Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 30

Xander's pov,

My mate sure knows how to make me want her more. When she was interrogating Luca and the others and giving them commands it was such a fucking turn on.

And then the kiss damn she really knows what she's doing.

"And that's why I love her" my wolf Alastair said dreamingly.

"Oh shut it since when did you become a love sick puppy?" I asked him when all he was doing was wagging his tail.

"Oh please like your any difference you behave like a teenager around her" before I can reply him he blocked me.

Ugh.....sometimes the wolf of mine annoys me so much. But his not wrong though Esme has that kind of effect on me that I always intend to forgot what was I going to do.

Anyways enough of my wolf now it's time to see where my beautiful sexy mate went. She have challenged me and there's no way I'm going to lose this one.

I went out of that meeting room and went towards the training field where she was supposed to train. When I reached their I saw that Esme and Aron was standing in the middle of the training field.

With a little audience around them. I walk towards them and stand beside Sarah who was standing beside Alex and Dani. Looking at them with curiosity. I looked at her "why are so curious didn't you saw her training before wasn't you three trained together" I asked her more.

I was more curious then confuse for her answer. She looked at me "yes we trained together but the main and more fun thing is training in our powers I know physical training is also important and we love that too but trust me training in magic powers is so much fun especially watching Esme's I always loved watching her magic spell training" she said but then again her attention went back to Esme.

I chuckled I can't blame her cause I myself is curious to see my mate's training. I know she's powerful and I don't have any doubt in how much powerful she is. Cause she have given me a little demonstration when we met in one of the castle's guest room.

I can't say that I accepted her to be calm after I injected her but she took me off guard when she started to use her powers on me. And seeing her train in her witch side is existing.

I wanna know everything about her. Every side of her, every dark secrets, wishes, hobbies everything. And I'm gonna do that 'just wait till your done mate'

As if sensing me watching her she looked my way and smiled I smiled back. I would and will do anything to keep that smile on her face forever. And I promised myself after all of this she's gonna be happy and I mean it I won't let any single tears on her eye's.

She then again looked at Aron who was starting to speak "okay so we would start from your elemental powers I know your good at it so it doesn't mean you can't be even more stronger right?"

She nodded her head "I know that and I'm ready to do it" she said with so much confidence that I myself feel proud that I've got such a powerful mate. I'm so lucky to have her, I really doesn't know what I did to deserve her but I'm not letting her go now.

"All right then so why don't we start from one of the element you choose and then we will see what we need to work on" he told her and she nodded her head. I was watching her every move, doesn't want to miss anything.

I might be looking like a kid who's waiting for his Christmas present. But it's my mate we're talking about and I don't wanna miss anything doesn't care what everyone else says.

She closed her eye's try to focus and concentrate. Then she started to say a spell.

* Here and now
I evoke the elemental force of water
I call to the trickling stream
and the oceans waves
to the clear, cold well
and the falling rain.
You that is ever - shifting,
that teaches the lessons of Adaption
That wears canyons in stone,
I call you here to infuse my intention.
Wash my will in your flow,
Carry my purpose on your current
Dewdrop and Lake.
Clarity and strom.
Water, I call to thee *

As soon as she finished saying it the droplets of water in the grass and trees came up and become together above her head.

She made it in so many shapes so quickly that I was amazed by it. And not only me all the peoples here Luca and the others was watching her with their mouth open.

I looked back at my mate who was now making the water in a giant Sword and I swear my mate can't get more amazing.

Aron asked her that this the only thing she can do she said no and explained it to him that she can make sword into an icy sword and she did just that.

And then she transform it into a rope but she said she prefer the electric whip cause it effect more. And I know exactly why cause I've got a taste of it on day one.

She then make it into more giant balls and took Aron into one. His a powerful healer that I know but being inside a water ball would made anyone weak.

He was using all his power and strength to get out of it but all in vain. She leave him when it was becoming very hard for him to breath. He fall to the ground with a thud.

Gasping loudly and breathing hard. I almost felt sorry for him Almost. Esme went to him and help him to stand on his feet "sorry if it was too much I just wanted to show you that water balls can be dangerous as well" she said apologetically.

But my attention was on her hand that was on his shoulder and was there for too much time for my liking. I closed my eye's and took deep breaths 'control your anger Xander' I opened my eye's when I heard Aron talking.

"Your right it can be dangerous and pretty powerful especially when it doesn't have an effect on any magical powers but it took a lot of your energy you might be fine now but in war or any kind of fight your need to use all your elemental powers so that is why you need to work on it more and use it when it's really necessary" he explained to her but he was still out of breath.

She nodded her head "I understand that I will practice even more but I think we should call it a day cause your out of energy and I think you need a little rest and I need to meet Susan anyway" she said and he nodded his head Sarah grab him by shoulders and helped him to go towards his room.

Jack came towards me "remind me not to mess with your mate and be on her bad side cause I see she can kick my ass magically and physically" he said and I chuckle.

"That's my Esme we're talking about she's the best and your Queen" I said proudly and Jack nodded his head

"Well I can't be on her physical training cause she have asked more like commanded me to prepare all the paper and informations about the alpha's who's on our alliances and I tell you dude if you mess this up I don't know about Esme but I sure will kick your ass if you hurt our Luna Queen understood" he threatened me and I growled lowly.

"I won't hurt my mate you dumbass go do your work and don't threatened me I'm your king" I said to him deadly but he was unaffected by it.

"Yeah yeah all before that your my best friend and a brother to me so I can threatened you" he said in a duh tone with a little smile.

But I know he wouldn't betray me and would die before he do it. I trust him with my life and know that he always have my back like I have his.

I shook my head "I know now go before Nina becomes angry" I said seeing Nina was being impatience. Jack looked at her and then back at me "I don't know what's got into her she's become very moody these days" he said with a sigh.

"Have you talked to her?" he shook his head "then what are you waiting for go talk to her" I encourage him he nodded and went towards his mate. Then I looked at my Esme who was talking to Alex and Dani about something.

I walked towards them "hey what are you guys talking about?" I asked them when I was close and stand beside Esme pulling her by her waist and nuzzling my face in her neck. She giggled in the contact but didn't push me away for which I was glad.

"Nothing I was just telling her about the alpha's and Luna's I've met before" Dani answered my question.

"I've gotta go Susan might be waiting for me and after that there's a lot of things we need to do later" Esme said pulling away from me making me pout call me a child but I just wanna be close to my mate is that wrong?

She saw my pout and smiled kissed me on my lips and immediately my pout was gone. I smiled too "okay then I have to check on some paper works anyway but we aren't finished yet love" I warned her and kissed her again more Passionately when I pulled back she was crimson red and I chuckle.

"See you later love" I kissed her forehead and went inside the castle towards my office.


Hi readers okay so......where I stay here's night and pretty late late update from my side.

I know I'm in a foul mood cause I can't publish any chapter with pictures so this kinda sucks.

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