Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 32

Esmeralda's pov,

I was sitting in Harry and Rosa's bedroom. A very angry Harry was pacing around the room and muttering to himself. Rosa was just sitting on the sofa and shaking her head.

"Harry will you sit down and calm down for a minute so that we can talk" I more like commanded him.

'Jeez I'm commanding people more then I'm talking to them' I thought but Harry was making it difficult as it already is. He glared at me but comply anyway.

"Why didn't he told us or even send us signal we would have saved him before" he said looking pissed.

I sigh "that's the last thing I'm worrying about" I said to them. With that Harry looked at me confusingly Rosa might have knew what I was saying cause she spoke first.

"Your worrying that he might betray us?" she asked me. She took my silence as an answer. Harry looked at me strangely "what why are you looking at me like that?" I know why but I doesn't wanted to say it out loud.

"Why are you suspecting him he nearly got killed?" he asked me.

"You know why I don't trust people that easily and then Mark didn't gave me any reason to trust him either" I was also going to say that I didn't really care about Mark getting killed but hold my tongue.

"I know you can't trust people easily and he didn't gave you any reason to trust him but I know him he can't and won't do anything" he said looking me straight in the eye.

I sigh "all right I'm not gonna do anything" 'yet' I silently added.

He nodded his head and look up at the ceiling with thinking face. I looked at the books "have you found anything?"

Harry looked at the books and said "no It's full of ancient spells so it will help you and as for the scroll that is the same thing" he explained.

I thought about it this wouldn't be here if it wasn't important. Everything happens for a reason my mom have taught me that when I was a little girl.

'So the scroll is here because it's the thing I need to make my spells stronger' I sigh again.

"I'm taking this with me I'll be in my room, this day just can't get any better" I muttered the last part to myself and took the scroll and book with me.

I reached my and Xander's room and put the scroll and the book on the bedside table and set down on bed to think. All of this is so confusing my gut is telling me that there is something wrong with Mark.

But I want to trust Harry at the same time. Before I can overthink myself the door opened and came my mate with a tray full with pancake and bacon. I smiled at him at the sight of bacon my stomach made a noise and immediately a blush form in my cheeks.

When I looked at Xander he just smiled "I've heard what happen and also that you didn't eat anything since morning so I brought food for you we can eat together and then think about everything else" he said setting the tray in the bed in middle.

"Let's dig in" he said. And all I could do was nod cause I was hungry won't lie on that cause whenever I'm hungry I intended to think a lot of things that is not even important.

Xander and I finished our breakfast he put the tray aside and took my hand in his looking at my eye's "how are you feeling about all of this?" he asked me looking concerned.

I smiled looking out of the window "I'm fine just confuse that's al,l I'm really not sure what to do I want to trust him but something in me is stoping me but I don't know what" I looked at him

"Have you seen Alex?" he shook his head and I frown. 'He hasn't been himself since I told him about mom I need to talk to him' I thought.

I then saw Xander looking at me with a worried expression "I'm fine just worried about Alex his been distant since I told him about mom" I said to him he nodded his head.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door Xander said come in. The door opened and came a very happy Lucy "hey just come here to ask Esme that the shopping tripe is still open or not cause Nina really wants to go outside with us" she said looking from Xander to me and me to Xander.

I was debating as what will I do if I go then I can't talk to Alex as if Xander read my mind "I'll talk to him you girls go and have some fun after all the eventful day you need something and shopping sounds fun so go enjoy I'll talk to Alex" he said looking serious but the smile never left his face.

I smiled back and looked at Lucy "yes just give me a minute to change then we can leave" she nodded and closed the door.

I got up from bed and went to the walk in closet in our room. I'm quite not sure how I ended up in Xander's room but now I really don't care. I decided to wear the dark blue jeans with a dark blue sweater which has a v neckline that shows a little bit of my cleavage but not too much.

I wore the crescent moon locket that my mom gave me and clutching it in my fist 'I will get you back mom just don't give up'

When I get out of my room Xander was still the same place where I left him. He heard me come and looked at me. I saw his eyes darkens with lust. He came towards me his hand on my waist and he bent down his face on the crook of my neck.

Placing small feather like kisses "if I knew that you would look like this then I wouldn't have let you leave our room at all" he mumble and I giggle.

He looked at me with a pout on his face but I kissed him and he tightened his hold on my waist and pulled me closer if that was even possible. And kissed me with an hunger I pulled away much to my dismay but if I didn't then I couldn't be able to control myself.

We both were breathing heavily "I should go the girls might be waiting for me downstairs" I said and he just nodded his head.

He kissed my forehead "be careful okay and be back soon" he said. I smiled at him and kissed his lips one more time then got out of the room to downstairs.

Lucy, Lilly, Nina, Dani and Susan? Was waiting for me. "Susan your coming too I thought you don't like shopping?" I asked her she nodded her head towards Lucy "she draged me here and threatened me if I didn't come she will hide all of my weapons"

I looked at her "you said that?" she nodded her head biting her lips for preventing her laugh. "I just wanted that everyone have fun and she is also a girl and in our side so I thought why not take her too" she said looking innocent I just shook my head this girl really is something else.

I then looked at Dani "you okay?" I questioned her. She just shook her "I'm fine just worried about Alex" she said sadly. "Don’t worry he will talk to you when his ready just give him time if he doesn’t talk to you when your back then I'll take care of it he might be my big brother but I'm his sister" I said smilingly and she smiled too.

"Okay can we go now I'm soo exited to go and standing here won't make us go to the shopping mall" Nina said impatiently.

"I can just teleport us to the shopping mall" I said they all looked at me shocked.

"What?" I looked at them questioningly.

"You can teleport us to the shopping mall?" Lilly asked and I just nodded.

They all shook their heads "Let's not do that now and go by the car" Susan said after a minute.

We all agreed as much as I love to use my powers I would like to use them when I really need them. We all set on the car and went out of the castle's border to the road Lucy was driving and Nina was sitting on the passenger seat and me, susan, Dani and Lilly were sitting on the back seat. All of us chatting whatever came to our mind.

After so many years I really feel like I found the friends and family I never thought I missed. And I love this feeling 'hope everything turns out to be okay in the end of all of this'

Hi my lovely readers sorry for the late update. I was very busy at updating this book's 47 chapter on other app ( if you guys want you can read there the link is on my bio)

And another book that I've started few days ago and also I have to study so yeah I was pretty much busy. I'll try to update everyday but no promises.

Stay safe, stay happy and don’t forget to smile.
Love ya all♥
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