Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 3

Esmeralda's pov

When I reached to the kitchen I was greeted by the divine smell of beacon that my brother was cooking. 'His in a good mood' I thought to myself.

"Good morning brother, what's for breakfast and you looks like your in a good mood today" I state what I was thinking.

"That's cause I'm in a good mood today sis, for breakfast there is beacon,eggs,and pancakes. I think you know what today is" Alex said happily. I was confused at first but then it clicked me what day is today, it's moving day.

I groan realizing why my brother was so happy. you see I'm a hybrid and my brother being the most powerful vampire doesn’t help much.

There is so many supernatural kinds and hunters out there who wanted us just for their own selfish reasons.

So that no-one doesn’t know about us or our whereabouts. we change our location every year and stay as low as possible.

And guess what today is the day where we have to go to other country ( which I hate so much) . Travelling and meeting new people every year is frustrating I'd rather stay at one place and locked myself then go around and meet new people every time.

But my brother has other opinions he said that going to new places and meeting new people is fun. Seeing what country has another kind of fun. That's one of the reasons he's so happy today.

"Do we really have to go today" I said whining so that he know how much frustrated I'm about this thing.

"We have to sis; you know that why we are doing this,besides you will love this country I promise you that"

Suppressing an eye roll,I groan and started to have my breakfast which looked delicious by the way they smelled.

"So where are we going this time" I asked in a bored tone not interested one bit to know where we are going.

"We are going to Australia, and don't worry about school I've got everything under control" came Alex's proud filled voice.

I so wanna kill my brother right now and I would have if I didn’t love him so much. I stay silent knowing very well me saying anything isn't going to change his plan so why waste my voice.

"And packed your things like before you know the rules we can't left any proof that we were staying here" he continued "and sis I left the computer work in your hand, erase every evidence that we were here and I'll take care of the memories"

I nod in understanding, we then eat in complete silence after finishing breakfast. we both went our separate ways his going to erase people’s memories and packing his things.

Me going to erase every information about us being here in every digital machines and adding some new information about us for our new place, oh and of course packing my things.


A/n : Hi guys another chapter of this book hope you'll liked it. How do you think about this chapter? What does new place hold for the powerful siblings? Read to find out;)
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