Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 23

Esmeralda's pov

When were close to the border I saw a boy with brown hair and brown eyes who might be in our age. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes but those eye's were dead?. Her eyes doesn't hold any colours at all.

If I didn't know that she was a healer and Rosa knows her then I think I might thought that she's one of our enemies. Alex was beside me as always.

Sarah didn't came as she was talking to Harry about some fighting techniques to make our worriers more powerful. When we get close to them I immediately hit by the power that the boy carry and also some other emotions that I can't put my fingers on.

You might think that I'm a vampire then how can I know about his powers or even his emotions you see I'm a half witch too. My powers are growing with each passing second that's why I can tell how his feeling and how much powerful he is.

When we were close to them the girl starts talking "your royal highness my name is Susan and this is Aron we are here because Rosa called us" she slightly bowed.

Xander nodded "yes she have told us about your arrival she's inside let's get inside and talk" he said with a hard look. Honestly I've known him for few days but I haven't seen him this cold at all cause he has been all soft and romantic towards me.

And now his all cold and emotionless with them. "Hey Rose I've talked to Harry about all the fighting techniques. All now we have to do is find a plan to kill that so called king and his imaginary boss" Sarah came to me.

I saw from my corner of my eye that Aron has a dumbstruck look on his face while looking at Sarah. My eyes widen no it can't be. Then I looked at Sarah who was looking at Aron and her eye's widen. I knew that she can feel a connection towards him a strong pull that only mates can feel.

Then she looked at me as if trying to conform that it is not any other feeling she's feeling. I nodded my head slightly and I didn't miss how her confused expression became happy. And her eye's become twinkly from happiness.

But then suddenly her happiness replaced with anger and jealousy. I was confused as to why she would feel like this then it clicked she's jealous because of Susan and angry that cause she can't control it. What can I say I know her more then she knows herself.

'Sarah calm down don't reach to any conclusion before knowing the whole truth' I mind linked her she looked at me and gave me an unnoticeable nod.

I then looked at Aron who was looking at Sarah like he never seen anyone like her before. "Let's go inside" I said and that broke Aron from his thoughts. We made our way to the meeting room where we usually do all of our talking and another reason cause Rosa and Mark are there.

"Where's Harry?" I asked when we were walking through the empty silent hallways. Dani was the one who answered my question "he said he will meet us in the meeting room cause he has something to take care of"

"What does he have to take care?" I asked her. She surged her shoulder "I don't know he didn't tell me anything". I noted that I will ask him myself.

I opened the meeting rooms door and saw Harry and Rosa was there but Mark wasn't. "Harry where were you? And where's Mark?" they both looked at me and Harry looked confused for few minuets and started to look around.

'Why is Harry behaving like this, is there something that I don't know of' I thought.

"What is it Harry? Why are you behaving like this?" I asked him. He then looked at me "I don't know when I came in Mark and Rosa was talking about something but when I entered Mark stopped talking and looked at me I don't know why but that time he was looking weird and when he saw me it was like I did something to him. But before I can ask he excuses himself and went to god knows where" he finish his talking but I was even more confused.

"What do you mean he was acting weird? Rosa what you and Mark were talking about earlier?" seriously is it question day or what. But I need answers that's only they can answer. And that's when I'll know what's actually is going on.

I might know what is going on but I'm not sure it can be my mind playing tricks with me but I have to be sure. "We were just talking about the prophecy and how can it change our future but suddenly he started to ask me all about witch spells, magics, their weaknesses I thought that it was just for his basic knowledge but when Harry came in he stopped and you know the rest" she continues

"I have a bad feeling Esmeralda that the war is going to be way sooner then we anticipated we need to do everything fast and think about a plan" she said looking worried.

I sigh knowing she's right we can't trust our enemies at all. we have to be one step ahead of them and right now we're nothing but ready. I felt two muscular arms circling around my waist and from the sparks I immediately know who that person is. I turn around and saw a vary concern Xander.

"Don't worry Love we will figure out something together no matter how hard it is just don't give up on yourself" he said kissing my forehead.

I smiled at this and nodded I was going to say something but then suddenly my head started to shoot in pain. I screamed as how painful it was it was like someone was trying to say something to me and that someone wasn't anyone who I knew.

I felt everyone was shouting but I couldn't say anything because the pain was so painful it was a miracle that my head didn't explode. I couldn't see anything everything was a blur to me all I was able to catch was "" with that darkness overcame me.
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