Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 25

Alex's pov

Did I heard her correctly or my mind is playing games with me. "Wh - what do you mean by that our mom is alive? You aren't jocking right sis"

She looked at me and shook her head "no Al I'm not jocking sh - she talked to me Al she really did and told me she loves you and Sarah too" her eye's become mist from tears.

I immediately go to her and hugged her rubbing my hand on her back soothingly "hey don’t cry tell us what happen slowly okay" she again nodded her head.

"When I opened my eye's I was in a forest it was the same forest where we were attacked and then I saw a female figure few steps ahead it was dark and her back was facing me so I didn’t see her face but when she turned around I - I saw it was her" she look up at me

"It really was her Al I knew it was her and no one else she looked at me and smile an - and she told me that she was in a cell captive so she couldn’t came back to us and she so weak Al I could they were torturing her and we didn’t know what will we do Al" she wasn’t crying but I know that she was holding herself.

That's how strong and stubborn she is. She refuses to break down and she will fight back I know her cause I can see through her no matter how hard she try to hide it.

"Don’t worry sis we will bring her back. And we will make them pay who tried to hurt her and kept her away from us" I smiled to her "and don’t do that ever again sis cause we were so scared that something or someone have did something to you" I said to her with seriousness so that she can know I'm not jocking.

When I get back to my place Esme was immediately tackled by Sarah. I knew if it wasn’t for the couch then they would've fallen on the floor.

"Don’t ever do that again I was so scared when you fall on the floor and wasn’t opening your eye's and you know that reminded me when I was a child" and I immediately knew that she was talking about her parents.

Esme hugged her back "I'm sorry Sarah I didn’t wanted to scare you but I think mom was connecting with me spiritually that's why it hurt by the way how did you bring me back" she said to her assuring her.

"Aron did, he was trying to pull you back for few minuets he just couldn’t cause I think you were blocking him or mom whatever it was no magic of his were working on you but finally he was succeed to pull you back" Xander said to her

"Are you sure that you are fine love" he asked her I know he loves my sister and he would do anything for her. I have seen it myself when Esme fainted he was so worried you could see it on his face. Esme nodded her head.

Then I look at Dani she has been with me in these two days and after telling her about my past she has been with me and even more patience with me. And I appreciate that. I came out of my thoughts when Aron started speaking.

"I think you need to train more in your witch form I will train you on your spells and controlling and susan will train you for you vampire strength and control" he said to her and Susan came forward and nodded her head.

"Okay so what do you think from when I can start?" Esme asked them. "We will start from tomorrow morning if that is okay" this time it was Susan who answered it.

Esme nodded "sure me, Alex and Sarah have trained in the morning so it won't be a problem at all" they both nodded. Xander told Jack to escort them to their rooms it was on Sarah's floor. And I know that it was Esme's idea. I shook my head she really always want to make everyone happy.

They both went out of the meeting room. Then Esme looked at Rosa and Harry who was having their own conversation in hushed tone.

"Any news from Mark?" she asked them. They stopped whatever they were talking about and looked at her. Rosa shook her head "no we were trying to contact him but it was vain we couldn’t reach him anyhow" was her reply.

When I looked at Esme she has an far away look on her face she always have it when she's thinking. "What is it sis what are you thinking about?" I asked her she looked at me and opened her mouth to say something but suddenly the door of meeting room burst open and came Jack he was panting.

"I have news that the rogue king is dead" and all of our eyes are wide. That means that the king wasn’t really the main boss. And he was someone we don’t know of.


Hi guys so tell me your thoughts of what you all think of this chapter. I know that this Chapter is pretty short from my previous Chapters but the next Chapter will be pretty big that's why this one is short. And hopefully the next update would be tomorrow. Stay safe everyone. And have a good day :)

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