Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 31

Esmeralda's pov,

After talking with Alex and Dani I went towards where Susan told me to meet her. We decided to meet in the middle of the forest. Wasn't it a little ironic like that the physical training is happening in the middle of the forest and the magical training has happen in the castle's training field.

When I reached she was there sitting on a rock sharping her blades. She looked up when I went closer. "Well how was your training with Aron heard you made him your test dummy" she said jokingly.

"Oh I did made him my dummy but I've warned him before the training but he said it's no big deal" I shrug my shoulder.

Susan laughed "that's so Aron he would never admit it but he always knew that your powerful that's one of the reason he decided to help you" she said shaking her head.

But one question is still in my head "Susan if you and Aron aren't sibling then what are you both?" I asked her cause I was confused and mostly worried about Sarah.

She might have knew I was going to ask it, cause she doesn't look surprised. "You don't have to worry Aron and I are like partners in crime we are best friends since childhood and I saw him as my brother nothing else" she explained to me.

I nodded "shall we start what we were supposed to do?" she said looking at me I nodded my head again. I was warming up for the training and Susan started to speak again after I finished my warm up.

"Okay then we will go to weapons later and before you say that your good at it remember we're doing this so there can't be any more flaws in your fighting skills and so that you can be the best in the field so let's begin" she said and stood in a fighting trance

I did the same "punch me" she said. I looked at her "are you sure?" I asked her not because I can't it's because I really don't wanna hurt her.

"Yes now punch me as hard as you can" she said. I shrug my shoulder "don't tell me I didn't warn you before" I said and punched her hard cause she wanted me to.

She went crashing few steps away into the tree pretty hard 'Ouch' it might have hurt. She get up groaning "what the fuck, I've told you to punch me not to fucking make me fly" she said groaning.

I look at her apologetically "I warned you" I told her. She glare at me "that doesn't mean you have to punch me so hard"

I looked at her innocently "you told me to punch you as hard as I can and that wasn't even half of my strength" I told her as matter of fact. She glared at me even more but didn't say anything.

"Let's continue our training" she said standing on her place again with a fighting trance. I'm doing the same and we continued our training for three more ours.

When Susan try to punch me I block her and kick her and when she try to kick me I block her. Trying not to hurt her at the same time cause I don't wanna hurt her.

After few more block and strike we finally call it a day. We both decided to head back to the castle. We both were thirsty so we went into the kitchen and everyone was present there.

"Hi guys" I greeted everyone and they all said their hello's. Then I started to look for Xander but he wasn't there. 'Hmm, he might still be on his office I'll go to him after I eat something' I thought.

"Are you okay Aron I'm sorry again about the training" I said to him but he just shook his head "come on Esme it isn't a big deal and you know it we were training and it was supposed to happen so don't worry"

"Esme meet Maria she's the head chef in the castle" Lilly said introducing me to an elderly woman. "It's an honour to cook for you my Queen what would you like to eat?" Maria said with a motherly smile and I smiled immediately.

"Please call me Esmeralda or Esme and I'll have pancakes" I said to her she just smiled. She asked Susan what she will like to eat she said she wasn't hungry so she will just go to her room.

Before Susan went out of the room she said to me that if I needed her to just call her from her room which I nodded my head. Maria went back to cooking.

I took a sit next to Nina who was very engrossed in her thoughts. I put my hand on Nina's "hey are you okay?" I asked her with a concerned look.

She looked at me and smiled "I'm okay Esme don't worry about it" she said but after a moment she then again looked at me "umm Esme I was thinking of going to shopping with you and the girls" she said with a worried expression.

I smiled at her "of course it is okay when are we going?"

She sigh in relief I was confused why she is behaving like it. "Oh that's great how about we go to shopping at 4" she suggested.

I nodded "that's fine then we'll go in 4'o clock" I said to her and her smile even widen. We were just talking but then Jack walk in "Esme we have a visitor" he said looking slightly annoyed.

I looked at him "Huh? I wasn't expecting someone wasn't the Alpha's and Luna's were supposed to come tomorrow?" I asked him.

He shook his head "it's not our alliances pack members it's -" he couldn't finish cause someone else called my name "My dear Princess"

My eyes widen I'll know that voice anywhere 'no - way no fucking way' I thought.

Mark enter the room all bloody and everyone gasp at his sight. "Luca help him to sit on the chair I'll bring some water" Lilly said Luca did what his mate told him to.

I went towards him when he has finished drinking his water. "Mark where were you in this two days and what the hell happened?" I asked him suspiciously.

"I was captured by some rogues they were torturing me for informations when I didn't opened my mouth they tried to kill me fortunately I killed the two rogues who were supposed to kill me and here I am" he said looking tired.

I look at him suspiciously cause something wasn't right "Ryan why don't you take him to the pack doctor" I said Ryan looking at him he nodded his head and took him.

Something really wasn't right. I can feel it but can't put my finger on it. "I'm going to meet Harry and Rosa if Xander ask tell him to meet me there" I said no one in particular.

I need to think cause there's something fishy about Mark and I need to find it. And I know they can tell me about him. I took a deep breath and nocked on their door.

After few minuets the door was opened by Rosa and Harry was sitting on the bed the spell book one his hand and the scroll on the bed. I've given it to them before to look for some more clues for the prophecy.

Rosa looked at me in worried expression "is everything okay Esmeralda?" she asked.

I looked at her and then at Harry "Mark is back"


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