Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 20

Daniella's pov ( The next morning)

I woke up by the sound of my phones beeping sound. with a groan I shut it down. I couldn't sleep last night and when I finally fall asleep it was already 4 in the morning.

I was thinking about my mate who doesn't want me or this bond. With a deep sigh I got up and went to the bathroom to do my usual.

I got out of the bathroom and to my walk in closet which was as neat and clean as I left. My big stupid brother always made sure if I wasn't here then my room and things should be clean so whenever I came I don't have to do any of it.

I wore a red sweater with black reaped jeans and black heals cause the weather outside is cloudy. Not that it would bother me or anything we werewolves always stay warm no matter what.

And our temperature is always warmer then any humans. I then did my makeup wasn't in a mood of one but did it nonetheless. Well the main reason is I don't want my brother to stressed out no matter what I love him. And don't wanted any kind of fuss this morning.

I went down and went towards the kitchen and saw that everyone was present there. Xander and Esme was sitting and eating together. Beside them was Harry and rosa (who's name I've discovered yesterday). Beside them was Mark and Alex I just can't take away my eye's from him.

He then got up and went to set next to Esme never once looking at me and my heart aches my wolf is whining that her mate doesn't want her or us. I know that he knew I'm in the kitchen but avoids me anyways. Esme then looks at me and smiled a little which I tried to return.

I was too sad to smile at the moment. She then whispered something to him but because of my wolf hearing I can listen to what she's saying.

I didn't wanted to break their little sibling talk but his my mate and I really need to know that he wants me or not.

'You should talk to her you know you can't ignore her forever and before you say that your not ready just tell her that you need time or something just don't left her hanging bro. You of all people know how it feels' she said in a low voice so no-one could hear her and I'm sure no-one didn't.

Only if they used thier extra hearing. He looked at her and then looked at me and my voice hitched my heart stopped beating for few minuets. My wolf purred in happiness that our mate is finally looking at us.

'I want to talk to her alone' he said to Esme and she nodded her head looking at Xander and he nodded telling that he have heard it. And told everyone in the kitchen to leave.

They all got up and went out of the kitchen but Jack being Jack didn't wanna leave cause he hasn't finished his breakfast. Seriously this guy can eat all day but that still wouldn't satisfied his stomach at all. I mentally rolled my eye's.

"Come on Jack you can eat later but now let Alex and Dani talk privately" Nina said and I smiled at her which she returned. Jack was gonna protest but one look from Nina was enough to make him shut his mouth.

And went out of the room. Esme came towards me "try to keep an open mind and remember what I said last night let him finish first cause that subject is very hurting for him. Don't think he has still feelings for her, when he don't have none but it still hurts him to talk about, so be patience okay" she said to me and I nodded I fully understand her and I would try to be as patience as I can.

"Don't worry I'll be patience and try to keep an open mind" I said with a smile. And she smiled back and went out of the kitchen.

It's now me and Alex, I suddenly started to feel nervous I don't even know why. 'Okay calm down Dani you've handled so many boys then it's no big deal' I thought to myself.

'No it is a big deal cause those previous boys wasn't anything but he is our mate so you supposed to feel nervous' my wolf said sarcastically.

And I rolled my eye's my wolf is similar to my brothers. Both of our wolfs are black. But if you look closer Xander's wolf is a little darker then mine and my wolf's name is Emma and believe me she is not nice at all.

'I can hear you dumbo and I'm not the one who isn’t nice it’s you' with that she blocked me. See what I was saying.

"Look I didn't wanna upset you It's's just hard for me to trust someone other then Rose, Harry and Sarah and.....I've trusted someone before but it didn't go well and I don't know if I can go through the same pain again. But Esme is right I need to tell you I can't left you hanging it would be wrong" he took a deep breath and continues

"I was 16 when I met her. Me, Esme and Sarah have just finished our training and was going back to our house but then I saw some of our enemies attacking a girl. The three of us went towards the alley to save her Esme went to confront her and it worked we were succeed to kill them who was trying to kill her"

"she told us her name is Martha and she was alone and they killed her family. So now they were after her. we immediately wanted to help her but she refused but I don't know what I saw in her or what she did but when her eye's met mine I was hypnotized I couldn't move nor I could think straight. She told us she would be fine and went to her way. I didn't met her for few days but in froth week I saw her she was the same and even better. She came to my way and told me that she loves me and would like spend time with me I don't know why but I trusted her and thought I loved her too"

"Days went by and our relationship was going well but then she started to acting weird she always went out at nights and Esme saw it she was suspicious about it and told me but that time I didn't listen to her. One night I was sleeping and she gave me the one glass of milk she always gave before sleep but I didn't drink it that day cause I wasn't feeling well and in midnight when I sleeping soundly I heard noises of the door opening and closing. I saw she was going out of the room we were sharing and before you ask no we did not have sex we were only sharing the same room"

"I followed her and what I saw broke my heart. She was talking with one of our enemies and was telling him that she would kill me before I could know it. I was literally broken but I was angry and I make them aware of my presence and Martha nearly fainted I used my power and killed that man who was standing beside her she was terrified of me and I was happy the beast within me was angry she betrayed us and wanted blood so I was gonna kill her but before that I needed to know some answers"

"So I asked her what did she do to me she told me that she had used some kind of spell and she was working for her master and all of this was planed all along. I couldn't listen anymore so I did what I wanted to do I killed her" he was breathing heavily and now I knew why Esme told me it was hard of him to tell me and to trust me. But I won't hurt him ever.

I didn't say anything I just closed the space between us and hugged him tightly. I immediately felt the sparks. And I know he can feel it too. I Let him know that I'm here and I'll be with him forever no matter what. He hugged me back and buried his face at crook of my neck. I have still so many unanswered questions but I have time to ask him that. And right now I just know the only thing that my mate needs me.


Hi guys firstly I wanna thank my loyal reader who has readded all of my chapter's. And welcome to the newcomers. And as promised I've published another chapter. I wanted to give two pov but Dani's pov has took the whole chapter.

Well I hope you guys loved this chapter and I'll try to give every couples in my book importance. Because everyone is important here (but not as important as Esme and Xander).
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