Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 26

Mark's pov ( far away from Castle deep in to the forest)

"Master we've got informed that Elias is dead and elder Raith is the one behind it" one of my man said.

"What is your next order master what should we do?" the other man added. I looked at them calmly but inside I was feeling anything but calm. But I hold myself I can't lash on my mans at least not now.

"I really don’t care if the so called king is dead he wasn’t any use of me anyway so it doesn’t matter if his dead or not" and continued

"And no we are not going to kill elder Raith because we still need him so killing him would be useless let him think that the game is on his side for a while his going to die in the end anyways and go to the rogue king's castle and offer his mans if they want they can help us if not then kill them" I said looking at the four of my mans who's here. I was going to leave but stopped remembering something

"Oh and how is that witch on the cell? I need her alive so make sure not to kill her got it" they all nodded and I turned and went towards the castle.

I have send the others to make force for the war. No matter what I have the upper hand here and I will surely win this war no matter what. Let's see how you will stop me dear Princess I smirked.


Esmeralda's pov ( in her and Xander's bedroom)

I was sitting on the bed thinking about what my mom told me. 'Remember dear not everything is what it’s seems think from your heart let it decided cause your brain can be confused but your heart won't'

I haven’t told Alex about this yet. After Jack barge in the meeting room with the rogue king's dead news all of us were shocked. And mom's word came in my mind 'there’s someone else behind all of this' I know that there is someone else behind all of this.

And I have my suspicious but I'm not sure and I can't reach in to any conclusion without proof. I sigh all of this is so confusing. Then suddenly I remember the guy from the party who I thought was looking forced.

He might know something that we don’t. I have to meet him but how? if elder Raith has anything to do with any of this then he won't let me.

Just then the door opened and came Xander he have went with Jack for investigation this even further.

"Any news?" he shook his head "no the latter that Jack found where was writing that the rogue king is dead is the only thing, we couldn’t find who send it but the news is true" he said.

I frown something isn’t right. This is the werewolf king's territory so it is impossible for someone to enter here and leaving without any clue.

This could only happen if that person uses witch's help or that person himself is a witch. Xander come closer to me

"Hey don’t worry so much we will find out who was it okay" I shaked my head "no Xander there is more to it then we're seeing it and I know exactly who can give us those answers but I need to go to that place first where Jack found the latter"

Xander looked at me confused but agreed nevertheless. He took my hand and we went out of the room. Now you might think that if I can transport myself just thinking then why I'm walking.

Well if I don’t walk then I wouldn’t have the figure that I have now. We came to a stop in Sarah's floor but we didn’t stop there we kept walking through the hallway.

We came to a stop in the middle of the hall and I immediately felt the magic that has been here. It wasn’t a witch infact it was a Fae I'm sure of it. But that Fae isn’t bad? Did I just say that? I can sense if anyone is bad or not?

'Wow that's new' I mentally smiled. Then I looked at Xander who was looking at me questioningly

"I wanted to came here cause I suspected that if anyone has just entered in this castle through all the guards and left without a trace then it has to be a witch so I have to came here to make sure but when I came here it wasn’t a witch it was a Fae" I explained to him and his mouth formed and 'o'.

"Can we meet one of the elders alone?" I think my question took him off guard but he quickly composed himself and nodded.

"Yes we can but we have to talk to elder Raith first and if he agrees only then we can meet" he said.

I shook my head "no, can't we meet one of them without telling him?" I know it's a stupid question but I can't let him know. Something in me is telling me not to and I'm going to trust my gut.

"You know we can't his the head of all of the elders and we have to report him why we want to meet one of the elders alone" he finished. "Why are you asking this?"

I looked at him and I know I have to tell him "I think the man in the elders we met at the party who went last he know something and I need to make sure about it"

"Who? Elder Robert?" I snook my head "I don’t know his name but one thing I know he knows something that can be important to us"

"We can't meet him alone his infact elder Raith's right hand so he would want to know why we wanna meet his right man alone" he said to me.

I have to think something how can I meet him without that elder Raith's knowing. My eyes widen in realization and I looked at Xander smiling 'of course why didn’t I thought of it before mom's spell book would help' you see I might be the one of the powerful witch and I knkw plenty of spell's but it’s isn’t enough. And I might have learned many spell's including my mom's spell.

But my mom's spell book was stolen that's why I Couldn't learn them. I have killed him and the book is with me so I can use it and learn some new spell's.

I took Xander's hand and went towards the room I were staying before. There is still some stuff of mine was there including my mom's spell book and the scroll.


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