Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 24

Third person's pov ( somewhere in south)

The warehouses in the middle of the forest is like a abandon house. If you see it from outside you can't be able to tell that someone lives there.

But in this abandon house is kept all the innocent supernatural species captured. Why? The reasons are only one person know and that is the boss who all those guards follow.

In that creepy, nasty hall way, there is many cells and only they know how many they have kept there or had. The last room which has the most powerful witch.

They didn't gave her any food since she was locked here. She get to eat only one time of the day and that is whenever the guards wish to give her food.

And the cell she was staying is fill with the smell of blood and sweat. There were mice's running everywhere and sometimes also those insects that she didn't know the name or she does. Just doesn't want to name it out loud or it all be real.

Her body was weak because of the lack of food. There was no strength left in her body. All she can do was wait for her children's to came or at least to know that she is alive.

But she knew that it is impossible for them to know that their mother is alive. But she Won't give up 'I have to at least try to make them remember that they are my childrens I'm sure they will fight the memory barrier that the black witch have put on them years ago' she thought

She might be weak but the pain is less then the pain of your own children's to not remember you. With all the last strength she got she tried to communicate with any of her children's.

She doesn't have much time cause the guards will came back for another round of patrolling. So she have to do this as fast as she can and as quietly as she can because the spell may made some noises. But she has to take the risk.

She closed her eye's and mutter some words and immediately the air was hot. She tried to concentrate and tried to see for a light or some connection so she can connect with her daughter or son. After trying for like few minuets she has finally found the source but it was fading.

She tried to concentrate even more and grab that source. She made it but her body was very weak. So she knew it would be dangerous for her to continue. But the determination to be able to talk to her one of her children's has won the logical battle on her brain.

After some more time of concentration she finally could feel a warm feeling and that means she have connected to one of her children's mind. She's not that strong or she might be able to tell who she was talking to her daughter or son.

But she'll know once she will talk to them. She focused to light that was ahead of her and she knew it was her daughter by the witch power she was feeling. She smiled knowing that she can now finally talk to one of them.

After all those years she can finally talk to them or to their spirit but still that is something. After waiting some seconds she felt someone's presence behind her. She still didn't turn around.

'Who are you' she asked. When she turn around she saw her gasp and tears on her eye's.

Esmeralda's pov

When I tried to open my eye's I wasn't in the castle's meeting room. It was a forest the same forest where I lost my parents. From where my all my nightmares begin.

But how am I here? Am I dreaming in day time? What -

I stopped when I saw a figure standing few steps away from me. It was dark the only source of light was the moon. And from my Vampire powers darkness isn't a problem.

Hesitantly I started to walk towards her but I didn't let my guard down. As I started to walk closer to that figure I can see that it was a woman more like in her 40's.

To say I was confused will be an understatement. I got closer but I couldn't see her face cause I was facing her back. So it was impossible for me to see her face.

"Who are you?" I asked her. Hearing my voice she turned towards me and I gasp. 'How can it be? Is this real or am I dreaming' I thought to myself.

"No my dear it isn't a dream it's real I'm alive in front of you my Rose" I nearly break into tears all those years she was alive all those years. But then it came to me we are here spiritually that means she some where else.

"Where are you now?" Her face fall. "I'm sorry I don't have much time I'm in time limit and where I'm now I don't know myself cause they have kept me in a cell which have no windows so I don't know where that place is" my mother said.

I feel so angry that someone have been torturing my mother and still is. "Esmeralda listen I didn't have enough time all I'm gonna say is don't trust anyone other then your friends and the thing you see in front of you is not always what it seems to be so listen to your heart my dear if you be strong all the people who is with you will be strong as well. Remember not all the things you see and know is the truth is not always the whole truth and your brain can be wrong but your heart will always be right"

She was fading away "no mom Please don't go" I sob. "Oh my darling I'm going but it's temporary we will meet again my dear we will meet very soon I promise you that, and tell Alex I love him oh and the girl who's name Sarah tell her that she might not be my biological daughter but I still love her as one" with that she was gone and I started crying but stopped when I felt a pull and everything faded.

I was jolted awake I was back in the castle's meeting room. I was laying on the couch and xander was beside me and as everyone else Sarah and Alex had tears on their eye's. Aron and Dani was close to them. Dani was holding Alex's hand but Aron couldn't do anything he was just standing close to Sarah.

Sarah was close to Alex and he was comforting her by rubbing her shoulder "why are you guys are behaving like I was dead nothing happen to me"

"You fall on the floor with a scream that I'm sure everyone on the castle have heard and your telling us not to worry" Xander said from beside me I look at them apologetically then I remember everything the forest, my mom I look at Alex's way.

"Mom is alive"


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