Alpha's hybrid mate

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Chapter 33

Xander's pov,

I came out of my room after a shower and changing of clothes. I went to look for Alex, his room is on the second floor of the castle. When I came in front of his room I knocked after two minutes Alex opened the door.

He wasn't in a good shape at all 'looks like he took it more badly then mate thought' my wolf said to me. And I need to agree with that.

'What should we do?' I asked him cause I wasn't good at comforting people that is Dani's thing speaking of which I hope she cheers up in their girl trip. Because she might be as sad as Alex.

"So are you going to stand here like a statue or are you going to say something?" he questioned me rising an eyebrow.

I growl lowly he might be the vampire prince but I'm a king myself and I don't like this tone of his.

He wasn't least effected by my growl. He was looking like he doesn't want to talk to me or anyone for that matter.

"I'm here to talk to you" I didn't answer his question instead I walk past him inside his room.

'Try to talk to him like a wolf to a vampire' Alastair said.

'A wolf to a vampire? Is that even a thing? You know what just shut up all right, let me handle it' I answered him dryly. I blocked him cause right now I need to focus on Alex.

Alex looked at me suspiciously "what are you doing here really Xander?"

"I'm here because I promised my beloved mate that I would talk to her dump idiotic brother since she can't and because of you she's worrying" I said to him.

He was surprised to say the least. Alex sighs "I didn't want her to worry about me but who am I kidding she knows me more then myself" he told to himself more then me. Alex sighs again and set down on the bed.

"It's been ages since I thought that our Parents have died and then suddenly came to knew that our mother is in some psychopaths hands and I couldn't do a thing about it, I feel so useless to just sit around and do nothing" he said looking defeated.

I walked towards him he look up at me "listen Alex I know why your feeling like this but shutting down the people who cares about you it's not gonna help infact it would only hurt everyone, especially Esme she's very worried for you talk to her when she's back and it would only be a problem if you just sit around and do nothing, when you need to think of a plan" I said to him rising an eyebrow challenging him to say no.

He nodded his head "I know I will make a plan after I'll talk to her, where is she anyway?" a confused look on his face.

"She and the girls are went to go shopping but I think it would pretty much a lot of time for them to come back" I answered.

He looked shocked "Esme went shopping?" he asked and this time I was the one who was confused. "Esme is not a shopping person she rarely shopped when we were in other countries and mostly because she hated shopping as much she hate injections" he explained.

"Oh" is all I can reply with cause it was news to me that she hated shopping. "Anyways you should go now Xander I wanna sleep for awhile cause when my sister will come back she won't let me sleep without an explanation" he said looking tired.

He might haven't slept well last night. I nodded my head and went out of the room closing the door behind me.

'Well that went well' I said to my wolf.

'Oh sorry are you talking to me I thought you told me not to talk' Alastair said sarcastically.

'What are you like 5 why are you whining like a kid' I said to him.

He glare at me 'did you just called me a kid?'

'Did I?'

He glared at me even more and blocked me. I laughed inwardly. I went to my office that is right down floor. I have another office on my and Esme's floor. But that is near and I also have some papers there.

I was working on the office and when I looked at the clock it has been three hours since I was working 'where are the girls.'

I got up from my chair and went out of my office room. I tried to mind link the girls but they have all closed their mind links.

'No wonder it is Nina's genius idea and they have involved my mate in it' I sigh calling it is then. Searching for my phone to call the my mate but I couldn't find it anywhere, 'must be in my room'

Getting up from my chair I went out of my office. Taking the stairs I was going to my room which was on the top floor of the castle.

Suddenly I heard some muffled voices from Mark's floor. Curiously I went towards the source of that persons voice whoever was talking.

The hallway was empty not even the omegas are here 'weird where is everyone on this floor?'.

As I was walking the I could hear properly it was coming from Mark's room. The door of his room was locked but I could hear his voice clearly he was talking on the phone that I could clarify.

"Is everything going according to plan?"

There was pause for a little while.

"What do you mean it's difficult? I don't care what you idiots will do but I want them captured as soon as possible"

Captured? Is he talking about the girls if he is I'm gonna kill him.

The person on the other is saying something to him by the sound of it his pretty mad.

"I've got what I wanted so I'll be out of here in no time capture all of them if you have to but do it untill I come there myself and if you morons Couldn't do it I will kill you all remember that"

With that he cut the call. I tried to open the door but it was locked I kicked it with all my power and it finally opened .

But he wasn't there 'what the hell' he was here like seconds ago.

'He might have teleported himself ' Alastair said pacing on my head.

'Go to mate I'm not feeling right go to mate, wanna see mate' he kept repeating it.

I myself was feeling on edge. I tried to mind link again and this time it was my sister who answered.

'Xander they took her some people took Esme, all of us were eating but then some rogues came they attacked us and.....and Esme was fighting with them we were too but like they were after her so most of them were attacking her we tried to help but they injected us and.....and when we woke up Esme was gone they took her Xander' she started sobbing.

I could feel her sadness from the link but right now all I could think was my mate was gone. And Mark was behind this. 'If he touch a single hair of hers I will kill him'

My wolf was trying to take control but I controlled him. It wasn't the time to be irrational I need to think naturally and I will bring her back I swear to that.


Okay it has become very intense from here. It took a lot time to write this one but here it is.

Hope you'll like this chapter. Vote and comment.

I know I know there's a lot of grammatical mistakes. But as I said English is my second language that and this is my very first book. Mistakes is bound to happen.

Other then that hope you all liked my chapter. Stay safe everyone XD

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