Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 17

Esmeralda's pov

He was a statue when he looked at me. His mouth was slightly ajar and he was looking at me wide eyed. He blinked few times when Nina snapped her finger in front of him.

He started walking towards me with his eyes dark with lust. From the corner of my eye I saw the girl's going inside the ball room leaving me and Xander alone in the hall.

When he was only inches away he warped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Your looking absolutely breathtakingly beautifully gorgeous love" he said and the look on his eye is telling me that what his saying the truth. And I blushed I don't know how but this man in front of me is always succeed to made me blush with slightest complement.

He kissed my forehead and extended his hand towards me "shall we my queen" I nodded and took his awaiting hand. As soon as we step inside of the massive ball room everyone fall silent and was looking at us. As of instinct Xander put his hand on my waist possessively.

I look around some people were confused as to who am I, some were looking happy and some or rather I say one girl looked angry and jealous. Just like Lucy said they would be. I ignored them all and put my head high and all my emotions.

We started walking towards the stage. I saw my new friends and Alex, Harry, Mark, and Rosa were in front of the stage. Xander took the mic and started talking "welcome to Royal crescent moon pack. I've arranged this party cause I wanted all of you to know that I've found my mate and your queen. Meet Esmeralda Williams my love, my mate and my life" he first started with a cold voice that I didn't even recognize.

But when he looked at me his eyes soften and he smiled. "Come I'll introduce you to the Council members they might know something" he said. we climb down the stage and went towards what I assume the Council members all of them were looking at me weird but there was one person who caught my attention he kinda looked like he was force to do something that he doesn't want. 'Interesting'

"Elder Raith there is someone I would like you all to meet. This is Esme my mate and love this is elder Raith his the leader" he said. I looked at him and immediately knew that this guy in front of me was bad news.

He was in his mid 60's more like my grandparents age if I had one but doesn't look so old tho. And he was smiling like if he stop then his cover would be off. "I'm so glad to meet you" I said with a fake polite smile.

"Oh no dear the pleasure is all mine. I've heard that you wanted to meet the Council for something?" he smiled even more. 'Okay this guy is totally hiding something'.

"Actually I did wanted to see the council but the problem have been solved so there is no need" I said. I don't know why but I can't tell him about the prophecy or about myself and Alex. Something inside me is telling me not to trust him and my gut feeling is always right.

"That's alright dear but if there's anything you need help with just tell us we will do our best to help you" he said then excuse himself. I still get this feeling that something wasn't right.

I looked at the others who just nodded at me then went where their leader went. But the last guy on that group who I thought that was doing something forced looked at me.

My brain clouded and everything vanished there was a voice inside my head telling me something but I couldn't understand it properly.

I concentrated more then I heard it and my eye's widen what I heard.
'Don't trust him, if you trust him he will take advantage of you and will kill you all' a voice whispered.

And suddenly I was back to the ball room. I blinked few times and looked at him he just smirked and went where other Council members went. I looked at Xander he was already looking at me with so much love that I was speechless for few seconds.

But I composed myself and was going to say something but someone else beat me to it. "Big bro long time no see" a feminine voice said. I looked at the owner of the voice there was exactly replica of xander in front of me but her eye's were brown not forest green which I started to love.

"Deni why are you here I thought you were in London to complete your studies and wouldn't be back few days?" Xander asked confusion written on his face.

"How are you baby sister? I hope you are fine? I've missed you so much" she copied Xander and I have to stop myself to not laugh.

Xander sighed "okay okay How are you Daniella? I've missed you soo much"

"Aww brother you missed me. I'm absolutely fine and I came early because I wanted to meet my big brothers mate the girl who have caught my brothers heart" she said then looked at me.

"Hi my names Daniella this idiots younger sister you can call me Dani and you must be the beautiful Esmeralda which my brother told me on the phone I must say he wasn't telling a lie about you being beautiful" she said with a sweet smile which I returned.

I was going reply her but my brother beat me to it 'what's with everyone stoping me whenever I wanted to speak'

"Sis Rosa has found something about the prophecy and wanted to meet us together in the meeting room" he said. I nodded and was going to open my mouth to say something but Daniella's next words shocked me.


I looked at Xander who has the same surprised expression on his face as mine. Then I looked at Alex who was looking at Dani. I looked between them at shook my head theres soo many things to explain Again.

Then I thought about what Rosa have to say. My life is just getting more confused then ever but the big question is 'who was he?'


Hi my lovely readers I hope you'll enjoyed this chapter and comment your thoughts about this chapter stay safe and happy.

Love ya all :)
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