Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 19

Sarah's pov ( Before meeting Esme in the rogue king's office)

I was sitting in his office. I still don't get it why he called me here, he was like so exited for me and that guy whoever he is to sent us to the castle. we were supposed to leave today. I haven't still met that mystery guy that he was practically gushing about nor that I care.

So back to the topic the rogue that called himself a king is smiling like a cashier cat. 'He is planning something' I thought.

"Why did you called me in your office wasn't I supposed to go to the castle with the BOSSES trusted man" I said in a bored tone.

I was being impatience I haven't talked to Harry and I'm so damn impatient to meet them. But I have to wait untill, this sorry excuse of a king gave me any order.

'God I hate being here and listening to someone's order that I don't want'

"Yes yes But there's a slight change in plan" he said after a while. I rise an eyebrow "what change?".

"You won't be going to the castle cause there is someone who would be able to give us all information that we need from here" he said and his smile grew.

And I'm more confused "who are you talking about?" I asked him suspiciously cause he has something on his sleeve and I need to make sure that it is not what I think it is.

"There's a witch that is going to do my job. It's not like she has any other option" he said.

I looked at him confused the only witch I know was the most powerful witch is Rose's mom. But she died years ago and now it's Rose who is the powerful one. 'She won't work for him then who is he talking about?'

"Who exactly are you talking about? Wasn't the most powerful witch have died years ago?" I asked.

He shook his head "you don't need to know anything now you'll see when the time comes. All you have to know for now is your work is done so you'll be on a vacation for few days I'll call you when I need you in something" with that he went back whatever he was doing

I clench my fist, he always do that use me then throw me like a trash. But I have to know what he is planing. But I know that too he won't tell me now 'stupid king'

Look at the bright side I can go back now there's nothing for him to stop me or for me to stay here. And as for the little help his getting I will find it sooner or later.

When he didn't say anything else I know I was dismissed so I got out of the filthy office and went to that secret room. I always use to talk to Harry and keep my other informations and papers etc.

I took my phone and dialed Harry's number on the second ring he picked up. "Sarah is everything all right? Are you all right? Did they knew who you are? What's your real identity is?" he pampered me with questions before I could speak.

I surpassed an eye roll "everything is fine Harry stop worrying and before you ask why did I call I wanna tell you that don't tell them I'm coming back and I'll tell them everything myself"

Before he could say anything I ended the call. It's time to go and meet the only people who have excepted me when no-one have. A small smile formed on my lips just tinking about them. I pack every necessary things and burn the others which I don't need.

When I was satisfied that everything is vanished and there is no trace of me in here. I went to my room to write a message for the peoples in this castle who is with me.

To know that when the right time comes I will sent them signal and they have to be ready for it. With that I jump from the window and into the darkness of the castle.

Present time

Esmeralda's pov

I blinked few times at her words. "That means you were alive all those years and was just few county's away from us but didn't even thought of telling us?" Alex asked when no-one speaks. His voice was furious and I know because I'm feeling the same.

Currently All of us were sitting in the meeting room. After the little surprise Xander mind linked the others to join us and by the looks of it everyone was confused thinking what is going on except me, Alex, Harry, Rosa, and Mark. Speaking of Harry "you knew all along that she was alive but didn't thought of telling us. Not even after how much sad we were" I asked him calmly but inside I was feeling anything but calm.

Harry wasn't looking at me infact he was avoiding any kind of eye contact with any of us. "It isn't Harry's fault Rose he wanted to tell you both but I told him not to" Sarah said to me. Looking guilty but right now I'm not feeling sad for her might feel later but now all I feel is betrayed.

She is a sister to me after her disappearing I was so broken that I shut the whole world. Only Alex know how I've survived it. "You know that your my sister too, and did you ever thought that how do we felt when you diapered like this" Alex said to her looking hurt.

"Esme practically blamed herself for your disappearing cause she thought because of that day you left us and you didn't even thought of telling us" he continued.

Sarah was looking down at her hands she always do that when she is sad or anxious. And I think Alex noticed it too cause he looked at me with a broken expression. We both love her and seeing her this sad is breaking our hearts.

"Why don't we all talk tomorrow morning it's past midnight so I think we all need rest" Rosa said and everyone agrees.

Everyone is leaving the meeting room when I remember something. "Rosa didn't you wanted me and Alex for something?" I asked her when there is only Xander, me, Alex, Dani, Harry and Rosa. Lilly took Sarah to one of the guest rooms she was hesitant at first but agreed few minuets later not before taking promise from me and Alex for a talk tomorrow.

"Nothing that couldn't wait untill tomorrow I'll talk to you both in the morning now go, you both look so tired right now a sleep would help you both. And I think you both would think clearly in the morning" Rosa said with a motherly smile.

I tried to smile back but the events of today made it impossible. But I nodded nonetheless and went out of the room. "I'll talk to you in the morning Alex hope you can give me a chance" Dani said to him with a sad and hopeful look on her eyes and hugged him.

Alex stood there frozen in his place not knowing what to do but hugged her back. Dani went towards her room saying good night to Xander and I hugging us both.

When she was out of sight Alex looked at me "I'll meet you in the morning sis and be ready for the surprises that is on there way sis, Good night" he said by hugging me.

And saying a small good night to Xander and went right were his room is. I sighs 'what a day can't I have a decent day without any surprises, who knows what will happen tomorrow'

I looked at Xander as we started walking towards our own rooms. "Can I sleep in your room?" I asked him when we were close to our rooms. I don't think I can sleep alone today after everything.

He looks a little surprise but quickly came out of it. "Of course love you can come" was his simple response and opened his door for me to go in. I looked around his room it was bigger then mine. And the colours were different too it was red and golden. I shook my head "don't you think that your room is too royally?" I asked him

He chuckled "Dani was the one who have decorated my room and I was very busy to notice it" I nodded my head.

"Here took this and change in to the bathroom" he handed me his t-shirt and sweatpants. I nodded and went in the bathroom to change. After changing I came out and saw Xander laying on his bed in nothing but only on his boxer.

I blinked twice I've seen many half naked mans but now looking at Xander I think It's the first time I'm seeing a half naked man. "Done staring love?" Xander's voice broke me out of my trance and I blushed.

But didn't look away "yeah" I told him he was shocked when I said it, didn't expect for me to accept it. And went towards him and put the covers on me after laying on the bed.

Two strong muscular arms pulled me closer to a hard chest. He snuggle his face to the crook of my neck "good night love" he said to me. "Good night" with that I went into a dreamless sleep. Feeling safe in my mates arms.
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