Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 2

Esmeralda's pov

I woke up as the sun starts to shine trough the curtains. I guess I forgot to close the curtains yesterday. Just then my alarm clock starts to ring.

I woke up, I immediately remembered last night. After the little talk with my brother. I was sleepy that's why when we finished talking I came to my room and just collapse to the bed like a dead body. I might be the most powerful hybrid in the world but I love my sleep and using spell is tiring.

You must be confused that what I'm talking about. Well here what happened last night.

I jump from the window and look around and found a dark alley on my right. I ran towards it, hiding in the dark is a common thing for me.

Darkness is one of my close friend. There I can stay and no one will knew it unless I want them to. I hide at darkness and watch the guards looking everywhere for any sign of their bosses killer.

They searched more and went to the left I waited until they were out of sight. When I see the cost is clear I took my shortcut.

I know this place like my back of my hand so it isn’t so hard for me to reach to my house. I went in and close the door. As I was going to go upstairs to my room the lights turn on.

I met the same replica of mine my one and only brother Alex "I think I told you not to go there and do anything stupid" his angry voice told me, no more like yell at me.

"It wasn’t anything stupid brother and you and I both know that those things belongs to us" I said as calmly as ever.

Alex's eye's soften and his breathing has came back to normal and his voice was soft when he spoke "I know that Esme, but that doesn’t mean that You'll go there all alone you at least could have told me what you were planing"

"I know brother but if I've told you. You wouldn’t have let me go there, you and I both know that" I say,
Alex sigh and tangled his hair by his hand in frustration.

I really wanted to tell him that I was going there but knowing my brother he won't let me go so that's why I didn’t tell him. You know after mom and dad Alex is the only family I've got and not telling him something it is difficult for me but you've gotta do what you've gotta do right.

"please brother forgive me you that book is very important to me I can't just give it up" I didn’t tell him about the scroll cause I know if he knew that I bring something that doesn’t belong to me he would be more angry which I don’t want I'll tell him when the time is right.

Alex looked at my eye's and sigh again "your forgiven I can't stay mad at my sister and you know it but don’t you dare to do something like that again or you won't be responsible for the consequences" he warned me and I nod.

I kiss him on the cheek "your the best, I'll try not to do anything like that again but no promises. I'm going to bed now we'll talk in morning, Good night brother"

"End of flashback"

Now you understand that what happened last night."come on you lazy ass get up now will ya breakfast will be ready soon, now get up or I'll eat your bacons" that was all I need to get up from bed.

I love my bacons and I don’t share my beacons with anyone not even with my brother. I hurried to the bathroom and do my usual routine and came out quickly and were a red top which has written 'I'm no one's princess' with black print.

To match it up I wore black geans. I wore my favourite locket which Alex gifted me on birthday and do a little makeup with my black boot heals and went downstairs.

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