugly man touch me).

"Yes there's a very important task I wanna give you and I think no I know that your the only one who could do that. And that task is...." stopping when his phone started to ring.

First I thought that he was going to reject that call and continue talking. But when he saw the caller id he immediately picked up the call with a mixture of emotions. Happy, angry, and fear?.

This person on the phone must be important which made him like this. 'Could it be the big boss behind this whole drama' I thought. My question was soon answered when he started talking.

"Hello, why did you call now I've told you not to call me and call me if it's something urgent" he said Sounding frustrated. I moved a little left so I can see the caller id and listen to his conversation properly, he was to busy to see anyway.

"Yes and this is urgent, Boss can't be at the castle on his behalf there's going to be his trust worthy man. And he wants you to send his man to the castle as well with that girl of yours that you were talking about" came a reply from the other side of the phone.

And I might add the king in front of me is looking angry would be an understatement. He was furious looks like it didn't go according to his plan. Oh.....well I don't really care but wait a second did that person said boss?. 'Who is this boss guy now?' my question was answered.

"Okay tell Demon that I would send that man of his with the girl. But I want him here ASAP no delaying or else.....' he said and cut the call.

"sorry for that, so where was I oh yes your task is your going to be a spy in the castle for me and give me every information about them" he said and I was so shocked like I told Harry that I would came back but didn't know this soon.

I made my voice emotionless and cold when I speak "why me? I mean I would do this task but didn't you have another man arranged for this kind of works?"

"Yes I have but someone had killed him I still couldn't find out who but I soon will" he said. Looks like killing that good for nothing informer was worth it.

"Hmm....okay and when do you want me to go?" I asked. Hoped that it is soon cause it's been 10 years since I last met Esme and Alex. They both are my brother and sister that I never had and running away from them was the headrest thing that I ever did.

In case you guys were wondering what am I, let me tell you I'm a vampire not as powerful as Esme and Alex but after them I'm the most powerful one. Yes I'm the third vampire who is the most powerful one after Esme and Alex.

"It would be the day after tomorrow cause there's another person who's going to be with you in castle. But you've to keep an eye on him too" he said bringing me out of my train of thoughts.

"Sure thing Elias, I would keep an eye on that guy and the castle don't worry about it" I said now making a plan on my head.

"I know I can trust you with this, that's why I choose you for this task. You can go now I'll call you again if I need you untill then rest properly because there's a big day ahead of us" he said with an evil grin on his face. If only he knew the real reason I mentally laughed.

I got up and went to my room for rest and the last thought pf mine was meeting my only family in this whole wide world.


Esmeralda's pov (at the castle's meeting room)

All of us was sitting here and waiting for the others to join us. All of us means me, Xander, Alex, Harry, Jack, Nina. We're waiting for Luca, Lucy, Ryan and Lilly.

I've met them at the arena while we were training. They all were tired after training so we all went to our rooms for shower and decided to meet in this meeting room.

I was wearing a black jeans with an black top with sneakers it is comfortable and flexible to fight. I know it's the first time and you all are shocked by hearing that I wear sneakers and didn't wear boots. Well they are easy to carry weapons and fight that's why I usually wear those.

Sneakers are either but I rarely wear them. "What is taking them so long, we are waiting like for an hour and still there's no sing of them" Jack said impatiently.

I was playing with some snow one of my witch elemental power. And Alex was playing with his mobile and Harry was on his own world. Did I forgot to tell you that there is someone who is very interested at staring at me rather then doing something else. Yes ladies and gentleman you got it right this specific person is none other then Xander.

"Don't you have any other things to do rather then to stare at me like a creep" I whisper annoyingly.

He chuckled, his husky voice send shiver down my spine. "Your so beautiful and amazing that I can't help myself but admire you" he whispered back.

And my heart skipped a bit by his words. "But doesn't mean that you had to stare at me like a creep, it's annoying" I whispered back don't know why we were whispering but who cares.

"I was just thinking that how did I become this lucky that I've found you and after all those years I've finally found you" he said more to Himself then me.

I was going to reply when the meeting rooms door opened and came in Luca, Lucy then came Ryan, Lilly.

" guys finally came I thought that it would take eternity for you 4 to came" Jack said. Lucy and Ryan sat together, Luca and Lilly sat together as well on the opposite side of Lucy and Ryan.

Lucy glared at Jack "oh please Jacky we both know that how much you like to make people waiting, so don't get annoyed by waiting yourself"

Jack was going to say something but Xander beat him to it. "Before you both get into a fight I wanna tell you that this meeting is for Esme and Alex and the upcoming war so stop all the childish fight" And everyone in this room become serious.

"So what's the thing you want only us to know and not the others?" that was Ryan. He is handsome with brown hair and amber eyes but not even close to Xander. Ryan is a quite guy only talks when it's necessary.

"Yes, it's related to my mate so I can't take any risk. I trust all of you to keep everything a Secret what we will talk in this room" Xander said in a tone that I never heard before. Everyone either said yes or nodded their heads.

"Esme will you start?" Xander asked me looking directly at my eye's I nodded my head. 'Are you going to tell them about mom and dad?' Alex asked in our personal mind-link.

'I'm not sure Al should I?' I asked him now looking at him. He nodded his head briefly. I took a deep breath and began "our mother was a witch the most powerful witch that anyone has ever seen and our father was the king of all vampires, the kindest king of them all" I stop for few seconds everyone was silent listening carefully and trying not to interrupt me which I was great full of.

"Our dad and mom met when dad was visiting our mothers coven for some herbs. When they met they knew that they were mates at least dad knew. And dad asked our mom if she knew about mates and will she accept him as one or not." Alex started from there when he saw I was struggling to say.

"Mom knew about dad and what dad was so she accepted him the way he was and they completed they're mating process. It was all great the vampire kingdom finally found they're queen and they're king was happy. But everything turns upside down when Elias enter's he was and still is the main reason why everything fall apart. I was only 8 years old and Esme was 6 when that Elias planned his dirty tricks and killed our parents, he wanted to kill us too but couldn't because of Harry. But it wasn't enough for him and his one of the reasons why this war is going to happen" Alex finished his hand is shaking and his fisted hands are turning white.

I grab his hand and open it put my own hand in his and squeeze it. Alex looked at me, he tried to give me smile code word tried. 'Don't stress it Al you know that we can defeat him. His nothing compare to us' I said to him in the mind-link.

He nodded his head and took deep breaths to calm himself. "What did you mean by one of the reasons is there anyone else who is involve in this war?" Lilly asked after few minuets of silence.

"Yes we are suspecting no we are sure there is someone big behind this rogue king" I said. " mean that the rogue king is just a card and there is someone else behind everything" Ryan said.

I nodded my head, "sorry for asking but can you tell us how did your parents died?" Jack asked. And xander send him a glare cause I think he know that how hard this is for me. Xander took my free hand cause my other hand is still on Alex's and squeeze it and I immediately felt at ease.

I sent him a small smile which he returned with one of his heart stopping smile. "Sorry Jack telling about our parents was hard and now telling you about their death is.....difficult for us we will tell you all but not now" I said now looking at him. Jack nodded his head "right sorry for asking." I shook my head "no it's okay Jack, it's not your fault it's just.....hard for us to remember that night but we'll tell you when we're ready.

Then suddenly the door burst open and a guy came in he was on that arena and in my group and his name is Robert. He is one of the patrol guards. "Robert I told you that not to came unless it's urgent" Xander said when no-one spoke. "Sorry Xander but there's some visitors who wants to meet Harry, Alex, and Esme" he said looking in the eye of Xander and he didn't call him alpha or my king he called him by his name 'no worries I can ask him later' I thought.

"Okay then tell them to wait we will go and meet them in my office" Xander said. He bowed his head and went away.

"Let's call it a day shall we. We will arrange another meeting after tomorrows party" Xander said now standing up and making me stand up with him. "Party? What party?" I asked when we were walking out of the meeting room and towards his office.

"There's going to be a welcome party for all of you and I will announce that I've found my mate and that your my mate and queen" he said now smiling ear to ear.

I just nodded my head 'was I ready for this? Am I going to be a good queen? Will the pack love me? Most importantly am I going to be a good mate?' my thoughts came to a stop when Xander came close to my ear. I think I stopped breathing for a moment.

"Don't think about anything love this kingdom is gonna love you and your going to be the best queen that anyone ever had don't stress okay?" he whispered in my ear. I looked at him shocked "how did you knew that what I was thinking? Did you read my mind?" I asked him.

He shook his head "it was all written in your face it wasn't hard to get what you were thinking" I stayed quite after that cause we came in front of his office. Xander opened the door and I stood completely still by seeing who was sitting in his office.

"Mark, Rosa?"

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