Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 21

Xander's pov ( Meanwhile Castle's hallway on the to the meeting room)

"What are you thinking?" I asked Esme who was walking beside me in silence. I might know her for few days. But she have surprised me in every step until now. And I don't even know what is store for me in the future.

But I'm happy that I've found my mate or she is my mate for that matters. She is so calm when it needed and violent when something is out of control. And now that she is silence it means only one thing that.......

"I'm worried about Alex and Dani" her voice broke me out of my thoughts. I looked at her in confusion. Her voice was like a whisper if it wasn't for my wolf hearing I would've missed it.

"What are you worried about?" I asked her. She didn't speak at first "he doesn't trust people that easily and after that betrayal, he have closed himself totally I'm worried about him that will he be open up to Dani or not"

"Don't worry I know my sister, she is stubborn so she won't stop untill he open up to her and besides they're mates so it wouldn't be much of a problem" I said with a smile.

She nodded, suddenly I remember something "hey you weren't in the room when I got up this morning so where were you?"

"Ah I went to the arena to talk to Sarah we've got lot of years to catch up on and a little fight was all we needed more likely I needed. We sorted everything so there is no problem between us except I didn't forgiven her completely........yet" she surged like it wasn't a big of a deal.

I arched an eyebrow "you both talked in an arena.......why I'm not surprised" I said shacking my head with a small smile. She looked at me "what do you mean by that? The three of us have trained since we were kids and before that whole missing drama Sarah and I used to be fighting partners so I needed to see that if she still remembered or not"

"Okay love whatever you say now come on Rosa has been waiting for us whole morning" with that I took her hand and went towards the meeting room. Loving the way her hands fit with mine and the sparks is a double bonus.

My wolf was moving his tail in happiness. Honestly I can't blame him I was also happy that my mate is beside me and I was able to touch her and feel her. We reached to our destination and I opened the door but the sight in front of me left my jaw hanging.

In front of us is a very embarrassed Rosa and a fuming Harry who was looking like he could kill someone 'opps looks like we've interfered something' I thought. "Sorry Harry, Rosa we'll wait outside" Esme speaks up before anyone can and closed the door then looked at me.

"Why didn't you just knock before you enter they could've been naked" her voice was law so only I could listen. I looked at her with a blank face "what do you mean that I should've knocked! Why would I knock in my damn meeting room?" I asked her.

She looked at me and was going to say something but the door opened and she closed her mouth. "We are so sorry please you all come in I've had an important thing to say about the prophecy where's Alex? he should be here" Rosa said when we entered the room and took a seat.

I saw Harry sitting on one of the chairs with a grumpy face I hold back my laugh that wanted to came out cause as much as I want I know it's not the right time. "His with Dani wait I'll mind link him" Esme said and her eye's become foggy. After few minuets her eye's become normal and she looked at Rosa "his on his way"

Then the door opened and Alex came in with Dani following behind. He took a seat beside Esme and Dani sat beside me. He smiled at Esme which she returned. "Good you all are here so let's begin"

"No we can't start now Sarah is not here she's one of us doesn't she have to be here?" Esme asked her. 'Looks like she care's for her more then she thinks'

Rosa nodded her head "yes she should be here because she is on the prophecy as well" just then then the door have opened and Sarah walked in the room. And took a seat next to Alex Dani was going to object but I stopped her 'don't she is like a sister to him don't do anything'

She hesitantly nodded her head but still glared at her. My wolf is unusually quite he never stays quite since I've found my Esme.

'What's up with you why are so quite all of a sudden?' I asked him.

'Shh pay attention to her what she's going to say is very important'

'You mean you know what she's going to say?'

'Yes now shut your stupid mouth and pay attention' with that he blocked me.

Sometimes I think that my wolf has his own world and his definitely knows something that his not telling me. Before I can think of anything Rosa started to speak.

"All right now that everyone is here let's begin I couldn't figured out the whole prophecy but I know one think you both have to collect as many alliance as you can. And train together I couldn't figured out the others but I will soon and Esmeralda, Alex and Sarah you three have to start training of your own I've called someone she and he would help you three especially you Esmeralda because his an ancient healer he knows some spells that might help you" she finished her talking and I noted everything that is needed to be done.

"I've something else to say I've my suspicious for the head council member he seems to me that his hiding something but I can't figured out what" Alex said after a while.

I looked at him "you suspect Elder Raith?" he nodded her head. "I think I suspect him too cause he was kinda creepy and his background wasn't so good when I checked and I couldn't find anything in his past either" Esme said.

"You checked his background and saw his" I was shocked to say the least. She surged her shoulder "nothing especial I love computer and being powerful is a bonus point" she said then took a sip of her water.

I shook my head this girl would never stop to amaze me. "Okay then I think this meeting is finished Lucy and Ryan you two will keep an eye on Elder Raith and The others will talk to the packs for alliances. Me, Dani, and Harry will train our fighters untill Esme, Alex and Sarah trains" I looked for any objections but find none.

We all started to leave the room when I heard "It's gonna be so much fun to train like old times it's been a while we three have trained together Let's see if you two got the same energy as before" none other then my mates voice 'looks like something great things is gonna happen'


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