Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 28

Esmeralda's pov,

When I closed my eye's and said the spell that I found on my spell book or my mother's spell book. Nevertheless I was chanting those words and I felt the air around me has become hot.

I was imagining elder Robert's face and was trying to connect with him. And when I opened my eye's I was somewhere, I really couldn't recognize.

It was also dark but there was a light. I walk towards it and then I saw him elder Robert he was sitting in a bench which was in front of the water fall. I was again in a forest but this time I don't recognize it.

This time it was day light and I could see how beautiful this forest is. The trees were so green and the ground has little white flowers. Birds were chirping on the trees and so peaceful.

It almost made me forgot about the threat and trouble that is going on, Almost. I saw elder Robert has his back towards me 'what's up with people always facing their backs towards me?' I thought.

I walked towards him and then the wind through blow to the opposite of me. 'Great now he knows I'm behind him great job wind' I thought.

"Come have a sit Esmeralda I've wanted to talk to you for so long but for the circumstance I couldn't" he said in a very calm voice.

It's the first time I heard him talk. The first time we met we didn't talk through lips but in mind link but still that's two different things.

"You mean you couldn't talk to me because of elder Raith" it was a statement more then a question.

He looked at me shocked "yes it was because of him I couldn't talk to you"

"But why? what he has done to make you his puppet? And most importantly why is he doing all of this though?" I asked him I wanted answers can you blame me.

The whole world and the people I care and love their lives are at stake. So I've gotta know why is he doing all of this.

He shook his head "I think you know that his not the main boss behind all of this right?" he said snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head "yes I know and I kinda have a gist as to who can be the main reason behind all of this but I could be wrong"

He sigh "Esmeralda I don't have much time left all I can say now is that his using black magic to hold me back because I've once heard him talk to the rogue king about killing the werewolf king and making the Princess his personal slave though it was the rogue king's wishes not his and before I can hear anything more he saw me and call his witch to cast a spell on me so that I stay on his control and wouldn't reveal his true identity"

I looked at him making sure he isn't lying and sure he isn't "then how are you in here?" if he was controlled by black magic then how can he come in spirit and talk to me.

He smiled "I think you've came to known there is a Fae that has sent you the latter she's with me, she is the reason why I'm not in total control of that witch because of her she's not as powerful as her but because of her charm necklace I've been able to be myself"

" mean she's helping you why?" I was suspicious cause as far as I've known no-one do anything without a reason. If it is good or bad there's always a reason behind it.

"Raith has killed her parents and she have told me that the main boss behind all this is capturing Fae's and have already captured your mother so she wanted to help you and and all the Fae's" He finished explaining.

I felt a rage inside of me hearing my mother's name but controlled myself. Cause once that person is in front of me begging for his life. I wouldn't hesitate to kill him with my own hand and believe me when I say he will beg me for his dear life I'll make sure of it.

"I have to go now dear Esmeralda my time is up but I promise this isn't the last time we will meet each other very soon my dear we will meet in the war where the table can turn in any direction just remember one thing follow the right path and you may win" and before he disappeared he turned towards me

"And Esmeralda be prepared cause the war is going be more earlier then you think" with that he was gone.

I was going back to my body too the Place was disappearing. And then darkness once again surrounded me. When I opened my eye's I was still sitting on the floor and the spell book was still on my lap.

I looked around to see that everyone's eyes were on me. I think about what the elder Robert said. It was true though in the war the tables can surely turn in any direction. But one thing is true though that we will win the war not the other way around.

"So....are you going to stare at your lap for the whole day or are you going to tell us what did you learn" it was none other then Sarah she sure can be impatient that's for sure.

"I didn't get much cause we were on a time limit but elder Raith sure has a hand in all of this and his taking help of a black witch, he also said that to be prepared cause the war is going to be more earlier then we think" I said to them.

First is was pin drop silent but then Alex spoke "if he has black witch on his side then it isn't good what else sis?" he said although in the last line he was looking at me.

"His capturing Fae's and he has captured mom" I said I know I shouldn't have told him about it but his my brother and he will know when I'm hiding something or not.

His went tense at that but before he can go all vampire and out of control "bro calm down it's not the time for us to be angry or out of focus cause we need to save mom and we need to save the others too but for that we. need. to. be. calm" I empathised my last words so that he can understand.

If we became angry and do something in rage then it might back fire us so we need to be calm. I looked at Xander "can you arrange an emergency meeting now and tell the others to meet us in the meeting room" I said and he nodded his head.

I got up from floor and took the book and scroll with me. I've been sitting around and doing nothing for few days now. Let others take control of the situation and let them do what they wanted to do.

But now it is time to take control back in my hands. It's time for letting them all know who the real Esmeralda is.


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