Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 22

Third person's pov, ( in the arena)

Esme ducted the punch that Sarah threw on her way and trow a punch to Alex's way. Which Alex avoided just in time and Sarah took that as an opportunity and kicked on his stomach.

Alex didn't flinch but sarah knew that it would be bruise later but because he is a vampire he'll be fine in few seconds. Esme round kicked Sarah but she ducted and saved herself.

"You didn't changed your fighting Style Rose not the slightest" Sarah smirked at Esme, who rised her an eyebrow.

"We have some unfinished business to do cause we haven't finished our fight this morning and as for my fighting style you haven't seen anything yet" she said with so much confidence that made Sarah rethink her decision of re-fighting with her.

This morning they have a fight in the arena but it wasn't finished cause Harry told them to eat first. But they have sorted everything between them and it was just an friendly fight at least that what she think.

Alex then used an elbow hit on Esme which took her by surprise. But she blocked it with her hand and go for an knee strike which he blocked by his other hand.

They look at each other and Alex smirked "what's up sis?" before she can do or tell something he flipped her. so now Alex was on top off Esme keeping her on the ground by his elbow "do you give up sis?"

She looked at him "Never" with that she used her other hand and push him with so much force that he went flying in to the other side of the arena.

The worriers were training on the open field where they train sometimes when the arena is occupied and now it is empty for Esme, Alex and Sarah.

Esme jumped and stand on her two feet looking at her brother who's groaning in pain. That push was unaccepted and don't even speak about the landing.

"Sorry bro but you know the rules when we fight together" she said and smirked. She then looked at Sarah who was looking at Alex with big eyes.

When she felt that someones gaze on her she turned towards Esme wide eyed "how did you do it with one hand?" she asked her.

"I told you that there is more to see in my fighting skill didn't I?" Esme told her with her own smirks. Sarah was surprised but that was soon gone when Esme charged towards her and giving her a turning kick.

She avoids it by an inch and throw her a punch in her hip but Esme turned like a flash and avoided Sarah's punch in time. But Sarah wasn't finished there she gave her a kick on the back and she stumbles a little.

But regain her balance and run towards the wall and from her left foot on the wall she jumped and landed behind Sarah and kicked her on her knee.

She immediately went on her knees right then Alex came and go for an dummy upper cut which took her by surprise. she backed away a little Sarah took the chance spinning her around and swiping at Alex's leg and he fall on his back to the ground.

"Fuck you still didn't change Sarah you sneaky little....." but before he can finish Sarah speaks "if you dare to call me a bitch I swear Alex you would be a dead man" she warns him.

Sarah and Alex stand up glaring at each other and was bickering. Esme took that as her chance and kicking them both and sending them flying and hitting on the walls.

They both were groaning and Esme give them her hands. Helping them getting up "that would teach you both a lesson and you both will stop bickering when we are fighting seriously guys you both have met few years later but still fight like when we were kids" she said shacking her head with a smile.

No matter what, she knows that if there is an actual fight then they would have each others back like she would have theirs . She have missed them, their bickering and getting into trouble when they were kids.

But she won't accept it in front of them. "Now let's go, we have done enough training let's see what others are doing and it's time to take a break anyways" Esme said and started walking out of the arena.

Esmeralda's pov

I walk out of the arena knowing that they would follow me. Soon enough Alex came to my right and Sarah came to my left side. After walking few minuets of silence Sarah started to speak.

"I really missed you guys staying on that hell hole and away from you both was the hardest thing I've ever did. It was even more hard when I heard from Harry that you both blame yourselves for my missing. I was there to have some informations and to save you guys but that bitch rogue king didn't tell me any of his plans he always talks to his boss and no-one else but the bright side is that his castle's people want him dead so we can use their help" she continue

"And I'm really sorry Alex For everything can you forgive me?" she asked Alex with hopeful eyes. Alex sighed. "I was never angry with you Sarah I was only hurt that you didn't told us where you were all those years nothing else and of course I forgive you you both are my lil sis so how can I be angry with any of you" he said then hugged us both.

"I told you he won't be angry" I said to her and she laughed in delight. I love them both so much. Soon we were outside of the castle and on the filed where Xander, Dani and Harry were training their worriers. Others were gone to our alliances pack and to those where we don't have alliance to tell them about the war. We decided that we won't tell them about the prophecy now.

Untill we know everything ourselves. About Rosa and Mark they are trying to solve everything on the prophecy. I think Xander might have felt me before he saw me cause when I step on the field his eyes immediately found mine.

I saw that Dani was looking at Alex with the same expression like Xander's. They made their way towards us and Xander kissed me on my lips and immediately my body was on fire. I forgot that we were surrounded by people but at that moment I really didn't care all I care was about my mate who was kissing me.

He pulled me closer by my waist and I tangled my hand on his hair earning a groan from him and I moan in response. We pulled apart when we were out of breath. I wouldn't lie, I kissed him like that not only because I wanted to but also I wanted to let all the unmated females to know that who he belongs to.

From the corner of my eye I saw that Alex and Dani were standing close but you could still feel the awkwardness in the air. 'Looks like they are still the same like before' I thought.

I have to make sure to made everything right between them but then again I can't help thinking that I shouldn't interfere. I looked at Sarah she was talking to Harry about something. I then looked at my mate who was looking at me the whole time.

He was going to open his mouth to say something but then one of the petrol wolf came "you royal highness you have two visitors" Xander looked at him then at me and once again looked at him and nodded "okay we're coming" he then looked at me

"Looks like the healer is here" he said and grab my hand went towards where I assume is kingdom's border.


Unknown persons pov ( somewhere in Australia in werewolf Council's office)

I knew it I knew it that he couldn't do anything. And because of his stupidity now she suspect us. I need to do something I can't let my plan get ruined for years I've had waited for this. I can't and won't let her ruin this for me. We need to attack before and we are going to attack.

But first I need more worriers and that would the rogue king would give me. I smirked knowing that he doesn't have much time left.


Hi my lovely readers I hope that you'll are fine and safe. Well here's another chapter.

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