Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 15

Xander's pov

I opened my office room's door and stepped aside for Esme to go in but she was frozen in her place. "Mark, Rosa what are you both doing here?" Esme asked looking at the two people who's sitting on the couch in my office.

"Is nice too meet you Esmeralda after all those years" the woman said I think her name is Rosa she's in her forties just like Harry and the man who I assume is mark his in his forties too but look much older then her. Which confused me.

"That's not the question I asked Rosa and you know very well that I don't like your puzzle talks" Esme said now getting inside and going close to them.

"Calm down Princess you know it's not right for you to get angry" Mark said now getting the attention of Esme. Alex came beside her "Mark what in the holy fucking world your doing here. The last time we checked you said you won't meet us EVER" he said eyeing him.

"Now now kids no need to be soo angry on them I've called them actually I've only called Mark but why Rosa is here don't know" Harry said coming from behind us and in front of them.

Saying that I'm confused would be an understatement. Cause I really don't know what they're talking about and who they are. "You called them why?" Alex asked Harry looking confused.

"Umm.....can you guys would like to explain what is happening cause we kinda feel like left out" Luca said I thanked him mentally for pointing the obvious. Esme sighs "let's have a sit and I'll explain everything to you" she said, taking a sit on the opposite of Mark and Rosa. I sat beside her and Alex sat on the other side of her and Harry is standing beside Rosa.

Everyone else took there sit too and Esme begins telling us about them. "When we were training with Harry we also have to helped them because they needed our help like saving them from troubles and their life's, and Mark is one of Harry's close and old friend. He is a wizard . He and his coven were in trouble by some vampires and Hunters, so we helped his coven members and him by killing the vampires and Hunters and rebuilding the houses which they have destroyed" she stop for few minuets then continue.

"It was a lot for his coven members and they were scared that they would be attacked again so that's why Mark have decided to hide from the whole world. And make his coven members safe and secure. We've helped him a lot for hiding and made sure that he and his coven members are securely hide from the world. That's why me and Alex is so angry cause his being out is dangerous for him and his coven members" she said and now looking at everyone who nod in understanding.

"But what about her?" Lilly asked pointing at Rosa. "She's a witch Harry's another close friend and lover we've also helped her and that also a very long story" Alex said. "But can't you say it in short" I suggested.

"She and her coven needed help for taking back those harbs and potions which the black witches took so we have go to their coven and do a little talking and bring Rosa's potions and harbs" she said with a surge like it was not a big of a deal.

"You went there and just talked with them and they gave you what you want. Is it just me or you did something that doesn't evolve talking at all?" Jack asked looking at her suspiciously.

"Well if you mean that we have flighted with them for what we want then your right" she said chuckling. Everyone gave her a knowing look and I gave her a small smile which she returned.

"Okay now enough of the past stories now tell us why are both of you is here in the first place?" Alex asked. "I got a message from Harry regarding the rogue king" Mark said, that got all of our attention.

"What about him?" I asked him. Mark looked at me "that there someone else behind all of this and I'm here cause I might know that who it can be but I'm not sure that it would be him so I need to gather evidence for that" he said.

Esme nodded and looked at Harry "you knew about it and you didn't told us? And what else do you know and your not telling us?" she asked him rising an eyebrow. "I apologise for not telling you Esme but I didn't get the chance to tell you. And about what I'm not telling you both I can't, I wish I can tell you. But a promise is a promise and you of all people know how important a promise is for me. All I can say is you will know soon enough" Harry said looking apologetic.

She sighed and didn't ask farther. I took her hand in my and gave her reassuring that I'm here for her and everything is going to be okay. She looked at me and smiled. Then She looked at Rosa "and what's your reason? Why do you came here?" she asked her, honestly I really don't wanna know.

Rosa smiled a sad smile before replying "sadly yes my dear Princess I've came here to tell about the prophecy and the vision I've had regarding your future" she said I was confused.

"What prophecy?"

"What vision?"

Me and Esme said in unison. Rosa just smiled "looks like the both of your bond is strong" she sighed and Harry stood beside her for comfort which she gladly take it. That made me wonder what is going on between them.

"Well about the prophecy you see you and Alex is from royal family and there is royal blood in your veins. There is a prophecy about you two changing the future and making everything right" Rosa said looking all serious now.

I looked at Alex who has a confused expression on his face and then to my mate who is as confused as Alex. "What prophecy? What are you talking about Rosa? How can we change the world and make everything right?" Esme asked.

"There is my dear Princess, the prophecy said it all" Rosa said. "What is the Prophecy?" this time it was Alex.

"They would be rised without parents but would be rised by a strong man.

They would be powerful, they would be fearless, and they would be unstoppable.

The werewolf king and Princess is needed for their support.

While One more too come and one more too meet.

One would be thinking by his brain.

And the other will think from her heart.

One sacrifice is needed for saving the others.

One betrayal is bound to happen.

And make right choices cause every choice has it's own consequences.

Be ready for the big war that is yet to come.

And be prepared for the tables to turn."

Rosa finished saying, leaving us all confused by what she has just said "this prophecy was made before you both have born and this is about the future. I don't know everything about this but I would try to help you to solve it. And I'm going to be here untill the war is finished and everything is sorted out" she said.

"And what about the vision that you told us about?" I asked her. She looked at me apologetically "I'm sorry I can't tell you but I assure you that nothing bad is going to happen infact your going to meet someone very close to you my dear Princess" she said now looking at Esme.

Esme sighed and get up "I'm going in my room for some rest, all of this is making my head spin" she said going out of my office towards her room. Without thinking I went after her to her room.

She was laying on her bed peacefully I was going to close the door but her voice stopped me "Xander"

"Yes my love?" "can you lay down with me please?" how can I say no to that. I nodded my head and got in to the bed pulling her towards me, she smuggled close to me and smiled.

My wolf is jumping with joy for getting to hold our mate like this I'm too. Soon I heard her breathing slowly meaning she have fall asleep. 'She must be tired after all those information. But no matter what I'll be there for her when she'll need me' with thet I also fall asleep with my mate on my arms where she belongs.

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