Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 29

Esmeralda's pov,

When I went to the meeting room everyone was already present there. I entered with Xander behind me and the others. We all took a sit on the table I set beside Xander.

I looked around to see that everyone was sitting there with a confused face as to why we called a meeting this sudden. "Xander will you tell us already that what the reason is for this sudden meeting?" Lucy asked when everyone was exchanging same confused look and was whispering themselves.

"I told Xander to call an emergency meeting cause I've an announcement regarding the war that is going to happen" I said gaining everyone's attention.

"Okay so now that I have everyone's attention listen to me very carefully cause this is very important matter and I want everyone's hundred percent attention is everyone clear" I said eyeing each one of them.

Like I said it's time to let the world see the real Esme. And werewolf queen or not I'm queen of my own world and I won't let some greedy dogs let me down. They have to try even harder.

When I heard chores of 'yes' I began talking "I've got an news from my informer that the war is going to be more closer then we anticipated and I want everyone one of you to be prepared for anything" I said let it sink in them then started asking the questions.

"Luca will you tell me how many packs is on our side and how much is one the opposite or not even interested?" I asked him. okay more like command him so what?

It took him a minute to answer "yes, the west side's shadow pack, night pack, silver pack and moon light pack is on our side. Then east side's White wolfe pack, Red moon pack and infact the night hunters pack is on our side"

"The night hunters pack? isn't they are the second biggest pack after us?" I asked him I've heard about them not much but I will after this meeting was done. Xander looked surprised for a second.

Luca nodded his head "yes they are but that's not it they are more like a silent pack they don't attend any meetings, pack parties or don't even participate on any help so it's kinda shocked that they agreed to help us"

I nodded my head "I wanna talk to the alpha of the night hunters pack tell them that, and Lucy have you looked through what I've told you too?" before coming to this meeting room I've talked to Lucy to bring the blueprints of this pack.

She nodded her head then I looked at Xander was going to open my mouth but he spoke first "training of my worriers are going smoothly Harry have gave and teach them some moves so they are practicing on them in the morning and in the afternoon" he answered my unspoken question.

'Okay might be the mate bond' I thought. I nodded my head then looked at the people in front of me "Ryan tell all the pack members who's our alliances to train their worriers and keep an eye on their broader for any unusual activity and to inform us if there is any" I said

But then I remembered something "oh nad and Luca invite all our alliances pack alpha's here cause Xander might know them but I don't so I would like to know them, you all can go now" he and the others answered me with a 'yes Luna' and went out of the room. Lucy have kept the blueprints on the meeting table so I can see it later.

"Where's Harry and Rosa?" I asked Alex. He was going to answer when Harry entered the room. "I'm here so tell me why did you needed me" I raised an eyebrow his looking happy which is unusual of him.

Then entered very flushed Rosa and I immediately know the reason 'eww the last thing I want is thinking of the man who's like my father and Rosa's sex life no way' I shuddered knowing that.

"Okay I'm not gonna ask the reason why your late so any news of Mark?" on the mention of his name his face become serious all the happiness and cheerfulness was gone. I was feeling a little bad for vanishing his happy mood but we needed to know.

He shook his head "no me and Rosa have tried to contact him but in vain" he said taking a sit. I nodded and looked at Aron "where's Susan?"

"She's in her room doing some plan for your trainings" he answered.

"Okay I think we should start our training now then we'll do it again tomorrow morning" I said.

He was thinking or more like mind linking to Susan so I waited few minuets "fine by us, Susan will meet us on the field"

"Okay let's go" I was going to get up but Xander's hand on my thigh stoped me I looked him questioningly he just shook his head. I then looked at the others and saw then already out of the room 'what?'

I didn't get to think more cause I was spin around and was trapped between the meeting table and Xander. His hot breath fanning my face he have caged me with his arms.

The closeness between us was affecting me in many ways that I didn't felt before. "Wh-what are you doing" I asked him but all I wanted to do was kiss him.

He looked at me his eyes dark from lust and I saw a proud smile on his face. "You know seeing you taking control and giving orders is such a turn on" I bite my lips on his words and his attention immediately went on my lips.

He brought his finger and took my bottom lips which I was biting and started rubbing it softly "don't do that only I'm allowed to do that to your lips" he said.

"Why?" my breathing has become heavier and the look on his eyes wasn't helping either. It was such a turn on I'm sure he might smell my arousal. My theory become true when I looked at him and his eyes become more dark.

In seconds his lips crashed on mine it was dominating, hungrier and full of passion. His hand went down to my hips picking me up and setting me on the meeting table. I gasped at the sudden movement and he took that chance to slip his tongue in my mouth and starting to explore it. He parted my legs and stand between it to come closer.

I swear every time we kiss it become more and more intense, and more heavenly. Our tongues were moving on sync he slipped his hand under my tee. My whole body was on fire. wherever he touch I felt sparks which was making this more exciting. I moaned in the kiss which made him more excited.

After which felt like forever we break the kiss to catch our breaths. But it didn't stop him to trail kisses on my jaw, neck where my sweet spot was I left another breathless moan. I tangled my hand on his hair playing with it he groan in approval.

"Cause. no. one. is. allowed. to. hurt. you not. even. you. understood " he said between kisses. When I didn't answered he bite my neck softly yet possessively and growl.

"When I ask something I accept an answer mate understood" he said now licking that spot which I'm sure would leave a hickey but at this point I really don't care about that. I nodded my head but he wasn't satisfied with it he bitted again and this time a little harder "use your words"

If it was any other time I would have gave him my piece of my mind but now I let it slide "yes" I felt him smirk against my skin 'oh his so gonna get it his not the only one who can play games' I thought.

I was on my fully senses now I grab his shirt and throw him on the chair behind him he growl loudly and looked at me with hooded eyes "what are you doing mate?"

I didn't answer him instead I get down on his eye level and kissed him on his lip which he returned happily. But before it can be more heated I pulled away and started to kiss him on his jaw from his neck leaving wet hot kisses there.

He groan and growl at the same time 'looks like big bad alpha king doesn't like to be controlled huh' I smirked at that thought and went to his ears and bite it. He groan again but I wasn't finished

"Come on Xander we've gotta go to training everyone is waiting for us in the training field" I said and pulled away. Looking at a very shocked Xander who was panting. I smiled innocently and went towards the door slowly swaying my hips.

I heard him growl "you will regret it mate I swear you will regret it" I looked over my shoulder at him "we will see about that alpha" I said I didn't wait for his reply I was out of the room before he can say anything. Laughing on the way to the field. 'This is going to be fun'


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