Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 16

Esmeralda's pov

I woke up with someone caressing my cheek and with the sparks I felt, I exactly know who it is. Biting back a smile I opened my eye's and looked at the forest green eyes. Oh how much I love his eyes, it’s very strange that I just met him few days ago but it feels like I have known him for years.

Which scares me a bit, I doesn’t trust people so easily but with Xander It seem that I can trust him. Might be one of the mate bond's magic.

"Good afternoon love, how did you sleep?" he asked in his husky morning voice. Which send shiver to my whole body.

"Good afternoon yes I did sleep well actually. I kinda needed that nap after all the information I got" I said remembering everything.

"Don’t worry about that now love, we are in this together and we will face whatever came in our way together" he said his voice is so gentle and his eyes hold so much power that I almost believed him Almost.

"What time is it?" I asked changing the subject. And looking for a clock cause I really wanted to know what time it really is.

"It’s 5:30, you've got only 2 and a half hour to be ready for the party that's going to be on the ball room. And don’t worry I've called the girls they will help you to get ready" when said party I totally freaked out cause I hate meeting new people they always have been bad Whenever I've met new people.

Before I could say something there was a knock on the door. Xander got up and went to open the door, and I got up too. He opened the door and came in very excited Nina, Lilly, Lucy.

"Oh I'm soo exited for this party, after like two months we're celebrating something" Nina said bouncing up and down.

"This isn’t a party for you Nina it’s for Esme's welcoming and announcing about that Xander have found his mate" Lucy said trying to clam Nina down.

"Oh please, it might be for Esme but it's still a party" Nina just rolled her eye's. And Lilly just shook her head 'looks like they've been used to this' I thought.

Xander said after Nina calmed down "Alright ladies I'll be going now but remember 8'o clock sharp don’t be late like last time" he then made his way towards me. "I'll meet you after few hours love" he kissed my forehead lingering there longer then needed.

"Okay okay lover boy now off you go cause we girl's got to look their best when all the attention is going to be on us" Nina said shooing xander of our room.

'Whoa, our room? Where did that came from looks like Xander is affecting me more then I thought' I just shook my head.

"Now lets see what do we have to do with you?" Lucy said eyeing me up and down.

"You need to shower first then we'll do your makeup" Nina said. The three of them were practically pushing me in to the bathroom.

"But wait guys what about my dress I don’t have any" I said trying to reasoning with them cause I hate makeup I do it but like very little.

"Oh don’t worry we've took care of it you just have wear it" Lilly said and BAM the door of bathroom is closed when they successfully pushed me back in the bathroom. I sigh knowing weather I like it or not they will do it. I Striped my clothes and went to a shower what the three very existing girls outside the door want me to do.


"Done. You look like a Princess Esme everyone on the party are going to forget us and only be looking at you" Lilly had done my makeup. Lucy have taken care of my nails and Nina have done my hair which is now a beautiful high bun with a little flower it’s not much or less it's natural which I loved.

I looked myself on the mirror the makeup that Lilly gave me is less it's not too barbie what I feared "wow thanks Lilly you did exactly like what I wanted"

"There's nothing to thanks about Esme your naturally beautiful so there wasn’t much needed" Lilly smiled at me which I returned.

"Now the best part the dress now put the dress on so we can see" Lucy said and the other two nod their heads.

I took the dress and put it on it was a sky blue coloured dress it doesn’t have any sleeves and it is a beautiful dress and to match it I wore a crystal white heal.

It's a first time I've wore a dress so I'm a bit nervous. The girls grasped when they saw me. The three of them looked like they were in shock, their mouth were slightly open. I clear my throat that made them snap out of their trance.

Nina was the first person to talk "Oh MY GOD Esme if you were looking like a princess before then your looking like a queen now. You just need a crown that's all"

"Yeah Nina is right, Xander is going to be speechless when he sees you" Lilly said smiling.

"He won't be able to keep his hand to himself in the whole party" that was Lucy she has a evil grin on her face.

And the other two girls laughed "Now it’s time for us to get ready" Lilly said.

They nodded their head and started to get ready.


"We're ready" they said at the same time they were looking beautiful. Nina is wearing a black dress her hair is down with natural curls, Lucy's dress is a combo of blue and black her hair is the same, Lilly wear a floral dress she has braided her hair on one side.

"Wow you three look gorgeous" I complement them. "Oh please Esme in front of you we're nothing your going to be the center of attention today" Lucy said.

"Now let's go before Xander send an army for you" Lucy jocks before pulling me up and smoothing my dress and hair when she was satisfied she took my hand and we went to the ball room were the party was going to happen.

To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. I don’t even know why I'm nervous cause I've been in many party's not for chilling tho.

It’s not the first time I'm meeting new people it’s common going to country to country and meeting new people was normal for me and Alex before. Then it won't be difficult to handle a bunch of werewolves.

'You can do this Esme, you've been in this kind of situation before so it's not a big deal' I told myself mentally.

"Relax Esme you've nothing to worry about everyone is gonna love you just like us so don’t stress okay" Lilly said beside me sensing my nervousness. I just nodded.

"Okay girls ready or not let's go and crash this party with our charms" Nina dramatically poses and I rolled my eye's with a small smile.

"Ahh there's the beautiful smile that will make you even more beautiful and kill everyone on that room" she said looking at me. I laughed seriously those girls know exactly what they have to do to make me smile and made me forgot.

"Just remember you are the queen not them your going to rule not them so you don’t have to be nervous it’s common that some people won't like you in jealousy but it doesn’t mean you have pay them any attention. Keep your head high just like you've been doing this whole time" after Lucy's small speech I really feel a little calm.

I nodded and took a deep breath when the doors of the ball room opened and I was staring at a set of forest green eyes that make me weak.


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